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Briscola Lite
Briscola Lite Briscola is a funny card game and you can spend leisure time with it.
You can choose three difficulty level, different game and cards backgrounds.
Moreover you can play with different card type (Neapolitan, Sicilian, Poker, Spanish). Download  View Info

Poker Square
Poker Square How to Play :

Poker Square (Poker Solitaire) GameThe Poker Solitaire game is played on a five by five board. The deck of cards is shuffled, and you draw one card from the deck at a time and place it anywhere on the board by clicking on...
Memory8 Do you use your memory?
This game will offer you to test it, through two game modes. Moreover you can customize your card with 3 themes (animals, fruit and emoticons) with their own difficulty.
In addition, you can challenge your friends...
SnailGoHome It is said that, there is a little Snail who was so ever roamed that when he wanted to return home, it was nightfall. He couldn?t do anything except standing in front of the deep blue night ocean then bursting into tears. The firefly knew-it-all...
Ultima Reversi
Ultima Reversi Reversi (also known as Othello) is a very challenging board game for all ages.
The rules of Reversi are much simpler than any other board games.
However, easy to learn doesn't mean easy to play well.
It offers so many strategic...
HighCard game
HighCard game You can play up to 4 players and see who pulls the highest card!
Webfeud Webfeud is a word game like Scrabble®, Words with Friends and Wordfeud in which two players engage in an online battle: a feud over the web.

Webfeud features 12 different languages and dictionaries. Players can choose to keep their...
Betrayal Stats
Betrayal Stats A friend recently introduced me to the strategy game Betrayal at House on the Hill (published by Wizards of the Coast, LLC.). The game is a lot of fun, but we've found that while playing the small plastic markers used for tracking the various...
Words With Cards
Words With Cards Make Words With Cards! Play this exciting word game.
Flow Bridges
Flow Bridges Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors and cover the entire board. Use the new Bridges to cross two pipes and solve each puzzle!

If you played Flow games then you have to play this one.
Download  View Info
TheDice Do you know this situation when you need a random number? Or you want to play a game but you have no dice? Then this is the right app for you!
Although it's a very simple app, it's really handy !
Super Tic Tac Toe
Super Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe got even better and bigger!
Be the first to make 5 crosses in a row and play against your phone, with a friend or online against other players all around the world.

The Game comes in a beautifull blackboard design, just...
3rd Floor Spider
3rd Floor Spider Play the BEST Spider Solitaire game for Windows Phone!

Enjoy the traditional gameplay of Spider Solitaire, completely free for your Windows Phone. This high quality release from 3rd Floor Games supports play in both landscape and...
Pirato Slot
Pirato Slot Pirato Slot 1.2 Changelog:
1.Fixed all the bugs you reported.Thank you!
2.Improved Highscore.
3.Added help section,please read it.
4.Increased max bet to 10.

Pirato Slot is video slot game with 9 lines and mini bonus...
3rd Floor Blackjack
3rd Floor Blackjack Play the BEST blackjack game for Windows Phone!

Have fun with 3rd Floor Blackjack, free for your Windows Phone. Enjoy 4 unique tables, each with their own themes and side bets. Earn win tokens to unlock new side bet payouts and tables....
Presentation-Bingo While presentations in class many people use the same words again and again - with this app such presentations will be more fun to listen to because you can try to get a BINGO
Solitaire 6
Solitaire 6 Six classic games of solitaire in one application. Klondike, Spider, Simple Simon, Pyramid, Vanishing Cross, & FreeCell.
Graffiti Graffiti is an online game where one person has to draw a picture while the other one guesses what it is.

Artist (Person Drawing) - click on the Create Drawing button. You will be given a choice of 3 words to draw. One easy...
CarteAvenir Vous voulez savoir ce qu'il va vous arriver dans un avenir proche? Cette application vous permet de tirer une carte au hasard et affiche ce qu'elle vous prédit pour l'avenir.
Card Flip
Card Flip Card Flip is a light game of skill and chance.

Find the hidden 2s and 3s while avoiding the 0s.

For complete instructions tap "about" in the game.
WindMill Can you move all the flour sacks, until only one is left?

