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opendino 1.0 opendino is an Open Source software environment for optimization and learning. opendino provides algorithms for Automatic Optimization, Design of Experiment, and Machine Learning. opendino is written in Java.

BSD License

ImmunePort 1.0 Immunity system for public use in order to share vulnerabilities information between security packages. Those security packages can share and use virus signatures, spam data over the network, spam P2p files, etc.

GNU General Public...
SoupMarine 1.0 SoupMarine is a generative music creation tool that utilises darwinistic principles for composition. The user composes music by listening to generated musical organisms, and lets them evolve by simple selection.

GNU General Public...
thewebmind 1.0 Give information and requirements of your project to webmind using the semi-natural language. It will give you the documentation, ER Diagram, SQL queries for multiple databases, classes for many languages, forms, etc.For annalists and...
ArchiveAPLP 1.0 APLP archive is a simple type of archive who does not use any kind of compresion just raw data. Doe to simple archive format APLP archive can be used as input file for small applcations that require a pack of input files.

GNU General...
ISVDGAFF 1.0 Integer Singular Value Decomposition Genetic Algorithm Function Fitter. This is an optimization algorithm that performs a similar role to a neural network.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Biburu 1.0 Biburu is a DualHead RealTime HTML/CSS/JS editor. The idea is to be abble to code a web page with the posibility of seeing the results (rendered like Firefox or IE) in real time in a separate screen.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Yaaal 0.1b Yet Another API Abstraction Layer (YAAAL) A PHP library which provides an RPC & LPC abstraction layer for API classes in your application.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
PHP AVL Tree 1.0 A basic implementation of an AVL Tree in PHP 5.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
suanfa 1.0 practice of suanfa with c++/Java

Other License
DAMPIRE Framework 1.0 DAMPIRE is a moDular ligHtweight dynAMic ProductIve aRchitecture for JAVA-based applications, based on open source frameworks/libraries/tools (e.g. Spring Framework, OSGi, Eclipse).

Apache License V2.0
PBS: Portable Bookmarks and Shortcuts 1.0 Cross platform GUI managing bookmarks and shortcuts in a portable way. Support import/export, search, encryption, hierarchical tags, USB key installation, various environments integration, OS-dependent shortcuts, plugins extensibility.
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Unix Shell Configuration API 1.0 This Shell API enables the Shell programmer to configure his shell script(s)environment thru a windows like INI file where all the environment is organized thru sections

GNU General Public License (GPL)
an simple thread pool for linux 1.02 an simple thread pool in linux, based on POSIX thread API. Management thread will retrieve needless idle thread to keep in low resource consumption.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
EvoTrader 1.0 EvoTrader is a stock picking platform that utilizes genetic programming to evolve rules for generating stock trading signals.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Reinigung 1.0 grails/groovy project for managing daily cleaning services

Other License
Nooku Framework 1.0 Nooku Framework is a rapid extension development platform for Joomla and PHP 5.2. It aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of Joomla extensions, to eliminate repetitive coding, and add power, flexibility and fun. Click 'Develop'...
ForcedSeedp2p 1.0 A p2p filesharing application, where every1 is forced to seed for a certain period and then every1 gets to download with a guaranteed number of seeders as well, for a certain perion of time.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Scrum Space 1.0 A simple web application for teams practicing SCRUM - it may be used to define tasks, backlogs, sprints, projects, manage the scrum board, watch the burndown chart, etc.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Jabon 1.0 A PHP library which provides an RPC & LPC abstraction layer for API classes in your application.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Flash Natural Selection Simulation 1.0 The goal of this project is to create a simulation of genetic drifting, genetic mutation, and/or natural selection using flash and actionscript. The simulation may also incorporate server side PHP, MySQL, and XML to store character traits. Download  View Info
LibGetSet 32 GetSet is a simple templated C++ library, which allows their users to focus on algorithm development by allowing retrieval, tuning and storage of typed parameters.

Optionally, GetSet can automatically generate a simple GUI, which allows...
Daniel Mirrai Framework for Delphi 1.0

Framework complete for desenvolmento quick and easy using the programming model by layers Model
view presenter (MVP) having superclasses already being ready all actions database, persistence, validations, Download  View Info
qenqote 1.0 qenqote is a Python/Gtk program to operate on snippets of text from the clipboard and put results back on the clipboard. This allows automation of common editing operations.

In its prototypical application, qenqote accepts URL's...
axis2M 1 axis2M increase the usability of Apache Axis2 by integrating with Maven2 with Convention over Configuration concept.Axis2M provide Quickstart archetype "run" plug-in to run SimpleHttpServer,customized versions of WSDL2Code,Java2WSDL,AAR...
pathCake 1.0 Transport Framework

MIT License
FJSP Software 1.0 Flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP) is very important in many fields such as production management, resource allocation and combinatorial optimization. In the real manufacturing systems, each operation could be processed on more than one...
sandia 1.0 Sandia comes up as a final project for the Information Systems Engineering career at the 'National Technologic University' from Cordoba, Argentina.The project aims to fulfill the academic requirements and oriented to be a future open...
Tebayai 1.0 Tebayai is an IDE using Open Application Format.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Translation Free 1.0 Translate things,such as chm documents,software scripts.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
genedne 1.0 To identify cancer-related genes

qindiff 1.0 Qindiff is a web based diff and merge utility for text implemented in Javascript. It is a practice result of using Dynamic Programming to solve LCS problem with optimization of reducing the problem set to save memory.

GNU General Public...
SimXML 1.0 Ferramenta desenvolvida em Delphi 7.0 para realizao de juno de dados por similaridade em arquivos XML. Utiliza 3 funes de similaridade: Levenshtein, Jaro e q-Grams. TCC de Esp. Desenv. Software UPF - Passo Fundo-RS-Brasil

GNU General...
OpenOpt 1.0 OpenOpt is FREE (GNU GPL v.2) MATLAB/Octave toolbox, powered by user-contributed solvers & ideas. Scaling, updating counters etc is performed by OpenOpt BaseModule. Local & global solvers, easy interface, possibility of graphical...
Discrete Data Categorization & Analysis 1.0 Clustering problems are solved using various techniques such as SOM and K-Means. The generic problem involves multi-attribute sample points, with variable weights. We use Genetic Algorithms to build a scalable, generic & easy to use...
PhP Flash Video Gallery 1.0 Flash and php script that allows you to insert a flash on your page that loads the flv videos in a given folder. Very easy to use. The download includes the swf file that is inserted into the page html, php configuration file and an HTML...
SOAP/REST Mock Service 1.0 SOAP/REST Mock Service is a simple configurable application designed to mock any SOAP or RESTful (or "REST-like") webservices. It's main goal is to support automated black box integration testing of applications that integrate with 3rd...
FormalPython 1.0 A suite of tools and extensions to Python to permit automatic specification-based testing with inline, incremental formal specification.

Python Software Foundation License
EA - Practical Assignment 1.0 This project hosts a practical assignment for Evolutionary Computation at the University of Utrecht.

GNU General Public License (GPL); Public Domain
EasyGenetic 1.0 EasyGenetic is a highly efficient C++ framework for genetic master-slave algorithms. It heavily makes use of template metaprogramming to provide a fully customizable environment that accommodates most of user's needs without sacrificing...
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