Bitcoin Faucets
Bitcoin Faucets Bitcoin Faucets is the app you need to have instant access to websites which gives you free Bitcoin by just entering your Bitcoin Address.

The app has 11 pages of Bitcoin Faucets to choose ...

Bitcoin Bitshopper 1.0 Are you a Bitcoin (BTC) supporter? Do you like to shop online? Bitcoin BitShopper gives you easy, instant access to the top sites selling products and services for Bitcoin. You'll also have the current ...
CoinJar for iPhone 1.0
CoinJar For IPhone 1.0 CoinJar is your Bitcoin wallet on the go. CoinJar for iPhone is the most beautiful Bitcoin wallet made specifically for iOS devices.

* Managed Bitcoin wallet in the cloud Download  View Info
Bitcoin Paranoid 2.1 This app shows the current Bitcoin value in the notification bar.
Now we do support alarm! :)
If you "bitcoin paranoid" this app is for you. This is NOT a widget, nor is it a standard ...
Bitcoin Price And Charts 0.1 Bitcoin prices and both short and long range charts displayed in several currencies.
Bitcoin charts are in USD (American), CAD (Canadian), EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound Sterling), PLN (Polish Zlotych), ...
Bitcoin Address Tool 1.04 The Bitcoin Address Tool is a brain-wallet/SHACode utility for Android. The functionality is equivalent to Casascius' Bitcoin Address Utility and can create WIF and Hex format private keys as well as ...
BitSpot 1.0
BitSpot 1.0 With BitSpot you can see the spot price of precious metals right next to the current price of Bitcoin. Simply tap on a row to change the units from USD to BTC.

BitSpot displays the price of: Download  View Info
Bitcoin Rates
Bitcoin Rates Bitcoin Rates provides up to the minute exchange rates for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. View exchange rates for BTC, LTC, PPC, FTC, and NMC. Exchange rate currencies available in USD, EUR, ...
CoinBoards Bitcoin Forums 0.1 Bitcoin Forum Android App!
Now has tab to chat in our #coinboards room!
Full site at -
Discuss and read news over a range of many ...
BTC Charts 1.1
BTC Charts 1.1 Live Bitcoin exchange rate data:

- Live price data
- Live OHLC + Volume chart
- Live bitcoin balance converter (tap BTC in top left of screen to enter your bitcoin balance)
- ...
Coined - Bitcoin and Litecoin Prices 1.0.0
Coined - Bitcoin And Litecoin Prices 1.0.0 Coined brings you the latest prices of bitcoin and litecoin from the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

* Live-updating bitcoin prices
* Live-updating litecoin prices Download  View Info
BitcoinQuick 1.0
BitcoinQuick 1.0 BitcoinQuick exhibits Bitcoin real time data gathered from the major Bitcoin exchanges in addition search for the latest new related to bitcoin and crypto currency.

Market data provided by: ...
ZeroBlock - Real-Time Bitcoin Ticker and News Feed Tracker 1.60
ZeroBlock - Real-Time Bitcoin Ticker And News Feed Tracker 1.60 ZeroBlock combines Bitcoin market exchange data with an aggregated news feed to give you a platform for instantaneous access to everything that is happening in the Bitcoin market. This app allows you ...
BitcoinTicker This is an app which will tell you how the price of Bitcoin is envolving. It currently shows the price from MtGox as that is the most used.

Main features:
- Live tile showing the price Download  View Info
Coin Ticker - Bitcoin portfolio 1.8.2
Coin Ticker - Bitcoin Portfolio 1.8.2 This app monitors and displays the bitcoin and altcoins market prices and bitcoin stock exchange prices. It brings you the latest bitcoin market information directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Bitcoin Wiki 1.0.1
Bitcoin Wiki 1.0.1 Bitcoin Wiki

This app helps to fetch real time prices from most popular Bitcoin Exchanges on the internet. User can set alerts for changes in prices anytime and get notified on the go.
Download  View Info
Bitcoin Trading Game 2.0
Bitcoin Trading Game 2.0 This simple Bitcoin trading simulation app is created to help you train to become a better Bitcoin trader without risking real money or Bitcoins.

