obabs 1.0 Obabs is Puredata Abstractions dedicated to sound spatialization

GNU General Public License (GPL)

entropede 1.0 Entropede VST Plugins

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
MorphX (harmonic (re)+synthesizer) 1.0 Morphs between two FFTs one from each sound and stores morph is .raw sound file...plus aims to increase fluidity of sound harmonically IE avoids dissonance during the morph. Unlike complex morph packages be called as a class within 8 lines of...
jTagEditor 1.0 jTagEditor is an pure Java Swing-Application with the goal to edit Tags (i.e. ID3v1, ID3v2 etc.) within Music-Files like MP3s and Others. jTagEditor support freedb.org queries and plays Music-Files using the JLayer-Project.

GNU General...
LoopCollector 1.0 LoopCollector is an audio tool that takes an audio source files and munges them together to form a rhythmic loop. Prototype is being written in Perl, which will interface with sox. The final version will exist as a VST/AudioUnit/etc. plugin. Download  View Info
Isolation Of Voices 1.0 You`re sitting in a room with a lot of background voices and noise and doing an interview with someone while recording the conversation on tape or your MP3-Player. This software filters the voices wanted and improves their understandability. Download  View Info
chorus detection 1.0 Detect the most representative part (i.e. chorus) of a given song.

taking chroma feature into consideration

GNU General Public License (GPL)
PureTone 1.0 PureTone is a library written in Java which provides functionality to explicitly synthesize sounds programmatically.

MIT License
Open Reverbia 1.0 Reverbia is a simple music making tool of wich the source is aviable.
Its too use a couple of reverb effects.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Lightform 1.0 Lightform is a complete music composition application in pre-alpha, written in python with a C backend. It's designed to have the capabilities of programs like Reaktor and Sonar, but with a simplified user interface using a python gui lib...
Pitch Detection Algorithms 1.0 A library that is a collection of different algorithms that can be used to detect the pitch of an audio signal with an emphasis on real-time applications.

MIT License
LAMEPE -- LAME Preset Engineering 1.0 LAMEPE is a presetter for those who are using LAME MP3 Encoder (The best MP3 Encoder available today) but the target bitrate did not satisfy quality perceived. We are heavily developing it in various ways.

GNU Library or Lesser General...
GAIuS Hearing 1.0 Computer hearing project for the GAIuS framework. Designed to incorporate speech recognition, sound analysis, object identification (by sound it makes), etc.

MIT License
ChartsCan 1.0 A tool for Canadian independent bands to keep track of how their album is charting on college/community radio across the nation.

Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0)
Gtk 31-Band Spectrum Analyzer for Linux 0.7b This program reads samples from the soundcard and calculates the frequency spectrum of the signal. The spectrum is either visualized as an 31 band 1/3 octave spectrum analyzer or linear, the scale can be chosen as logarithmic or linear for each...
visual synthesizer 1.0 Audiovisual live synthesis and performance system. Sound and sequence data is taken from Bitmaps and can be manipulated in realtime during a performance. This is also an experiment in alternative user interfaces and human / machine interaction. Download  View Info
AudioDocs 1.1.3 AudioDocs can convert Microsoft Word Documents to Wave Files so you can hear the documents that you created

Creates compressed audio documents
Quick and easy document conversion
User-friendly GUI
Adobe PDF to audio...
nxAlpha 301 SuperCollider Code for Livecoding Experimental Sound

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
usb2jack-user 1.0 usb2jack-user is a set of user space gui programs to connect audio device driven by file abstraction(see http://sourceforge.net/projects/usu), and elaborates such data flow through plugin like FIR filter,frequency meter and time/frequency...
AhoTTS_Multilingual 64 Text-to-Speech conversor for Basque, Spanish, Catalan, Galician and English.
It includes linguistic processing and built voices for all the languages aforementioned. Its acoustic engine is based on hts_engine and it uses a high quality...
TclSpeech 1.0 TclSpeech is an extension package to Tcl written in C that gives Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X users access to Apples Speech Manager through scripting in Tcl.

BSD License
G15-Scripts 1.0 Various scripts for the Logitech G15 keyboard LCD using the g15tools driver, hardware monitoring, current song listing, log checking and so on.

Common Public License 1.0
wiiano 1.0 A virtual instrument which uses the Wii remote to simultaneously 'paint' musical notes and visual elements on a screen

GNU General Public License (GPL)
qgiged 1.0 qgiged is a sampled instrument visual editor for LinuxSampler.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Sound Orgy 1.0 Sound Orgy is a suite of command line tools for the purpose of sound production and modification as well other misc sound related functons. Sound Orgy consists of components which use command line piping to connect to each other much like patch...
autobcdef 1.0 AutoBCDEF is a command line application which allows for CD ripping and transcoding to multiple formats.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Volume Unit 1.0 A text mode VU meter for the JACK Audio Connection Kit.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
MuSA - Music on the Spiral Array 1.0 The Spiral Array is a mathematical model for tonality. The Spiral Array code provides definitions of core objects in the model (such as pitches, chords, keys), and implementations of the Spiral Array-based algorithms (such as key finding, pitch...
CuteVST 1.0 Various VST plugins ported form available open-source DSP effects and synths. VSTGUI will be used for the graphical interface.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
CRONLOCO! 1.0 Annoy your neighbor, antagonize your boss, or simply make everyone else smile with this insidiously customizable audio clock.

Academic Free License (AFL)
mp3lib.net 1.0 mp3lib.net is a mp3library based on the .net Framework. It is written in C# and will consist of two main parts and the library itself a GUI-implementation.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
grrbl 1.0 grrbl (pronounce 'grumble') is a set of tools to make music. it aims to be the instrument set of groolot artist. everything is based on PureData.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
SidSynth 1.0 This is an implementation of the SID sid sythesis used in the C64 in an osx audiounit.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
IntellectPlayer 1.0 A smart player for Chinese students and teachers to play listening comprehension mp3,especially to play CET4/CET6 mp3.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Auto-BPM 1.0 Automatic BPM (Beat Per Minute) counter written in Delphi :: BPM

Adaptive Public License
Transcription in TAB for Guitar solo 1.0 Catching a note by analyzing guitar sound. The final goal of this project is a program which draws a TAB automatically from guitar play.

Common Development and Distribution License
RoustASR 1.0 Increasing the Robustness of the speech in presence of non-gaussian noise

Academic Free License (AFL)
Tcl Snack 1.0 Snack is an extension to Tcl which adds commands for sound I/O and processing.

BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL)
Sound Meta Langage 1.0 Meta Language for FM sound synthesis. No modulator limits, a functionnal syntax (like ML)...

BSD License
Hollow Earth Enervator 1.0 Library of simple scriptable COM objects for digital sound synthesis: Oscillator, etc. Okay, the "oscillator" is really a wave function. Er, more like a wave closure. Just pretend, okay?

GNU Library or Lesser General Public...
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