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Project Future 2.03



If you want to manage project risks, ProjectFuture is your tool to optimize threats and opportunities. It includes a risk log, reporting options and a set of default risks. It enables you to analyze risks (causes and effects) and plan responses.
Project Future is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Manage your project risks and opportunities.

ProjectFuture helps you to make your next project a success! It enables you to prevent and mitigate project risks, seize opportunities and keep an up to date risk register. Analyzing risk causes and effects helps you to find innovative solutions to optimize project risks. The risk manager enables you to make team members responsible for risks and monitor risks and tasks. You will increase you project control and lower costs and lead times. So, don't hesitate, make your project a success and try ProjectFuture today!

Features and benefits software:
Risk Manager : define risk strategies, prioritize risks and take action. Make team members responsible for individual risks.
Risk Analyzer : analyze the causes and effects of project risks.
Risk Register : keep track of all risks and activities in a central database. Important risks and actions are highlighted. Risks can be sorted by name, risk class, owner, etc.
Risk Response planner: generate and execute and monitor responses to optimize risks.
Risk knowledgebase base: use a set of standard risks that frequently occur in projects
Risk Help : Learn the basics of project risk management and the steps to perform risk tasks.

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