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BlueLite 1.0



Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongel range, all you need is BlueLive and Bluetooth dongel and a PC
BlueLite is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Easy to use proximity marketing software

Main Features:Send any multimedia file - Send any type of content you wish, still or animated adverts, music, narrative or music files, including movies or TV ads, Java or WAP push interactive content.You Can Change Radio Name (Name using to Send files) from BlueLiteCan send different types of advertisements including: Text, Still Images, and animated images, Audio Files, Video Clips, Business Cards, Calendar Events, Java Applications and Games, html filesYou can use it to advertise your business 24/7 all year long for FREE.Clients and customers receive your business card and contact through their Bluetooth enabled mobile device, which removed the need to carry any inconvenient paper alternatives.Progress Counter - See how successful your campaigns are instantly with a Many counters Like (no of discoveries devices, no of sending files, devices ignored, Devices Time out,......).Load unlimited individual file size - No restrictions on how big your files size is.Campaign Activity Log - See your marketing campaign as it happens through the Device Log window.Campaign activity display window - you can see just how your Bluetooth marketing campaign in progressing. The Log window captures all available detail including the Devices Details Like (Mac Address, Device Name, Device Model, and Capture Time)Reporting Manager - BlueLite offers a reporting manager for you to manage your Bluetooth marketing reports with additional search, filter and delete functionality.Reporting Export, now you can print you report or export it to many other format like (Csv,Xml,Html)Restart automatic when PC Starts - This feature enables you to start the application automatically when the PC starts, also you can specify startup File, so when your pc start BlueLite well start and load your Default File and start Discovery, start delay well give system time to initialize Bluetooth device

(512k) 01 m 29 s
(1Mb) 45 s
(2Mb) 23 s
(5Mb) 09 s
(10Mb) 05 s

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