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Volocity LE 5.2.1



A feature-filled, user friendly software product, provided free of charge to scientists!
Volocity LE is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Free software for visualizing images and volumes

A feature-filled, user friendly software product, provided free of charge to scientists! Positioned at the heart of the Volocity family, this no-cost download accepts a range of file formats and includes functionality to view data in 2D, 3D and even 4D, as well as providing tools for image enhancement such as noise reduction filters. Highly useful to any imaging scientist, but also a great way to Test Drive the intuitive user interface and core features of the Volocity product range. Available for Mac OS X and Windows.Getting started with Volocity LE is easy drag and drop your folders into a new Image Sequence in the Volocity Library and you can begin to explore!In the Image view you can see your 3D data in three planes, XY, XZ and YZ. You can also view the images as an interactive volume that can be zoomed and rotated to allow you to visualize your whole dataset as a 3D object. Use the Navigation palette to fade channels in and out to give you a better understanding of your volume.To INVESTigate time resolved data in 2D and 3D, play through the time sequence in the Image view for a stunning view of the action!Volocity LE allows you to enhance your data in a variety of ways such as Auto Contrast and Noise Reduction, add a color Look Up Table, and write notes to attach to your images. Optional scale bars are included and you can use the Capture Snapshot feature to create a publication-ready image that can be exported from the Library in standard file formats such as JPEG, PICT and TIFF.Volocity LE is freeware you ready to explore? You just need to register to get the unlock code, then download the Mac or Windows installer, and you are away!

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