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WhizBase is a web-authoring tool for building dynamic, database driven web content. Use it to build efficient, fast, easy-to-use Internet/intranet web applications and eye-catching, CMS-powered web presentations, requiring no programming skills.
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Dynamic webs with no programming!

WhizBase is a web-authoring tool for building dynamic, database driven web content, requiring no programming skills.The operation of WhizBase can be compared to the mail-merge function of any text processor. When deploying mail merge, the user must create a standard letter with spaces left where the mail-merge function will put contents from DB fields. This enables the user to create thousands of personalised letters, each one created by merging the contents of database fields with the specially prepared text document.WhizBase works very much like the mail-merge function described above. The user first creates HTML pages with places where the contents of DB fields (or other WB functions) will be placed.The user can then apply WhizBase to create HTML, XML, RTF (or any other text-based file format) pages that contain information by merging the template pages and the database or any other type of dynamic web content.Let us take the example of a car dealership. Its web site should have an on line catalogue of all cars currently available. For that purpose, it is not very difficult to build a static web page containing all the necessary information about every single car. However, this page will need to be updated frequently, every time that something changes. This requires someone with HTML knowledge to update pages every time there is a change in the stock - an expensive and time-consuming activity.Most car dealerships have a database containing all this information for internal purposes and, in most cases, that database is updated on an hourly basis. The easiest way is to put this database on the website, create several WBSP documents and have WhizBase do the rest.The great thing about the WBSP is that it can be used to produce really impressive results with only a few WBSP instructions included in HTML and it can also be used to build really complex web-based applications. We firmly believe that anyone can produce useful results in less than 30 minutes.

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