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NgaturDuit Personal financial management is easier with help you create a budget, checkbook, monitor portfolio investments, and financial consulting for free

Currently support Indonesian language
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Account Tracker
Account Tracker Keep tracking your income and expenses.
Easy interface, easy to use.
No adds, just apps.
My Checkbook Lite
My Checkbook Lite Version 1.4
-Added View All Transactions to the menu bar
-Upon login it will scrape the back folder to find existing backups
- Misc bug fixes

Version 1.3
-Added option for Automatic Dropbox backups in...
shoplist NOUVEAUTE:
- correction des problèmes de la virgule et du total

Marre d'oublier votre liste de courses à la maison?
Cette application est pour vous.
Arrêtez de considérer les courses comme une corvée.
En plus...
Easy Shopping
Easy Shopping Using "Easy purchase" you can make shopping easy and simple. You will always know what to buy and how much it costs. The app is simply in use and does not contain anything extra. The process of creating a list is quick and easy. Product...
Basic Budget Free
Basic Budget Free -Added search feature
-Minor enhancements
-Bug fixes and performance improvements

Finally, a simple budget app for everyone. Instead of getting bogged down in useless features, you'll get a clean and quick interface to...
Shopping Conso
Shopping Conso Shopping Conso help you manage your Shopping consumption. A graphics representation will help you visualize your consumption and help you keep track of all your expenses.
Volksbank Gronau-Ahaus eG
Volksbank Gronau-Ahaus eG Jetzt gibt es aktuelle Informationen der Volksbank Gronau-Ahaus eG als offizielle App für's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und das Online-Banking landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Und weil ein Smartphone eben auch ein...
Compound Interest Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator Just enter principal amount, rate of interest, deposit tenure and number of times the interest compounded yearly. Then click Calculate Interest button to find the interest amount and the total amount you will get on maturity of your deposit.
DEBT TO INCOME CALCULATOR Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) is one of the major factors in defining your credit score. Lenders will also look at this number independently to determine loan acceptability. Get a quick look at your financial situation by getting this easy to use...
PagosChiquitos Esta magnifica App te ayudará a calcular el total a pagar por un Producto, Servicio o Prestamo solicitado, estableciendo los intervalos de los pagos, la cantidad a pagar por cada pago, algun enganche o pago inicial a pagar o algun descuento en...
FreeStockTips Get assured stock tips for BSE, NSE, MCX and CURRENCY MARKET. No subscription required to get tips everyday.
State Bank Secure
State Bank Secure State Bank Secure (Software Token) is a mobile resident application which generates a One Time Password (OTP) in lieu of SMS OTP, for authenticating transactions in
Pageonce - Money & Bills
Pageonce - Money & Bills Easily Control Your Money & Bills - Anytime, Anywhere
If you need a solution to help coral all of your accounts in one place to make online management an easier and less stressful experience - look no further ? Pageonce is the answer to...
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Mobile® is a fast, secure, and free* service for Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo Advisors clients. It is available 24/7 using your existing Wells Fargo Online® Username and Password.
Your security is our priority ? Mobile data...
Predictor del ahorro
Predictor del ahorro si deseas comenzar a ahorrar, esta aplicación es perfecta para planear cuanto dinero tendrás que destinar al ahorro para alcanzar tu meta, realiza un calculo por semana, mes y año.
MeuDinDin Não sabe pra onde seu dinheiro da carteira está indo?
Anda gastando muito?
Esta é solução, um aplicativo simples e robusto para controlar as receitas e despesas e ainda saber exatamento o seu saldo em carteira, basta registrar os...
Fineco L?applicazione per smartphone più completa per gestire e consultare conto corrente, carte di credito e investimenti. Bonifici e ricariche con un click. Compri e vendi, anche in leva, titoli, obbligazioni, valute e futures su tutti i principali...
Banco Popular
Banco Popular Todas las aplicaciones del Banco Popular en una sola.

Mediante esta aplicación es posible acceder cómodamente y de manera agrupada a todos los servicios móviles ofrecidos por el Banco Popular.

Funcionalidades y...
BudgetZ BudgetZ is application for tracking and analysis of personal finances. Feed application with all your incomes and expenses and then view your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly spending. It is possible to generate various charts for incomes and...
Free Gold and Silver Price Calculator
Free Gold and Silver Price Calculator We offer several great features designed for the Precious Metal investor, professional and collector all in one easy to use app.

