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TXS-PDFML : Basic XML to PDF converter 1.0 TXS-PDFML is a converter from formatted XML to PDF, the way WordML is to Word. The formatted XML has exactly the same structure as the resulting PDF file. A PDF to formatted XML file is also provided.

GNU General Public License (GPL)

Drupal PAMB 1.0 Module and theme file, providing minimal integration with the Postcode Anywhere and MailBuild mailing services for Drupal 5.x

GNU General Public License (GPL)
spxml rc Simple Plain Xml Parser (spxml) is a stream-oriented XML parser that supports pull-model and DOM-model XML parsing.Resulting DOM trees can be read, modified, and saved.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
phpCMS nextGen 1.0 phpCMS nextGen is a flatfile / xml based CMS which is written in PHP. It exent driven, easy extensible and developed from the scratch new, based of the knoledge of phpCMS.de

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
uContact 1.0 uContact is an open source windows-based contact manager application. It's primary purpose is to store contacts for printing address/phone lists and exporting to email applications.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
XMLStorage 1.0 This library is a light weight C++ / Java XML library providing functionality to easily read, write and modify XML files.

MIT License
EYPID 1.0 EYPID - Embed Your Protein Interaction Data - Goal of the project is the adoption or definition of a logical model to describe and encode proteins interaction data into a standard XML format and the development of a web tool for easy coding the...
AnnoCultor 1.0 AnnoCultor: porting cultural repositories to the Semantic Web.

Apache License V2.0
php_dmap 1.0 A PHP API for parsing and manipulation the Apple's DMAP (Digital Media Access Protocol) and DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol) protocol. It supports parsing and using DAAP content-types. Internal DMAP objects can be converted to JSON or...
XMLIP 1.0 Sometimes XML data is meant to be created or modified by humans. The best is to have a GUI suited to the XML application to do so. XMLIP will provide a specialized language (based on XSLT) and an interpreter to facilitate the creation of the...
KLEX 1.0 A framework for all-platform GUI-development based on completely separating business from presentation logic and introducing methods of abstraction that allow stepwise refinement of the GUI-definition.

GNU General Public License (GPL);...
Wormhole Explorer 1.0 A UI that displays a map that uses "wormholes" to navigate to a user's favorite locations. The map will display locations at scales as diverse as galaxies, planets, houses, living beings, internal organs, and even atoms and sub-atomic...
OpenATDL 1.0 Open source custom GUI control that parses FIXatdl documents and renders an appropriate order entry form. FIXatdl is a markup language that works in conjunction with the FIX protocol. It is used to define parameters of algorithmic order types. Download  View Info
Gxve Xml Visual Editor 1.0 Gxve (Gxve Xml Visual Editor) is a visual editor focussed on editing xml files in a visual way.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
The VAMSAS Framework 1.0 A framework to enable the interoperation of bioinformatics applications for the visualization and analysis of molecular sequences, alignments and structures.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
ODX-Base 1.0 The ODX-Base is an eclipse plug-in based on the ODX-Lib project. Its intended to provide a common platform for RCP-applications and eclipse plug-ins dealing with ISO-22901 vehicle diagnostic data and provided by different projects and...
XsltTransformer 1.0 XsltTransformer is a Mediawiki extension that makes it possible to take the content of a page and export it through XSLT stylesheets based on categories with Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). XSL-FO is supported through Apache FOP.

GNU General...
HoN Helper 1.0 HoN Helper is a 3rd party application used to help create custom item and skill builds for Heroes of Newerth. HoN Helper can also be used to learn about heroes and items.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Comparative Genomics Ontology 1.0 The Comparative Genomics Ontology (CGO) is an OWL ontology initially developed to support the integration of comparative genomics data from heterogeneous resources as part of the ComparaGRID project.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public...
nml m3u playlist convert 1.0 nml m3u playlist convert supports exporting .nml playlists created by Native Instruments DJ TRAKTOR 3 to standard .m3u format.nml m3u playlist convert also supports convertering .m3u playlists to .nml format.

GNU General Public License...
OpenRIA 1.0 This project is aimed to create a Rich Internet Applications Presentation platform for multimedia presentations and collaborations based on the "Build on Demand" mechanism.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
An ERP for the small factory and shop 1.0 SIXPRESS is a new generation of ERP for small factory

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Ajaxmapper 1.0 Ajaxmapper is a server-based component, written in Java, which maps data from a relational database to a XML file, transfered by HTTP. The goal is to exchange data with Ajax client components.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
twwt 1.0 new way to store, organize and search data

Public Domain
eBookmarks 1.0 Bookmark sync tool for ebook readers with xml bookmark system. Primarily focussed on devices based on 4FFF N618 ebook reader, wich uses Adobe Digital Editions for content sync but have no bookmark sync.

Bookmark Synchronizing
Schemantra 1.0 Schemantra is basically a Relax NG to Schematron converter. Also XML Schema or DTD is supported. In wider perspective Schemantra is an XML validation framework which helps you to write schemas with verbose, descriptive or even domain specific...
xml2rdf 1.0 This project maps XML documents to RDF documents, with the Ontology defined in a RDF Schema document.The RDF Schema doc defines whether the elements in the XML doc will be mapped to the RDF doc as class or property, or will not be mapped to the...
openCDR 1.0 A web service and HL7 version 3 based clinical data repository

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Geometria 1.0 "geometria" aims to be a dynamic-geometry-programm. The focus is on speed and reliability.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Saurus CMS Free for Linux 4.6.0 About Saurus CMS is a web publishing software combining daily content management features with full range of site administration and development tools. It gives you flexibility to quickly set up a blog, public website, corporate intranet or...
iLast.fm 1.0 A small application for scrobbling iPod tracks to last.fm.

MIT License
gXMLTV 1.0 This is a web based application (or set of libraries) to enable a user to store details of upcoming TV programs and display those details in multiple ways including adding to Google calendar. This project may also contain other usefull RSS...
First Thousand Years of Greek utilities 1.0 Language-specific utilities for working with ancient Greek texts, developed for the "First Thousand Years of Greek" project at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Cybersyn 1.0 A very beginning of the Stafford Beer ideas implementation.

GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
BOINCPortable 1.0 This installer makes Boinc Portable and usable with PortableApps

GNU General Public License (GPL)
rfc2xml, troff2xml, and rfc2html 1.0 The rfc2xml utility takes an RFC or Internet-Draft in text format and generates the xml format, reversing the xml2rfc (xml.resource.org) process. troff2xml and rfc2html have also been included.

BSD License
ePodcast: Extending Podcast for Learning 1.0 ePodcast is an application and a method designed to be an alternate format of Learning Management System Content Package by extending RSS/PodCAST.

Educational Community License, Version 2.0
cash service payment processing gateway 1.0 Processing center allowing cash accepting POS terminals to clear the payments with the service providers. Typically in kiosk scenarios allowing the customers to pay mobile phone recharges and communal charges.

GNU General Public License...
TVTray 1.0 TVTray is a Windows system tray application for downloading and displaying "Now And Next" TV listings in a notification panel.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Privacy Preference Generator 1.0 The Privacy Preference Generator enables you to create individual Privacy Preferences for a variety of service types available on the Internet. This program assists you in the process of creating your individual preferences.

BSD License
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