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StayOnTheRoad Stay on the Road!
Enjoy this simple but addicting car racing free game.
Endless gameplay, amazing sound effects, insane easily tilt steer control, just touch the screen to speed up!

How long you can go without totally...

pengrr Flying Penguin is Penguin to catch catching game and scored 1 point lead over 300 points,
1 pick seals is reduced to five hearts lost the game hearts ends.
GetAwayCar A fun and addictive game for all ages. The best thing is that it is completely free! Can you beat the creator? His highscore is 2496.
Pooby Goody
Pooby Goody ??? Top bird game ???

Pooby Goody is a bird that fly around and eat all kind of shiny things, it isn't like any other pooby birds, because it have special ability. Goody bird can lay golden eggs, but it's have to drop golden eggs,...
Speed Up
Speed Up Do you like racing games? SpeedUp is a game made exactly for you. Race your car and avoid all another vehicles. Do not crash yourself! And, of course, have fun with this game.
Crazy Spaceship Free
Crazy Spaceship Free Welcome to Crazy Spaceship Free.

Each year the best spaceships are invited for this Intergalactic Race.

Your spaceship is supposed to be the fastest.

And if you are here that means you are one of the best.
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BoomberTroops New version 1.5 updated for an funny game called, Boomber Troopes.
RACER X Scoop **This guide is unofficial, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this description**
This application details out various cheats, strategies, tricks and tips for Racer X. Simply take out your Phone and open this application when you...
Speed Racing
Speed Racing Speed Racing is a car racing game where you're in for the best racing experience on mobile.

It's an endless racer to dodge hazards and deadly obstacles.

The goal is to pick up as many gold stars along the way to increase...
Space Transporter Free
Space Transporter Free Can you help to deliver the goods to Goba 9?

Navigate your spaceship through the asteroid field.
Try your luck, but don't hit the asteroids!

Play now and rock the leaderboard!
Heli Trip
Heli Trip This is a fun filled, and exciting game. Try to survive the obstacles for as long as you can. An addictive game. Can be played for hours.
CrazyDog UPDATE.........


Thank you for your comments
update graphics..........
Your task in this fun racing game is to save your...
Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite
Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite With MILLIONS of players worldwide, the #1 Drift game is finally back!

Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift experience with its highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics.

Start a drift career...
Galactic Jump
Galactic Jump Take control of a ship in outer space that is about to enter a Galactic Jump across the universe! You will need to keep the ship within the "rainbow" of light to survive the trip, collisions with the sides of the "rainbow" are...
SampleToUseLibrary Larry's Farm is game which has been introduced in the windows phone store for the trail purpose for free.

It is just to check the user reviews if people like the game, we will try to improve it.
Sweepy Cleaner Mobile
Sweepy Cleaner Mobile Race around as a cute little cleaner collecting as dust much dust as possible...but watch out for the furniture!
Are you "Sweepy Clean" enough to top the leaderboards?
Copter Pilot
Copter Pilot Copter Pilot is a helicopter flying game. Your mission is to fly a helicopter and avoid any obstacles. Submit your scores for global high score list and get your rank.
Space Repo Man
Space Repo Man Made in the loving memory of old classics like Solar Jetman and Lunar Lander Space Repo Man is a game where you repossess property from people who have not paid their bills, sometimes wresting it from their dead cold hands with your trusty...
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour
Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour ?Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is a very addictive app with a lot of gaming time and is definitely recommended? - 148 Apps

"A must for all Kart Racing enthusiasts" ?

Take on tracks around the globe in Red...
Wacky Dragons
Wacky Dragons Fly with the wacky dragons on an epic journey to the mythical land in east.
Navigate your dragon and avoid the dangerous spikes in the caves of Mount Roardor!

With the power of the dragon stones, you can use the dragons? unique...
Inertia Inertia is a 3D labyrinth style puzzle-racing game. The objective is simply to get to the end of the platform by tilting and rotating the phone. Features include 40 unique levels, vibrant 3D artwork, and tactile feedback.
FlyAwayMeme FLY YOUR MEME TROUGH THE OBSTACLES. Achieve the great distance and share it with your friends...

Try to beat your friends score!!
Awesome Chase
Awesome Chase Update 1.001:

- Minor bug fixes.
- Remove 512 ram devices from the supported list until the performance is improved. Sorry for the inconvenience

Awesome Chase is a FREE and fun action, combat racing game for Windows...
True Sky
True Sky Are you ready to many surprises on the sky. When you try complete the levels, curiosities the pursuit to you. Enjoy the show.
Furball Free (Allied)
Furball Free (Allied) Take to the skies of the Great War in this sim-shooter exclusive to the Windows Phone platform

This free sampler version contains the full Allied story, Quick Play, and Endurance missions. 9 campaigns (54 missions) spanning 1916 -...
AE 3D Motor
AE 3D Motor what's new in v1.2
-Supportted Chinese language.
-bug fixes.

AE 3D Motor comes to your phone now!
Let?s Racing!

Any feedback please email us, because we can?t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your...
TreeBird TreeBird is a game in which you have to guide the bird to avoid hitting trees. The bird flies forward and you can make it fly upwards by touching the screen. The bird descends with gravity when you release the touch.

The game is similar...
Highchase Highchase is a arcade like racing-game.
Featuring leaderboards, different cars, colors, power-ups and perks. It a crossover of doodle jump & jetpack joyride.
Space Maze
Space Maze Guide your UFO through the colorful courses without hitting any walls. Try to get the fastest time.
GFS (Trial ver.)
GFS (Trial ver.) Control the flying squirrel and avoid obstacles!
How high can you score?
Group Play Drag Racing
Group Play Drag Racing If you love the smell of burning rubber or the roar of a V12 engine or you just want to break away from the chains of those nasty speed limits. Group Play Drag Racing is the place to be and race.

Race in the Amateurs Cup to go bumper...
Death racing
Death racing Do you think you have what it takes to drive thru the city of Metropolis? Tilt your phone left or right and Speed through traffic, while earning secret weapons and deploying them as you go to blaze a trail for your car. Dodge missiles, avoid...
Castle Drive
Castle Drive Drive and avoid walls.
Simple game.
We are planning to improve it.
Coopers Copter
Coopers Copter Help Cooper to destroy the garbage!

Coopers Copter is an accelerometer based highscore game.
Drumroll Race
Drumroll Race You have 10 seconds to show how fast you can drum with two fingers. Try to beat your best score or face off head-to-head against a friend (or enemy).
Fly Through 3D
Fly Through 3D Fly the spaceship through the universe! Become an expert in its control and achieve the highest score by flying through the space gates! Watch your surroundings and catch the space crystals to slow down your ship, so you'll be able to fly through...
7 Cross
7 Cross Race your upgradeable motocross bike over rocky terrain in this challenging and fun arcade scroller. Earn medals by completing levels in quick times, and unlock new bikes with the more medals you earn!

Score points by completing stages,...
UFO Escape Free
UFO Escape Free UFO Escape
FREE Edition

On this Addictive you are in command of a ship, and you have to escape running away across the galaxies. You don?t have any weapons. (What happened to them is still a mystery). But the path is filled with...
Fly The Nyan Cat
Fly The Nyan Cat In this game, you will be able to play with the famous Nyan Cat through the space ! Be careful, the way is dangerous...
Road Blazer
Road Blazer The full version of the popular lite game "Road blazer" is here...Do you think you have what it takes to drive thru the city of Metropolis? Tilt your phone left or right and Speed through traffic, while earning secret weapons and...
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