Tap a sack to select it.
Tap an empty hook. The empty hook must be two hooks from the selected sack in a horizontal or vertical direction AND the hook between the selected...
Spell It*
Spell It* Are you a word game master? Test yourself against your phone!

Are you new to word games? Take your time building your ability as you play a buddy or play against your phone in easy mode.

Spell it* is THE word game if you want...
Marble Solitaire
Marble Solitaire Marble Solitaire is a fun 1 player game based on the popular chinese board & marble game known as solitaire and Hi-Q. The object of the game is to remove as many marbles as you can by jumping one over another horizontally or vertically....
8-Puzzle This is an app for the people who loves challenges. Do your best and complete the game. The goal is to do lowest steps.

- Tiles for being noticed from last scores,
- The feature of keeping the lowest steps.
Download  View Info
ALASMA'I TREX the most known middle east card game .
*we are working hard to make it an online game
Pyramid Solitaire Free
Pyramid Solitaire Free Play the popular classic card game of Pyramid Solitaire by Eusebeia! Demolish the pyramid by removing cards in sequence with each other. Keep going until the pyramid is gone, or you run out of cards! The Joker's Wild! game mode adds two extra...
Memo My name is Dimitris Palantzas and this is my first windows phone application.

Try to win points and unlock achievement's by matching the pairs.

Choose among 3 different appearance's:
Animal's,Flower's and Fruit's!!!
PharaohSlot ** Best Tumbling Reel Slots!!! **

Enjoy the thrill of winning Pharaoh's mystic and countless treasures! Have fun with this unique tumbling reel slots instantly just like in Vegas! Download and play for FREE! Best casino slots machine...
Quick Draw
Quick Draw The classic card game 'Higher or Lower' given an modern day arcade twist. In this tense, fast paced game you are rewarded for stringing together correct guesses and completing decks.

50% luck and 50% skill this game is easy to play but...
Tic Tac Toe AI
Tic Tac Toe AI A small Tic Tac Toe game, with both player vs player and player vs AI, if you beat it please comment when rating.
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo What's Monte Carlo?
Monte Carlo is a kind of Solitaire card games. You can remove a pair of cards if they are same number and immediately next to each other horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
If all cards are removed, you will win....
PingPongEx Developed by Alperen Kaplan

A Ping Pong game where you can spend your free time nicely.
EuchreWP Euchre is a fast-paced, fun, easy to learn card game played by four players. In this version you play with computerized opponents and a computerized partner.

*** NOTE: feedback welcomed -- help shape future releases by specifying likes...
Ultimate Poker
Ultimate Poker Enter to the world of Texas Hold'em ULTIMATE POKER,the most popular card game on the Earth, experience Las Vegas casino style poker with a gorgious LADY GOVERNOR. Whether you are playing for the first time, learning or experienced ULTIMATE POKER...
Pushooka Arcade Free
Pushooka Arcade Free Not a cue in sight, instead push the white shot disk with your mace.

Pushooka Arcade features four game modes:
* Original Pushooka
* Pushool
* Nine Shot
* Tribulation

Pushooka Arcade is a casual game, and...
4 in a Row Online
4 in a Row Online Test your skills against competitors around the world in a fun and challenging game of strategy. 4 in a Row (also known as Connect 4) allows you to practice and sharpen your skills against complex AI, or against human opponents from all over the...
Blackjack Strategy
Blackjack Strategy Provides basic Blackjack strategy tables for multiple deck games. Includes tables for basic play, soft hands, and splitting strategy, all available at the tip of your finger!
Word Game
Word Game Construct words by connecting adjacent letters in this fun and addicting board game inspired by Boggle.

Score more points than your friends by finding the longer words, finding words faster, or finding as many words as possible....
ExtraDraw Joker Poker 2 FREE
ExtraDraw Joker Poker 2 FREE Extra Draw Joker Poker is a solitary video poker with double-up & extra draw bonus modes. The extra draw feature allows for a 6th card to be drawn to complete hands such as 6 of a kind, long straight, three pairs and more. To access this mode,...
Last Peg Standing
Last Peg Standing Puzzle game with pegs on a triangle board. Start with board full of pegs. Remove first peg to reveal an empty hole beneath. Select next peg, jump over one of its neighbors and remove jumped over peg from the board. Keep jumping over the pegs until...
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