C-Bus Diagnostic Utility 2.0 The C-Bus Diagnostic Software can be used for diagnosing problems with C-Bus installations.

The features include display network voltage of all units on a network, allow use of remote C-Bus ...
TTC Schedule Where Is My Bus? 3.0 Where Is My Bus? Find that answer using TTC Bus Schedule! It's the quickest way to find where your bus is!
Works for TTC and many other transit systems.
TTC bus schedule lets you quickly find ...
BusLocaPro 0.14
BusLocaPro 0.14 This is a Bookmark Application for the people who use the bus.
You can easily access to information about the timetable of bus which is provided by bus companies on their web site.

This ...
M-Bus Application 1.2
M-Bus Application 1.2 M-Bus Application is an M-Bus device readout program which is especially useful for developer of M-Bus devices and M-Bus network installer. M-Bus Application can read any M-Bus meter and verify its telegram ...
Next Bus
Next Bus Next Bus is a handy app for boilermakers (and people alike) to look up real-time bus arrival information for the CityBus bus system. Now with a live map, Next Bus will show you your current location and ...
BusmanMobile 1.0 Bus timetable info program. Gives information based on the bus stop number, showing what is the bus line and when its next bus is coming. Developed in C++ with Qt so it's highly portable. Supported ...
Live London Bus Tracker - TFL Transport Bus London Live Countdown Time, Route and Map 5.9
Live London Bus Tracker - TFL Transport Bus London Live Countdown Time, Route And Map 5.9 Fed up of not knowing when the next bus is coming? Just missed a bus and need to know if its worth waiting for the next one? Need to know where the nearest bus stop is?
If like thousands of other ...
London Bus Alert 1.02
London Bus Alert 1.02 You already know HOW, let us tell you WHEN!

London Bus Alert is designed to help with your daily commute. Never miss a bus again! See when your next bus is due using live data from TfL. Download  View Info
Big City Rig Bus Driver 1.0 In Big City Rig Bus Driver your job is easy - just drive a bus! Get behind the wheel of one of the 8 bus models and master the city streets as you transport passengers and increase your cash flow! Download  View Info
C-Bus Toolkit The C-Bus Toolkit software is an application you run on your personal computer to configure and commission C-Bus Installations. This allows the customers to install and support the range of C-Bus hardware ...
BusGuide BusGuide lets you get the bus arrival timing of SBS and SMRT busses at different bus stops around Singapore.

- Search for Bus Stops along any road
- Bookmark a bus stop for quick retrieval ...
Next Bus Arrivals London Free 2.4.2
Next Bus Arrivals London Free 2.4.2 ------------------------------
UPDATE: The best rated London bus times app now with full iOS 7 support as well!

Next Bus Arrivals London has access ...
London Bus Time Check - live bus times 1.7
London Bus Time Check - Live Bus Times 1.7 London Bus Time Check is exactly like the bus countdown at your nearest bus stop but on your iPhone. You'll never be late for the bus again because you'll know exactly when the next bus is coming! Download  View Info
Find out the list of bus information by bus number.
Find out the route information for a particular bus. Download  View Info
SG Buses
SG Buses SG Buses is a mobile guide for public buses in Singapore.

- bus arrival time for SBS and SMRT buses
- browse nearby bus stops in Map
- click on bus stop in Map to ...
Bus Driver Gold 3.6 Bus Driver is all about driving buses.In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic ...
Tbus Bologna - bus and schedules 1.1
Tbus Bologna - Bus And Schedules 1.1 Move easy and fast in Bologna.
Tbus helps you to find the best trip to your destination.

It shows bus stops close to you and real time bus schedules. If you don't know how to reach a bus ...
Buses Due
Buses Due Buses Due is the #1 TOP rated Travel Tool in the Windows Phone Marketplace!

Find nearby bus stops and get fast accurate bus arrival times from TFL for all bus stops in London. This FREE app ...
Bus Simulator 3D 1.0.2
Bus Simulator 3D 1.0.2 Do you like driving big vehicles? Then you have to try this Bus Driving game! Smooth controls, realistic vehicle physics and challenging gameplay. Try to be the best Bus Driver on the planet with the ...
Toronto Bus
Toronto Bus The Toronto Bus app brings live bus data for those served by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).
- Automatically finds the closest bus stop to your location, and display convenient walking or ...
My Dublin Bus 2 2.0
My Dublin Bus 2 2.0 Completely Re-imagined for iOS 7.

