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Ztitch+ Ztitch+ is the sequel to the famous, award-winning app, Ztitch. With the ability to take photos from inside the app, you can now create beautiful scenes quicker than ever. Just like the predecessor, Ztitch+ provides an immersive panorama viewing...

Horizon Kompak and Perfekt Photo Gallery
Horizon Kompak and Perfekt Photo Gallery Photo gallery for Horizon Cameras. The Horizon is a mechanical swing-lens panoramic camera. It is manufactured by Krasnogorskiy Zavod in Krasnogorsk, Russia, better-known for their range of Zenit cameras.

Cameras with similar functions...
MediaViewer See all the images and music you have on your phone, in one place!
ShutterPro See how things could be colored in a different way.
With two taps apply your favorite effect, then take a photo and share it with your friends.
Keen on 3D technology?
Try out anaglyph effect or make stereo JPEG photos.
Picture Lab
Picture Lab Photo Lab allows to edit your photos by applying a number of filter layers to existing or newly captured photos.
X-Dog Do you like dogs? Do you want them on your phone?
X-Dog is a simple little app that lets you look at dog pictures! When you are connected to any network, and you run the app, X-Dog will show you hundreds of pictures of dogs! How exciting...
Dani Brouse Photography
Dani Brouse Photography "Photography is the beauty of life, captured." I have come to find that looking at life through a lens is a whole new world. You learn to think about lighting and angles and all the little details. Taking pictures has really opened up my...
Picture Effects
Picture Effects Picture Effects for your windows phone. Swipe to apply the different effects and adjust the settings of the image. It is very easy to use.
Papercut Free
Papercut Free No doubt you like those daily images on Bing. Want an easy way to get them on your phone? Try Papercut.

What does it offer:
- Fresh new Bing backgrounds every day
- Backgrounds from 10 different regions all around the world Download  View Info
Imaging Effects
Imaging Effects This app uses the camera and displays the viewfinder for taking a picture. The taken photo is then processed with the cool filters. The filter properties can be manipulated and the changes can be seen in the preview image immediately.
Private Eye Free
Private Eye Free View real-time images from your IP cameras or PC webcams! Private Eye lets you quickly view your webcams wherever and whenever you wish.

Private Eye will connect to many models from:
- Axis
- Cisco
- DLink
VideoCam Sencilla aplicación para capturar los grandes momentos de la vida
Coveted menu
Coveted menu The menu is a very practical tool. Users can through the menu convenient and quick understanding of food, drinks etc
Caffenol-C FX
Caffenol-C FX This is a Caffenol-C development Camrea Lenses Filter Application. An alternative to black and white chemical development, Caffeine and Vitamin C is used as an alternative developer for black and white negative films. There are lots of random...
Picsy Picsy powers your Windows Phone with amazing photo capturing capabilities. It unleashes the built in phone camera by combining it with a range of modes and effects to bring a professional photo shoot experience at the ease of your handset. Download  View Info
The landscape of London
The landscape of London London, the capital, the first great city and a dagang, also is one of the largest metropolitan area in Europe and one of the three major financial centers in the world, in company with the United States of New York and Tokyo, Japan
Special Effect
Special Effect It Converts your Captured camera images or Images from your phone gallery into various magical effects like Sketch, Motion Blur, Water, Oily, Color emboss, Gray emboss etc. So go ahead & share this pics through facebook or mails using this...
fotojelly *** v1.11 ***
Fixed Facebook Events, Facebook Groups support

*** v1.10 ***
Update to Facebook Connect
Performance improvements

*** v1.9 Update to correct change to Facebook Connect changes ***

Marshall Rain Photography
Marshall Rain Photography Jetzt gibt es marshall|rain|PHOTOGRAPHY als offizielle App für's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, klingelt's auf dem Smartphone. Und weil ein...
NASA Wallpapers FREE
NASA Wallpapers FREE Inspire your kids and the next generation with this wonderful collection of the best wallpapers from space.

Browse through thousands of wallpapers from the space exploration, moon landings, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, the Space...
ImageTool This is an essential app that has over 48,000 downloads and is used all over the world. It is very efficient and fills a specific need in the Windows Phone Pictures Hub.