Note: All currency and Bitcoins are not real ...
Lite Coin
Lite Coin The premier app for LiteCoin and BitCoin rates on Windows Phone. See live rates from BTC-E, MT Gox, and Vircurex
Thought Stack 1.061 Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network based digital currency. Peer-to-peer (P2P) means that there is no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions. Instead, these tasks are managed ...
PyBitcoin Backup 0.1 Alpha pyBitcoin Backup is a handy application for backing up your BitCoin wallet and address book.Bitcoin is a digital currency. A program with the samne name is designed to make use of the currency.
Bitcoin Find and Recover 1.5
Bitcoin Find And Recover 1.5 Bitcoin find & recover is a crypto currency recovery tool, that builds on top of the great btcrecover by Gurnec, to help any bitcoin user to recover by themselves ...
Bitcoiner 1.0 Bitcoin RPC client for android
Bitcoin Litecoin Farmer Free 1.5 This application allows You to monitor workers on one of the 4 pools for Bitcoin mining, 4 pools for Litecoin mining, and displays the current exchange rate on the BTC-E and Mt.Gox. To start working You ...
Bitcoin Rc Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P electronic cash system without a central server or trusted parties. Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of ...
Bitcoin Market Data
Bitcoin Market Data Bitcoin Market Data displays up to date market information from
You may choose your favorite market which data will be displayed in app and on large tile if pinned to the startpage.
Bitcoin Can
Bitcoin Can Bitcoin Can aims to be your one stop bitcoin app. Use it to trade on the go and check your balances and transactions with ease. More interesting features are coming soon, but feel free to request your ...
Simple Litecoin Widget 1.0 A clean and simple 1x2 Litecoin widget based on the source for the Simple Bitcoin Widget by Brent Panther. Shows the current price of Litecoins from BTCe. Refresh interval can be updated. No drain on ...
BitcoinSuite 1.2 BitcoinSuite is a Java based graphical user interface for Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency. It is a direct fork of open source project NamecoinJ at
Ripple Price - View XRP Exchange Rates 1.2
Ripple Price - View XRP Exchange Rates 1.2 Ripple Report provides up-to-date XRP market information. You can instantly get exchange rate information on the value of XRP in bitcoin (BTC), U.S. dollars (USD), Chinese yuan (CNY), and more. You can ...
BitCoin Miner Remover 1.2
BitCoin Miner Remover 1.2 How to get rid of BitCoin Miner Virus?
Usually antivirus software is intended to remove viruses, rootkits and other infection in your system. But they are oftenly ineffective when you are bombed ...
Mt.Gox View your Account information for mt.Gox and make trades. The only current mt.Gox / Bitcoin trading App for Windows Phone.
Free Speech Just Pay Shipping 1.0 A 3d chatroom where the things people write gravitate toward eachother based on total strength of associations between those short texts. Strength is a competition of who spends the most computing time ...
Conquests 1.0 Conquests is a turn-based 4X Civilization-like 3D strategy game for Windows and Linux. You can discover new technologies from the stone age to the space age, explore the world, and wage war on your opponents.
BTCeChartFeed 1.0 This software imports Market data into SierraChart software for real-time charting of prices and indicators.

Charts the Litecoin/Bitcoin price
Charts the Litecoin/US Dollar price Download  View Info
Callista Currency Converter
Callista Currency Converter Callista Currency Converter is probably the most convenient currency converter around, and it is free!

Just enter an amount, press return, and the amount will be converted to all the currencies ...
Currency Calculator Varies With Device It's a simple Currency Calculator/Converter designed to be easy to use. You can convert more than 150 currencies.
The perfect tool for travelers that need to calculate the exchange in different countries.
Namecoin Wallet Online 3.4
Namecoin Wallet Online 3.4 Namecoin-wallet Wallet is a free online namecoin wallet which you can use to make worldwide payments for free. We make paying with namecoin easy and secure available anywhere on your phone or desktop.
Dollars.Com 1.0 is a consumer-powered price comparison app.
Consumers like you get paid to find great prices for products sold at local retailers. The better the prices you find the more you get paid.
Unit Converter Lite 1.2 A simple lightweight unit and currency converter. Translates hundreds of physical units and dimensions quickly and easily. The currency converter features daily updated exchange rates for over 130 countries.
Passbin 1.0.1
Passbin 1.0.1 Shamir's secret sharing application. Enables form of secret sharing, where a secret is divided into parts, giving each participant its own unique part, where some of the parts or all of them are needed ...
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