Blender-style OpenGL GUI Lib 1.0 LibBlendGUI: Cross platform OpenGL GUI library based on Blender3D's GUI source code, implemented in C/C++ with strong emphasis on object oriented design. More details will be made available during the next days via the project's...

JBean3D 1.0 JBean3D project aims to develop JavaBeans components representing classes in Java3D.

BSD License
Misfit Cubed 32.01 Misfit Modeller 3D is our favorite open source, low poly modeller. Unfortunately the original developers gave up on development a few years ago leaving the project orphaned.
Misfit Cubed is the last released version of Misfit3D (1.38) with an...
Snippets Screen 1.0 Logiciel de capture d'ecran plus rapide et soft.
By Gabilach.

GNU General Public License (GPL); Other License
interactivePen App 1.0 combine pictures and sketches on an infinite canvas. take pictures with any uvc camera such as webcams and handycams and transferr them to the canvas immediately. the program is macos only and best used with an interactive pen.

Satanir 3D Engine 1.0 a basic 3d rendering library

BSD License
Joao Graphics 1.0 My gfx/vfx tools repo.

Other License
Wood Color Maker 1.0 A Mac Cocoa application to generate randomly (roll) wood color maps suitable for use with Persistence of Vision and other ray tracers.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Windz 1.0 This tool helps LDraw part developers to make their parts to comply to the BFC(Back Face Culling) standard:

GNU General Public License (GPL)
ssh remote X display visualization 1.0 Allows remote X display visualization scaling from 1:1 to 1:8

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Gold Media Player 1.5 Gold Media Player is a clean and easy-to-use all-in-one player. Gold Media Player supports most popular media files (AVI, 3gp, ASF, FLV, Matroska, MOV QuickTime, MP4, NUT, Ogg, OGM, RealMedia, DivX plus many more). You can watch VideoCD, SVCD,...
MediaIsland 2.00 MediaIsland allows you to create your own online professional media management system using your existing web site! MediaIsland combines all three of our popular products into one: ImageIsland, AudioIsland, and VideoIsland. MediaIsland resides on...
Video::Capture::V4l::Imager 0.01 Video::Capture::V4l::Imager is a Perl module that captures still images from a USB video cam connected to your Linux box. The pictures come back as Imager objects (see the Imager module on CPAN for details) and can be easily manipulated and saved...
render my pixie 1.0 the goal of this project is to give for the open source community and the specialy the xsi users a bridge for xsi users to pixie first and later 3delight and prman.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
QShed 1.0 QShed is a system designed for the graphics and animation industry. QShed utilizes the latest technologies to create a distributed network using a LAN and/or the Internet to render graphics.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Nick's Geometry Clipmaps 1.0 This application/toolkit provides an efficient method to render terrains - it is an implementation of Geometry Clipmaps (Losasso and Hoppe 2004) written in OpenGL and C++, as either a stand-alone GLUT app or part of an OpenSceneGraph.
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E3D 3D Scene Library 1.0 E3D is a cross-platform C++ object-oriented 3D Scene Manager library for use in games and 3D apps.

Public Domain
REALbasicGL b High level OpenGL framework and game engine for REALbasic. Goal is to create an API with REALbasic's easy of use while maintaining OpenGL's versatility; along with a general use game engine.

Public Domain
Teara 1.0 Teara is a program to model terrain data in real time using OpenGL

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Musical Keyboard 2.0 The program Musical Keyboard will transform the keyboard into any musical instrument.You'll hear music when you press the keys or click the mouse. Choose any of 127 instruments. A great program for playing practical jokes: start the program and...
Bunt Area statistics ][ 1.0 Burnt Area Statistics - compute & render projected and 3d areas of a burnt perimeter, grouped by land cover type, given the fire perimeter, land cover and TIN layers (.SHP format)

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Prune GPS tool 1.0
Prune GPS tool 1.0 GpsPrune is a java application to view and manage coordinate data, eg from GPS units. With it you can load a variety of text and Xml formats, view the data (in 2d and 3d), edit and convert the data, correlate photos and audio, create charts and...
VASE Plugin Interface Whiteboard 1.0 VASE Plugin Interface Whiteboard. This plugin (vpiWhiteboard.dll) renders a whiteboard in the VASE 3D environment. Avatars on a LAN can interact with the whiteboard.

MIT License
JGLSE 1.0 JGLSE - GLScene Editor written in Delphi with Jedi Lib / GLScene. Currently supports more than 60 GLScene objects. Materialmanagement, Scriptmanagement, Objectmanager are currently under development.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
PatchObj 1.0 Simple C-based application for converting OBJ files from modelling software like Maya and Blender into a C file that can be used with OpenGL, thus making it easier to create better models for OpenGL applications.

GNU General Public...
Sphaerica 2011.09.18 Interactive spherical geometry software.

A fine tool for teaching or learning spherical geometry
Many tool available to construct on the sphere
SmartShot 1.0 SmartShot is an application allowing to capture screenshots in a very convenient way. It is intended to replace standard Windows 7 screen capturing tool, which lacks several useful features:
- basic editing options: adding straight lines,...
Image processing on EVMDM642 642 This project will focus on the image processing on EVMDM642 based on DSP/BIOS.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
PDA PPC Video Converter 5.0.1 PDA Video Converter * Fully compatible with all iPod and PDA video formats. * Easy video splitting, full control the output video quality and the image size. * Extract audio to MP3 format. * Fastest converting speed ,up to 300% real time. * High...
vreng 1.0 VREng (Virtual Reality Engine) is an Interactive and Distributed 3D Application allowing navigation in Virtual Environments connected over the Internet using Unicast or Multicast if available.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Saiga 1.0 Saiga is a 3-D rendering library that provides access to native geospatial formats, elevation data sets and OGC Web Mapping Services (WMS).

Qt Public License (QPL)
Multiresolution Terrain Visualization 1.0 A C/S system to visualize very large terrains from a 1st-person view. The terrain model is stored in multiple resolutions depending on the distance of the viewer. This produces fast high quality images from all distances.

GNU General...
IrrExt 1.0 A collection of extensions to the Irrlicht Engine. This is the place to get scene nodes, animators, GUI elements, materials, shaders, mesh loaders, physics wrappers just about any extension to Irrlicht.

zlib/libpng License
SolidGraph 1.0 SolidGraph CAD system

Academic Free License (AFL); GNU General Public License (GPL)
RealShader 1.0 RealShader is a Real Time Shader Designer Integrated Into Visual Studio

GNU General Public License (GPL)
PaperAnnotator 1.0 Annotate paper scans, and automatically render web pages.

Public Domain
umlcore 1.0 Project status: Inception

Currently borrowing bouml src

Planned feature: to allow sane subsystems as plugins.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Linking System 1.0 The Linking System is an version of UML diagram creator and documentation linking, Graphical schema system created in Visual Basic.

Apache License V2.0
GLSLide 1.0 An experimental development environment for GLSL shaders targeting Linux based operating systems.

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
The Open Screen Capture 1.0 TOSC is short for The Open Screen Capture - an open source and free screen capture utility for Symbian/UIQ3 phones. Our goal is to create a free and very powerfull, highly customizable screen capture software.

GNU General Public License...
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