Quickly rotate, flip, and save photos that are improperly oriented...
Retro Photo Frames
Retro Photo Frames Make your photos look vintage!
Take any picture ? Apply effects, frames & texts ? Share easily

* Huge selection of vintage photo frames for decorating your photos.
* Picture sources: Device gallery, Facebook...
InstaCam Please Read Description to the end.

Try out the InstaCam+ app! Make your own photos unique by adding one of 26+ cool filters(HDR) and 12 great frames and share them to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare,...
InstaEdit InstaEdit is an Instant Image Editor App. You can actually edit the photos on the fly using InstaEdit, Either choose a existing photo from phone library or you can take a new photo via camera. More support will be coming for facebook, twitter,...
Camera Roll Sync
Camera Roll Sync v1.3 - Fixed most issues
v1.2 - Support for WP8 and high end Lumias, bug fixes
v1.1 - Performance and bug fixes

Sync your camera roll folder to SkyDrive in high quality. Windows phone built-in auto-upload has two limitations....
Photogram Photogram can transform your photo with several filtered effects. You can use several prepared filter and frame, blur effect. You can upload picture to facebook with message.

Transformed picture can save into picture hub and you can use...
Sweet Design Shop
Sweet Design Shop Jetzt gibt es den Sweet Design Shop als offizielle App für's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, klingelt's auf dem Smartphone. Und weil ein...
Magic Photo
Magic Photo Magic Photo is fun and speed photo effect app just take a photo and see the magic

Magic Photo Features:
1-more than 30 photo effect
2-Hexagonal photo show
3-Photo Flow Show
4-you can share your photo after applying...
Demote It
Demote It ----Change Log-----
-Fixed bug that would only allow the use of jpeg images.
-Fixed camera navigation bug.

Demote It lets you create demotivational posters directly from your camera using the...
Photo Finish
Photo Finish It provides you with tools required for adding final touches to your captured images. Be it converting the image to a colour tone(grayscale, sepia,etc) or adding a watermark before uploading them or even resizing/rotating it, this app has it all.
FreePrints Print photos quickly, easily and for FREE! Free Prints lets you order FREE 4x6 photos ? right from your Windows Phone! Printed on your choice of deluxe glossy or premium matte photo paper, you?ll have your FREE professional-quality pictures,...
Blur Blur; an application that allows you to quickly and easily blur images on your device, and quickly save the result or set it as your lock screen.

I made this because it's a pretty cool effect to blur your start screen and set it as your...
Zombie My Face
Zombie My Face Turn yourself into a zombie with this amazing free app!

Simply use an image on your device, or take a new picture and then add effects to transform yourself into a zombie. Then save the image and share it with your friends!
Download  View Info
Picasa Wallpapers
Picasa Wallpapers - FREE!
- View random beautiful images from Picasa's featured photos!
- Save photos to your phone and use them as your phone background.
- No login required.

1.4 Update: Mango support + Pinch and Zoom
XDA Wallpaper
XDA Wallpaper XDA Wallpaper is a small application to create some nice wallpapers for your lock-screen. It adds some metro-styled elements to your images, e.g. an arrow to show how to unlock your phone. The color of these overlay images can be choosen. Also you...
Pic-Art-So Ever wanted to add your own artistic flair to photos to take them from being average photos to true masterpieces? Pic-Art-So is an app that will allow you to sketch, draw and paint over pictures you take or pictures you've already taken, helping...
ZAICHen-setzen Jetzt gibt es ZAICHen-setzen als offizielle App für's Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos und Termine landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, habt ihr es gleich auf dem Smartphone. Und weil ein Smartphone eben auch...
Image Compressor
Image Compressor Just simple image compressor\resizer.

Its realy simple and forward for use.

The app allows you to select an image, after that you?ll select the size you want to resize it towards as well as the image quality. You can also...
Face Lens
Face Lens The Face Lens app makes it possible to see your friends and family in a whole different way through your device's camera. Start the app directly from the built-in camera app using the Lens feature and then save or share those funny moments...
SplitPic SplitPic is a free, fun, and easy way to combine pictures as you take them!

For example, with SplitPic, you can combine the faces of your friends or family to form a single face. Or you can get creative and mix in your pets, create...
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