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Run for the Roses simulates the experience of a day at the track.
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Run for the Roses simulates the experience of a day at the track.

Run for the Roses simulates the experience of a day at the track. Whether you enjoy picking your winners by name or color - or you prefer to use the in-game racing form information to carefully calculate your horse's odds, Run for the Roses fills the bill.

Each of the 300 unique horses has a realtime racing history that drives her odds and behaviors on the track. And each race is a unique experience - never to be repeated!

Realtime information is collected during each race. After the race, each horse's racing history is updated to create as realistic a racing experience as possible. What you see during today's races will be reflected in the next raceday's racing form data.

Main features:
-Up to 6 Players - Each with a choice of starting bankrolls to level the playing field for the beginning handicapper

-300 Horses - Each with a full race history that impacts the horse's odds and race behavior. Each horse's history is updated after each race is run.

-20 Jockeys - The jockey's racing record also influences the horse they're riding - odds and behaviors

-Full color graphics - Just like being trackside.

-Racing Form - Displays up to 5 of the most recent races for each horse, detailing all the information needed to determine how each horse might stack up against the current conditions and competition. Print the information for an in-depth analysis, or view it onscreen. At the end of each race day, racing form data is updated with each horse's experience to provide true-to-life data for each horse's recent history.

-All the Wagers - Including Win, Place, Show, Across-the-Board, Exacta Keys/Box and Trifecta Keys/Box

-Main Display shows each player's standings, starting bankroll, wagers placed, total winnings and current bankroll

-Tote Board displays the results and payouts for the last race

(512k) 06 s
(1Mb) 03 s
(2Mb) 02 s
(5Mb) < 1 sec
(10Mb) < 1 sec

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