My Dublin Bus provides information on when the next bus is due for your bus stop in Dublin.

It simplifies the process of checking real time bus ...
School Bus Route 1.2
School Bus Route 1.2 There has been so many times, there was no visibility about bus. You don't know if bus left or you are late. Bus driver is the key person in making parents/kids life easier.

We thought that ...
CATA Tracker
CATA Tracker CATA Tracker provides real-time bus tracking for the CATA bus system in State College, PA.

What's new?
- Bus direction indication
- Route Groups (display multiple routes on one ...
Next MUNI 1.01
Next MUNI 1.01 With Next MUNI, you can choose to be reminded in the future about any bus that you want. You select the starting time, the earliest time that a bus you want to come, and the minutes ahead of the bus you ...
DC Metro Bus Search 1.3.1 The fastest, newest way to check the arrival time of your DC Metro Bus on your smart phone and tablet. Completely location driven mapping system to display your nearby stops and bus routes. Just click ...
CIRCA Infrared Reader 1 2 The C-Bus Infrared Commissioning Software (CIRCA) is used to commission C-Bus Infrared Devices (5034NIRT). The software allows the user to select IR codes and assign them to particular output channels ...
London Bus Checker - Live Countdown for Every Stop 4.0.1
London Bus Checker - Live Countdown For Every Stop 4.0.1 Finally - Live Bus Countdowns for London on your iPhone!

* THE UK'S NUMBER ONE TRAVEL APP * Instantly see when your bus is due * Real-time information - not from timetables * Covers 20,000 ...
SF Next Bus 4.0
SF Next Bus 4.0 A simple, but straightforward, location based application that identifies San Francisco bus stops with next bus predictions. Location can be determined by location services, or by your own map navigation.
Bus Turbo Racing. 1.0
Bus Turbo Racing. 1.0 Turbo Bus Racing, is a 3D bus racing game
where the buses have a turbo engine installed
and have speed enthusiasts on board.

You must avoid and jump over obstacles on the
freeway ...
RIT Next Bus 1.05
RIT Next Bus 1.05 RIT Next Bus is designed so that RIT students can easily and instantly know when their next bus will be arriving. This app features countdown timers, which are conveniently displayed immediately as the ...
Nova Bus Smart Digital Library 1.1
Nova Bus Smart Digital Library 1.1 Nova Bus Smart Digital Library is an application for Nova Bus sales people and Nova Bus staff only. The Smart Digital Library is an internal-use library of sales information and materials such as brochures, ...
DC Transit Widget 1.1 Want to know if you need to run or walk to catch the next bus or train?
Or do you just like seeing your DC Metro Bus or Train predictions for your favorite bus stop just as you like seeing the time ...
Next Bus - Sydney 2.0
Next Bus - Sydney 2.0 Key Features:

o Get your next bus times by simply opening the app
o Shows only the buses you are interested in
o No SMSs
o Incredibly simple to use

--- Download  View Info
Bus Boy - Chicago CTA Bus Tracker 1.5
Bus Boy - Chicago CTA Bus Tracker 1.5 Bus Boy is Chicago's first simple CTA bus tracker for the iPhone. Get arrival times for any bus in the city and save your favorite stops to find them quickly. The best thing is that it is free for you!
Didibaba 1.1.0
Didibaba 1.1.0 Didibaba is a simple elegant map based app which provides the user with bus departure information for bus stops near their current location. The current version is limited to data for the greater Wellington ...
DC Wmata Metro Boss 1.1 Never miss the bus the bus again!
Get realtime bus and rail location with Metro Boss.
GMOOU: Get Me Out Of UBC 2.2
GMOOU: Get Me Out Of UBC 2.2 Do you go to University of British Columbia and take the bus frequently? Do you wonder if the bus loop is really packed at the moment? Students can submit information about how busy a bus stop is and ...
Service Bus 1.0 Service Bus is planned to be a multiplatform comunication bus, foscused on secured comunications

GNU General Public License (GPL)
DC Next Bus 4.01
DC Next Bus 4.01 A simple, but straightforward, location based application that identifies WMATA bus stop, WMATA metro stations, and Montgomery County Ride On bus stops with next bus and train predictions. Location can ...
SG Buses V3 3.8.10
SG Buses V3 3.8.10 SG Buses is a Singapore bus guide for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

- load arrival time of SBS and some SMRT buses
- find nearest bus stops
- bookmark bus stops
- ...
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