GetOrgChart 1.4
GetOrgChart 1.4 A JavaScript library for building interactive flow charts, specifically tailored for displaying a...
GrafX Website Studio 2.5.10
GrafX Website Studio 2.5.10 GrafX Website Studio is a complex yet user-friendly software solution created to offer you the...
GraphicsJS 1.0
GraphicsJS 1.0 GraphicsJS: free open-source draw-anything JS library for interactive graphics.
Proxy Log Storage 4.7.1
Proxy Log Storage 4.7.1 Proxy Log Explorer is the fastest and most powerful analysis application for monitoring the...
Log Analytics Sense 2.2.1
Log Analytics Sense 2.2.1 Log analysis/reporting tool for many log including web, media, proxy and ftp logs. This...
Xara Web Designer Premium 12.0.1
Xara Web Designer Premium 12.0.1 WYSIWYG web design software that combines total page design freedom with the power to create...
CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 15.3
CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 15.3 The HTML Editor now supports HTML5 and CSS3. With this and other great tools like code...
FLicKeR Via a very intuitive interface, you simply tell it to read a text file and keep or remove certain...
DomRecovery Build out your PBN or resurrect the content of an expired domain in minutes by recovering the old... Job Board Software 2.3 Job Board Software 2.3 Job Board Software with Mobile Apps & ATS
HttpMaster Professional 3.5
HttpMaster Professional 3.5 HttpMaster is a development and test tool for web applications, with special focus on REST web...
BearShare Turbo 7.4.0
BearShare Turbo 7.4.0 BearShare Turbo is a free P2P file sharing tool that enables you to search for, download, and...
BitTorrent PRO 6.7.0
BitTorrent PRO 6.7.0 BitTorrent PRO is a P2P file-sharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and...
WebcamMax 8
WebcamMax 8 WecamMax enables you to add thousands of effects or doodling to webcam video for live video...
Webcam Video Capture 6.351
Webcam Video Capture 6.351 Capture webcams, streaming video, full screen, part of the screen and even video with sound....
Zapya for Android 4.4
Zapya for Android 4.4 Zapya, the fastest way to share files wirelessly! Share without cables, share without limit....
Surf Anonymous Free
Surf Anonymous Free Surf Anonymous Free, the ultimate Free online protection software, protects users' online...
Joyfax Server 10.90.0926
Joyfax Server 10.90.0926 Network fax software allows you to send and receive faxes via public phone lines or T.38 SIP...
SecureCRT 8.0.3
SecureCRT 8.0.3 SecureCRT is a rock-solid terminal emulator with the strong encryption and authentication options...
Bopup Observer 5.7.2
Bopup Observer 5.7.2 This fast and managed one-way instant messenger keeps employees informed and updated in a few...
iMyfone iPhone Wechat Recovery for Mac 4.0.2
iMyfone iPhone Wechat Recovery for Mac 4.0.2 iMyfone Wechat Recovery can retrieve your deleted Wechat messages, contacts and attachments on...
Social Camera 2.0
Social Camera 2.0 Easy to record and share video to your social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter.
ARoglyph for Android 1.0.147
ARoglyph for Android 1.0.147 Place marks with text notes, voice comments or pictures on the new layer of reality with this...
RadBuilder for Android 2.1
RadBuilder for Android 2.1 Create your own apps for your presentations, documents, product introduction, advertisements and...
Password Confidential for Android 1.0
Password Confidential for Android 1.0 You will no longer have to remember or keep track of dozens of different passwords. With the...
Secure Hunter Anti theft 1.001
Secure Hunter Anti theft 1.001 Secure Hunter Anti-Theft Very useful for app for everyone who are using Android smartphone that...
APUS Launcher 1.9.11
APUS Launcher 1.9.11 APUS Launcher is worlds smallest & fastest Android Launcher. It can boost phone faster,...
Frim 2.7.6
Frim 2.7.6 Frim helps you connect with new and interesting people nearby. You can find your new friendship,...
Photo Noise Reducer Pro 1.0
Photo Noise Reducer Pro 1.0 The presence of noise in your digital photographs is quite common, especially if the picture is...
Movie DVD Ripper Ultimate 8.3.6
Movie DVD Ripper Ultimate 8.3.6 Problems with watching DVD movies on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, Zune, mobile phone and...
Asset Manager Standard Edition 1.0.1179
Asset Manager Standard Edition 1.0.1179 Never lose track of your assets again - with Asset Manager 2016, you can print barcode labels for...
Staxofax Lite 6.12.08
Staxofax Lite 6.12.08 Staxofax allows you to keep, use, and backup all your email addresses, web favorites, phone...
Zoom Player MAX 12.6
Zoom Player MAX 12.6 Zoom Player is a Powerful, Flexible and Highly Customizable Media Player and Media Center...
PredictBGL Diabetes Manager 1.7.3
PredictBGL Diabetes Manager 1.7.3 PredictBGL is a beautiful insulin dose calculator that predicts Hypos and blood sugar levels...
DiskSavvy Pro 9.0.32
DiskSavvy Pro 9.0.32 DiskSavvy Pro is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use disk space analyzer utility allowing one to...
EXE Joiner
EXE Joiner EXE Joiner is a program that can join 2 or more files (no matter their type) into 1 single...
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor Win32
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor Win32 Open source and 100% free office suite allowing you to open,create, edit documents,presentations...
wolfSSL 3.9.10
wolfSSL 3.9.10 wolfSSL is a lightweight SSL/TLS library targeted for embedded and RTOS environments primarily...
Duplicate Remover Free 1.6
Duplicate Remover Free 1.6 With this small but powerful program you can very quickly and easily find and remove duplicate...
Webm8 7.53.16
Webm8 7.53.16 Cant remember your passwords? Tired of typing your name and address into internet forms? - You...


