Wake On Lan 1.0 Wake up your computer with your smartphone, wherever you are !
The WakeOnLan application enables you to wake up a computer on the local network (Wake on LAN), but also any computer on the internet ...
Town of Wake Forest 2.0
Town Of Wake Forest 2.0 This is the official app for the Town of Wake Forest in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Use this app to stay current and informed relative to Wake Forest, NC news, government, announcements, calendar, and ...
Wake Up Dad 1.1 Come..!! Get Addicted..!!
A notorious child wants to wake up his sleeping dad.Pop up the blocks to help the child to wake up his dad.Wake up the dad within the given time constraint,this requires ...
Wake-up Lite HD 1.3
Wake-Up Lite HD 1.3 Sunrise wake-up clock which helps you start your day full of energy, the same way you do on a bright summer morning.

Watch the Video:

Features: ...
KikiWol Free 2.3
KikiWol Free 2.3 KikiWol is a very easy to configure and use Wake on LAN application.

Wake on LAN is a way to start up a computer using the network. Your iPhone/iPod/iPad now has the power to wake up your computer ...
Wake Up with Local 2 1.7
Wake Up With Local 2 1.7 Wake up with Local 2! From the time you wake up you will have what you need to start your day right! Check your weather for what to wear. Can't be near the TV? Watch the Local 2 Morning News live from ...
Wake-N-Play 1.1.1
Wake-N-Play 1.1.1 Wake N Play is thee alarm app for the iPhone! It is the only alarm
that is designed to wake up your brain. With Wake N Play you don't get
woken up gently, or shake the phone, nope, you just ...
Alarmy 0.3 A very simple alarm to help wake you up in time!
Set and forget, Alarmy will wake you up!
Alarmy can gently wake you up by fading in music, or it can blast it out straight away!
If you ...
NetAwake 1.3.1
NetAwake 1.3.1 One of the finest WOL apps on iTunes - wake your Mac or PC remotely with the touch of a finger.

NetAwake uses Wake-on-LAN technology that allows you to wake up computers from your iDevice. ...
Start Your Day 1.0.1
Start Your Day 1.0.1 Start your day with everything you want and need to know about your day.

This app will wake you up, tell you what the current weather is and let you know what your calendar events are, all ...
Station Wake Me - Adelaide 1.2
Station Wake Me - Adelaide 1.2 Optimize your time management with Station Wake Me!
It automatically wakes you up when your train is near your destination. It tracks your location and compares it with your end station location.
EMCO WakeOnLan Free 1.2
EMCO WakeOnLan Free 1.2 This visual Wake-on-LAN utility allows powering up one or multiple network PCs with a single mouse click. It is ready to work in networks of any scale and automates WOL operations. It includes features ...
Smart Alarm Zzz 1.0.1
Smart Alarm Zzz 1.0.1 If your morning starts with snoozing alarm for some more minutes, and you cannot wake up without coffee, and feel completely wrecked, this means that you wake up contrary to the proper sleep cycle. Download  View Info
Rockstar Energy King of Wake 4.0
Rockstar Energy King Of Wake 4.0 Go behind the scenes of the world's elite pro wakeboarding series, the Rockstar Energy King of Wake. Watch videos of the winning runs from each of the King of Wake's eight events. Get to know Rockstar ...
Wake-On-LAN Sender 2.0.10
Wake-On-LAN Sender 2.0.10 Wake-On-LAN Sender can be used to turn on remote computers sending magic packets (UDP). This freeware utility supports SecureOn password and allows to identify MAC addresses of LAN computers. It can run ...
Wake On LAN Ex 2 2.10 Wake On LAN Ex is an application designed to be used with computers that contain network cards which are set to turn on when a "magic packet" is received. Running Wake On LAN Ex, entering the ...
WakeBoarding Mayhem 1.1
WakeBoarding Mayhem 1.1 WakeBoarding Mayhem is one of the ONLY WakeBoarding games!

With WakeBoarding Mayhem you will be able to wake board on 5 different levels.

You can wake board on the

Ocean Download  View Info
Wake-On-LAN Anyway 1.0 wola (Wake-on-Lan Anyway) is a project that provides software and documentation for hardware, in order to enable Wake on Lan support on computers that cannot do it.

