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OPCutting 1.1



OPCutting is a panel cutting optimization software designed for cutting rectangular sheets made of all types of materials.
OPCutting is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Panel optimization cutting software

OPCutting for Windows is a panel cutting optimization software simple and intuitive. It enables you to generate easily and quickly your cutting plans. OPCutting is designed for carpenters, woodworkers and other manufacturers who must make cutting rectangular panels / sheets made of wood, metal, glass or other types of materials.
Main features of OPCutting:
- Execution of cutting plans taking into account several materials, thicknesses and species different.
- Management thickness of the saw cut and the wood grain.
- Use of panels in stock and the recoverable scraps.
- Edition of the cutting plan file, the specific cut plans and the pieces composing the cutting plan.
- Save your cutting plan on a disc for recovery and modification at any moment.
- Import cutting lists in the text or Excel format for creation of cutting plans.
- Export a cutting list (text or Excel format) for re-use in applications of quotes/invoicing.
- Summary of the cutting plan given for each type of panel, the line of cutting, the rate of scraps etc...
- Parameter setting of the software to meet the specific needs for various activities, cuts out of wood, plastic films, sheet metal and even of fabric strips.
- Management of the formats of panels and pieces and accelerated capture of dimensions during the creation of the cutting plan.
- Printing labels for different pieces of the cutting plan.
- Automatic detection of software updates.

(512k) 14 s
(1Mb) 07 s
(2Mb) 04 s
(5Mb) 02 s
(10Mb) < 1 sec

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