  Title Total Downloads
Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 1.2 Bluetooth Promoter 24x71.2 241074
Bluetooth Advertising software Bluetooth Advertising software3.1.2.4 122999
Frame Photo Editor 5.0.2 Frame Photo Editor5.0.2 118107
Adobe Reader SpeedUp 1.36 Adobe Reader SpeedUp1.36 103361
Fexmax Bluetooth Marketing Software 2.0 Fexmax Bluetooth Marketing Software2.0 99431
SD Memory Card Recovery SD Memory Card Recovery3.0.1.5 88639
WeFi for Symbian (Nokia) 1.01.09 WeFi for Symbian (Nokia)1.01.09 61635
Data Recovery Software Tool 1.0 Data Recovery Software Tool1.0 56404
Auto Photo Editor 8.15 Auto Photo Editor8.15 54856
Pos Free Photo Editor 1.55 Pos Free Photo Editor1.55 53941
MagicEffect Photo Editor 2.5 MagicEffect Photo Editor2.5 52115
All Mobile 5.52 All Mobile5.52 49538
Memory Card Data Recovery Software Memory Card Data Recovery Software6.0.0.1 47279
Memory Card Data Salvage Memory Card Data Salvage3.0.1.5 44580
WirelessKeyView 1.11 WirelessKeyView1.11 42968
Magic Photo Editor 6.8 Magic Photo Editor6.8 41939
Cool PDF Reader 1.0 Cool PDF Reader1.0 40958
PDF Reader Library 2.10 PDF Reader Library2.10 39738
Immunos 3.5.0 Immunos3.5.0 38976
DriverXP For SAMSUNG 6.9 DriverXP For SAMSUNG6.9 37967


  • alphaSXplayer 1.0 24 October, 2016

    Smart and elegant free audio player. It's easy to install and use and you will find it useful.

  • XNote Timer 1.11 22 October, 2016

    Just what I needed, thanks for your time in designing it and especially thanks for letting it to be free.

  • WinGuard Pro 2016 10.1 19 October, 2016

    Impressed by the performance of this program. It can encrypt all my important files and I never have to worry about security anymore. It might look a bit hard to use at first.

  • Live Poker 1.0 17 October, 2016

    i was looking for a poker game without no demo but I cant buy it and i have a 64 bit and it wont load up right for some reason.

  • Briar Navigator 1.2.5-x32 15 October, 2016

    The speed of strategy calculation is really fast! Non-liquid sector recognition is a nice perk.

  • Chicken Invaders 2: The Next Wave 1.0.0 05 October, 2016

    Very entertaining game, interesting idea of saving planet from whole lot of invading chickens, I enjoyed it a lot every time I played it.

  • Logosmartz Logo Maker Software 8.0 02 October, 2016

    Have created several logos with different designs couldn't able to publish them due to trial version limitation.

  • KeePass Password Safe 2.24 29 September, 2016

    Best password manager for keeping all your passwords at a safe place. I don't have to remember passwords of every site, keepass does that for me. At first glance it may look complicated but after some time you will get used to it. Best thing is this software is totally free, no ads or third party toolbars.

  • Xara Web Designer Premium 12.0.1 27 September, 2016

    It seems to be hard to use, I don't have any html or javascript knowledge maybe that's the reason although it says no html or javascript skill is required.

  • Classic PDF Reader for Windows 10 1.01 24 September, 2016

    The software needs stability improvements. It becomes non responsive for large size document files, scrolling is not smooth either, interface also hangs frequently.


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