GNU General Public License ...
Wake-up Light - Philips 1.0.7
Wake-Up Light - Philips 1.0.7 Wake up naturally, ready for the day ahead with a Philips Wake-up Light controlled by your iPhone or iPod Touch!
Inspired by nature's sunrise a Wake-up Light uses a unique combination of light and ...
Free Donation Alarm Clock 3.0 Free Donation Alarm is an application which supports you wake up and warms up everyone's hearts at the same time.
You will get a coin when you wake up using this application and you can use (donate) ...
WOL 2.0.1 Program implements wake on lan function. Wake-up remote computer. MAC address resolve of remote PC. Keeps the list of computers, export and import of the list. Supported command line. This is a freeware!
LOLClock 1.0
Why wake up to just an alarm when you could wake up to LOLS!
K97 Radio 1.2.2915
K97 Radio 1.2.2915 Wake up with The Terry, Bill, and Steve Show and get non-stop classic rock all day on Edmonton's legendary K-97.
The Terry, Bill, and Steve Show is Edmonton's favourite way to wake up each day, with ...
NBC 4 Wake-Up 1.1
NBC 4 Wake-Up 1.1 Rise and shine with the NBC 4 Southern California Morning App! Set the NBC 4 Wake-Up alarm clock before you go to bed and a member of the morning team will wake you up to get you ready for the day ahead.
Wake Up Alarm 1.2 Wake Up Alarm is the most entertaining alarm application so far! Its versatile and colorful graphic interface will make all your mornings look beautiful. Wake Up Alarm is a feature-rich alarm clock application.
Wake-up On Stand-by or Hibernation 1.7
Wake-Up On Stand-By Or Hibernation 1.7 Wake-up On Stand-by or Hibernation is a simple utility that helps you to wake up your system from a Sleep mode (or Hibernation) without wasting so much energy. Also you can use this utility as a scheduler ...
c501WakeOnLan 1.0
c501WakeOnLan 1.0 C501 Wale On Lan, is a small tool that enable you to wake up a powered off computer connected on your Ethernet network. This program can create a MAC address list, so that you can use them easily later ...
Sunriser 1.0
Sunriser 1.0 Waking up early was never this easy.

Smart. Natural. Easy-as-pie.

Wake up at sunrise or set your own time. Sunriser calculates the perfect wake up time for every morning. Download  View Info
Alarm Clock 2.0 Background - FREE 1.1
Alarm Clock 2.0 Background - FREE 1.1 At night, use Alarm Clock 2.0 to fall asleep with your selected relaxing music. In the morning, Alarm Clock 2.0 will wake you up to your favorite music.

It also works in the background, so ...
TurnMeOn 1.0 turnMeOn is a QT-based Wake On LAN (WOL) or Wake On WAN (WOW) tool that lets you wake your servers remotely (provided they're WOL enabled).
Melissa Wake Up! 1.1.1
Melissa Wake Up! 1.1.1 Melissa Wake Up A um aplicativo pensado especialmente para as f* de Melissa: um despertador que sugere looks de acordo com a previs*o do tempo na sua cidade. AlAm de acordar em alto astral com um toque ...
Wakelicious ~ alarm clock 1.6
Wakelicious ~ Alarm Clock 1.6 Wake up with Wakelicious! The alarm clock for friends.

Wakelicious is an unique alarm clock, which allows you and your Facebook friends to wake each other up with your favorite YouTube videos.
Wake Up with The Morning Show 1.7
Wake Up With The Morning Show 1.7 Wake up with The Morning Show from The Local Station. Everything you need to start your day right! Check in with Richard Nunn for what to wear. Can't be near the TV? Watch The Morning Show live from wherever ...
PowerTask 3 1 PowerTask is a power management tool that allows shutdown and wake up a group of remote computers at schedule time. The program remotely turn on computer using Wake on Lan function, and remote shutdown ...
WakeUp Central Coast 3.30
WakeUp Central Coast 3.30 Wake Up Central Coast, it's a great day! Start your day with the latest headlines, weather forecasts and traffic conditions through our alarm clock app. Set your alarm to wake up to the sound of your ...
JJ Reminder 1.0
JJ Reminder 1.0 JJ Reminder is all you need to wake up with MP3, MIDI, or WAV music you like .You can set up reminder times for the current day or for any day in the future. You can set an infinite number of reminders, ...
Fart Alarm 1.0 FART ALARM! Does exactly what you think it does :-) It's an alarm that uses farts to wake you up...(no smell yet)
When I found out that there was no fart alarm out there I had to make one.
Special ...
DeSleeper, Wake-On-Lan Proxy And Tools 1.0 Wake-On-Lan allows off or sleeping machines to be started remotely, but is difficult to make work in many network environments. These tools will provide workarounds to make use of Wake-On-Lan easier, ...
Wake-On-LAN Listener 2.2
Wake-On-LAN Listener 2.2 The program receives magic packets and can be used as a Wake-On-LAN configuration troubleshooting tool. It allows to select local network adapters and create Windows Firewall exceptions. Requires administrator ...
Best sleep
Best Sleep Are you wondering why you wake up tired after a long sleep?
Do you want to get up refreshed?

This application helps you plan your sleep
by counting 90 minutes sleep cycles.
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