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Photo Studio 9 Home is the new way to manage your photos. With Shortcut Software’s Photo Studio 9 Home you get an all-in-one photos program for every step from acquiring photos to sharing them. Take your regular pictures and make them extraordinary
PhotoStudio 9 Home is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


All-in-One Photo Manager from Start to Finish

Photo Studio 9 Home is an all-in-one photo program!

Photo Studio 9 Home is the complete suite for the home user. This easy to use program produces great results for your pictures, calendars, greeting cards, etc. Photo Studio Home also includes GPS geographic locations, CD/DVD burning, web galleries, and 3D Photo Maker. Making PhotoStudio 9 Home your ultimate source for all your photo needs. PhotoStudio 9 Home is available in English, Spanish & French. PhotoStudio 9 allows for 16 bit processing, has GPS support and is a great companion to Adobe Photoshop. With PhotoStudio 9 you can create photo albums, calendars, Invitations, posters, etc.

PhotoStudio 9 can enhance, design, repair, organize and print your images and has an extremely large listof functionalities for batch processing.

Other programs and features:
*Panorama Wizard
- finds the shared points in the individual shots and joins them together
*3D Image Wizard
- helps you create pseudo-3D images
*Web Galleries
- automatically create web photo galleries using predesigned templates
*PDF Slideshows
- publish to PDF and share with family and friends
*Photo Editing and Enhancement Tools
- everything you need for enhancing photos and removing image defects
*Image Magic
- effects like conversion to grayscale, color manipulation, explosions, oil painting, antique photo, add grain and waves. Plus frames, envelopes, soft shadows and more
*Digital Archive Management
- descriptions, text and audio notes, keywords and cataloging of external media. Searching, filtering and sorting; file operations; batch renaming and conversion

(512k) 14 m 37 s
(1Mb) 07 m 19 s
(2Mb) 03 m 40 s
(5Mb) 01 m 28 s
(10Mb) 44 s

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