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Legendary Titans
Legendary Titans The best game for all mobile phones. Battles, adventures, companionship and love - all an...

D&D Roller
D&D Roller Simple Dice Roller For Dungeons & Dragons Or Similar Games.
The Warden Dojo
The Warden Dojo The Warden Dojo is not a game, but a mobile training application. If you play a Warden class...
Legends Of Descent
Legends Of Descent Legends of Descent is a dungeon crawler style action RPG game where you player the part of a...
League Newser
League Newser This app will allow you to quickly navigate in some league-of-legends related content, such as...
Chicken Kicking
Chicken Kicking Based on a certain 'Fableous' mini-game, Chicken Kicking is an fun (animal rights charities may...
roleplay with me
roleplay with me If you're looking for a good time, you came to the right app! Sign up, post your picture and...
Dungeon of Slyn Free
Dungeon of Slyn Free Rogue-like turn based dungeon crawler.

Each game is different. Discover how to make...
FaeryQuest Fight to protect you garden, a faery and finaly the world in this old school RPG.
Download  View Info
BrowserQuest BrowserQuest is a small multiplayer game inviting you to explore a world of adventure from your...
Sword of Rapier DEMO ver
Sword of Rapier DEMO ver ver0.51: Supports Windows Phone 8

Brilliant attack from the slender rapier! Download  View Info
Deep Sea Traders
Deep Sea Traders The year is 2110 AD. A nuclear world war has destroyed most of civilization and much of the land...
Knight Game
Knight Game You are an aspiring and noble General in a realistic military world. Pave your way to the crown...
Pirate Adventure
Pirate Adventure Welcome to the Pirate Adventure. This is a choose your own adventure role playing story with many...
Dungeon Stalker 2 FREE
Dungeon Stalker 2 FREE ** New in 1.5.5
+ Added hints images to show the basic commands functions
+ Added...
Zombie High Vol 2
Zombie High Vol 2 Volume 2 picks up where the FREE Volume 1 left off.

It's thirteen years into the...
FFXI Moon phase
FFXI Moon phase Shows the phase of the moon in final fantasy XI, including countdown to next optimal phase.
Sales Assistant
Sales Assistant Do you work in a superstore?

Or do you want to be a sales assistant?

RPG Dice
RPG Dice With this application, you can throw dices of Role Playing Game. Among the dice available, you...
Tanks Online
Tanks Online Tanks Online

Multiplayer tanks game Tanks Online is a cool strategic game for the...
Zenobia This unique platformer-RPG is inspired by classic Nintendo games such as Metroid, Blaster Master,...
Arcane Quest
Arcane Quest Update 3.0 introduces too many news to be listed!
DiceEmulator A tool to help gamers of role playing games like Cyberpunk or Dungeons & Dragons; the types...
WoW Rouge
WoW Rouge Keep updated with the latest news on the latest WoW updates and especially changes and fixes to...
* Quick painting of predefined patterns with tag
* Improved user controls Download  View Info
Skyrim App
Skyrim App This app pulls RSS feeds about news, mods, and blogs related to the Skyrim video game.
YugiohTwinsLP Simple Yugioh Life Point Calculator. Also has a coin toss simulator and a six head dice roll...
D3 Diablo 3 profile viewer provided by Blizzard (Armory)

* Full information...
Wild City
Wild City Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the place where you can become a World Tycoon, a...
Titans Online
Titans Online Titans Online

Epic battles in a free browserquest!
Choose your dark knight, step...
Skyrim Roulette
Skyrim Roulette Let me Introduce you the best Skyrim Roulette ever! with this app you never gonna feel bored to...
Titan ** New in 1.6.2! **
+ Fixed sudden death on random generated levels.
+ Removed some Ad...
cnut Cnut the Great was a norse king who also ruled England in the 11th century. His loyal courtiers...
3v3 PvP Resto Druid Setups
3v3 PvP Resto Druid Setups A list of very popular and famous 5.3 3v3 PvP compositions from a resto druid perspective. Look...
War Game
War Game ????? Conquer the world as General of your own military force. Eliminate the armies of your...
Guild Wahs
Guild Wahs Guild Wahs is a skill simulator for Guild Wars 2 that allows you to play around

Jonny Broker
Jonny Broker Are you ready for becoming one of the best brokers of the world?

Buy and Sell stock...
Alone You find yourself alone, stuck in a blizzard, in the middle of nowhere. You lack resources. Find...
DnD_CharGenerator A tool to help dungeon master (game: Dungeons & Dragons) - create random first-level characters
Dungeon Dice
Dungeon Dice Update 1.1.0
Cleaned up the UI and put a few limitations in place to prevent issues. Download  View Info
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