Up to the minute precious metal prices in over 25...
StockWatch Best *FREE* stock and Currency Exchange watch list application available on Windows Phone.
Feature include
* Stock watch List
* Live tiles
* History of recent stock searches
* Ability to get a quote without adding the...
Mi Propinita
Mi Propinita Con esta aplicación será fácil calcular la propina al momento de pagar tu cuenta en cualquier restaurant.
Solo necesitas captura el monto de cuenta y el porcentaje que deseas dar de propina y ¡listo! La aplicación te mostrará el monto...
ExpenseTracker Ever wondered how much money you spend per month? Do you want to save but can't remmember how much you spent? Or you just want to track your monthly spednings and income? Then ExpenseTracker is the application for you!

Features: Download  View Info
Baroda M-Connect
Baroda M-Connect Bank of Baroda offers "Baroda M-Connect" - the mobile banking facility that will help you do banking transactions using your mobile phone.


* Easy to register, download and start using Baroda M-Connect Download  View Info
Savings Calculators
Savings Calculators It doesn?t matter how much you earn. It matters how much you save. Save your money now and get rich! Savings Calculators can help you set your savings goals and find out what it takes to reach your goals. Savings Calculators includes 2...
Control de Gastos
Control de Gastos ¿Quieres llevar un control de tus ingresos?
¿Te cuesta llegar a fin de mes?
¿Quieres saber todo lo que gastas en un día, mes o semana?
Ahora con ?Control de Gastos? puedes controlar todos tus movimientos: de saldo, de tu...
PayMe Developed by Tanawat Pitchayapryt

PayMe is an application that help you share the bill with your friends. With an easy to use interface and save/send feature, you can easily keep track of what you have spent and send your friends an...
MiiScan MiiScan is a mobile payment app that lets you quickly purchase products and services in store, online, from TV or print media. It also allows you to collect and redeem coupons from various merchants. Initiate transactions via QR Codes, Smart...
Bankrate Mortgage
Bankrate Mortgage The easy-to-use Bankrate Mortgage Calculator & Rates app allows you to calculate monthly mortgage payments and get real-time mortgage rate quotes from lenders so you can shop for your next mortgage right from your phone! Whether you?re buying...
AgPrice Get market quotes and daily news from the world of agriculture with AgPrice!

- Commodity futures pricing
- Quotes from CBOT, CME, KCBT, and ICE
- Automatic price updating
- Top farming news from across the...
Loan Amortization Calculator
Loan Amortization Calculator This amortization schedule calculator - lets you estimate your monthly loan repayments. It also determines out how much of your repayments will go towards the principal and how much will go towards interest. Simply input your loan amount,...
Grocery++ Grocery++ will memorize, everything what you need to buy. You can create shopping list on your PC and syncronize it with your phone later on.

Perfect solution for shopping.

-Categorized product list Download  View Info
My Deposit Assistant (Free)
My Deposit Assistant (Free) Calculating how your savings can grow is so easy with this simple and powerful application!
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank This app helps you combat impulsive purchases and record glorified moments of your strength.
When you successfully resist buying something you dont really need at the moment or save money any other way, log it here.

Piggy Bank will...
mt.Gox View your Account information for mt.Gox and make trades. The only current mt.Gox / Bitcoin trading App for Windows Phone.
CommBank Bank even easier, anywhere, anytime, with the CommBank app - our best banking app yet.

The fresh new design with handy shortcuts makes doing your everyday banking, like checking your accounts and transferring money, a breeze.
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Billsup Free
Billsup Free Track debts & manage group expenses easily: perfect tool for trips & roommates
* Track personal debts and split group expenses for rent, events and trips
* Manage IOUs and see who owes how much instantly
* Add bills and...
Time Clock Keeper
Time Clock Keeper This app allows you to keep track of the hours you have worked in an hourly job, and gives you an estimate of how much you will earn during your next pay period based on an entered hourly wage.
MoBu - Financial management
MoBu - Financial management Revolutionize your personal finances management and finally put money aside. When other applications only offer you to enter and track your expenses and income, MoBu lets you in addition define expenditure and savings budgets, and fully analyze...
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