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GreyGoo Self-replicating nanobots are tearing the world apart, turning everything into more of themselves--more grey goo. Use the laser to keep them away from you for as long as you can, but watch out; your power supply is limited.
XNApage1 You can shoot five times in a turn and get your total socre.
Z-Archer This is the Arcade category game in the Marketplace and you can use accelerometer to move the arrow coming out of the bow to hit the target and score is incremented on the basis of Hit and as you score higher ,your difficulty will increase.
Catch The Gnomes?
Catch The Gnomes? Trance out on a psychedelic dimension traveling adventure to catch as many Gnomes as you can!! You're a crazy mountain man Gnome hunter, dimension hopping in search of Gnomes. On your journey you will run into trippy enemies, including evil time...
Bomb Squad
Bomb Squad ++ Navigation Issue Fixed ++

New in this release

* Now reconfigured and more difficut levels to make bomb diffusion task challenging.
* Diffuse the bomb in given time and share your performance on Facebook!
* Bomb...
Munchie Monster
Munchie Monster This is a reaction game in which the has to control a monster that has an insatiable hunger. The monster was programmed so it is difficult to control and the objective of the game is to keep it in a straight line so that it eat the burgers laid...
Bubble Tournament
Bubble Tournament Fun and addictive bubble game!

Another classic bubble match-three game comes to Windows Phone.
Clear as much bubbles on the screen as possible!
You can clear a bubble combination which has at least 3 same colored bubbles. Download  View Info
Neon Starfighter
Neon Starfighter Neon Starfighter: a fun and addictive retro style shoot-em-up that will keep you coming back for more.

Blast your way through 12 increasingly intense levels or jump straight into the Survival Challenge and see how long you can last...
UFO Invaders FREE
UFO Invaders FREE This is the FREE (ad-supported) version of UFO Invaders. If you like this game, please consider getting the ad-free version.

UFO Invaders is a remake of the all-time classic Space Invaders shooting game. It has the same simple but...
TheWarOfOceans The war of the oceans promises to be a really fun and addictive game! Your task is to shoot all the enemy ships and boats and do not let them follow their routes! Level after level, enemies will appear different ... One must be careful not to hit...
Hell Hole Panic!
Welcome to Hell! Smash all the devils before they go back into the ground! Be careful: Fire burns the soul!

In this game you will need to use...
Stick Justice
Stick Justice Developed by Olaide Ekeolere

Law and order now has a new name.....STICK JUSTICE!!! Using berettas, double barrels and bazookas take control of the town back from the organised stick drone clan.
The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener needs your help to complete his mission.
Dangerous worms and other insects are rushing towards the garden willing to take away the harvest.

Your task is to shoot the stone into the vermin.
Game levels allow test...
Dark Runner WP7 Free
Dark Runner WP7 Free $$$FREE$$$
When the World in no longer safe, everyone would run for their life. Dark Runner is a fantastic action Packed game for complete entertainment. It is packed with a full dose of adrenalin to push your limits for survival.
Download  View Info
Isolo A symbolic struggle representing how perseverance can overcome isolation. Move to the right to escape the darkness, pushing past whatever gets in your way.
targetTest The aim of the game is to hit the target as many times as possible. This requires fast eyes and even faster fingers.
Use the touch screen to tap the target but try not to miss. Bulls-eyes gain extra points so finding the balance between speed...
Jack Horror

Help Jack to fly over the Nimrod Circus and fight the creepy and ugly Fecula witch!
TapR This is a simple circle tapping game. Your only mission is to go through each level and tap the circles in a given amount of time. You will have tap a certain number of circles in the given time to go to the next level.

The circles...
Bouncy Friends
Bouncy Friends Bounce around the bouncy worlds and climb the ranks on our global leaderboard!

- Online Leaderboard (Daily and Overall).
- Unique levels and players to unlock.
- Simple gameplay.
- Configurable options. Download  View Info
Cyclops BallZ Free
Cyclops BallZ Free Move to one of the battle arenas and stand eye-to-eye with your rival, who will not give up a single point. Swipe your finger across the screen to hit the ball in desired direction. Game play is simple. Swipe the screen at the ball to strike it....
Ants Attack
Ants Attack A shooter game. Use the device's accelerometer to move the spray gun and kill the ants by tapping on the screen. Keeps you engaged!!

Vonjeo:: Tana Under Attack
Vonjeo:: Tana Under Attack Le Jeu de tir a la malgache , un "survival shoot" qui a pour but de défendre TANA de l'invasion de créature étrange qui balancent des boules explosives la ou ils passent. Survivez le plus longtemps possible a cette invasion.
CrazyHero Control your aircraft to fight against the enemy aircraft
Galactic Arcade
Galactic Arcade Galactic Arcade, a Classic Scrolling Space Shooter Developed By Z4. (Free Ad Funded) Navigate Your Outlaw Space Vessel thru the debris infested rings of Saturn, on the Run from the relentless Zorilian fleet, charged with hunting down and...
Wacky Rabbits Trial
Wacky Rabbits Trial Darn those wacky rabbits! Your prized carrots are ready to be harvest but the local herd of rabbits have other ideas. They want the carrots for themselves. Don?t underestimate these rabbits because they are brighter than they look. So, grab your...
BigosThrow Do you like traditional polish meal called Bigos? And you do not like famous car? Now you can throw bigos on the famous car :)
Multiplayer Reactor
Multiplayer Reactor Challenge 2-4 of your friends to a competition in skills in 13 minigames. The rules are as simple as it gets: If you can answer the question with "yes", just press the button. The first one who is right gets a point. Whoever reaches the...
AngryShooter Описание
Angry Shooter
Спустя некоторое время после того, как птицы не на шутку рассердились, появился новый шутер – Angry Shooter!
Angry Shooter...
Zombie Island Run
Zombie Island Run Run across an island full of zombies.
Swipe to move.

-music, sounds added
-some minor changes
Bubble Gum Air
Bubble Gum Air The game, that has rocked BlackBerry applications market and more than 2 millions of downloads are the best proof for that.
8 weeks in the Top 100 List of Blackberry Free Applications.

Bubble Gum Air is a game for each and every...
MineWars Developed by phuc vo

drag your finger to charge the catapult release to fire to explode all mines
Vectored Protect the population from wave after wave of incoming missiles in this fast paced arcade game. Launch your defenses with multi-touch targeting and cascading explosions to keep your cities alive across 45 challenging waves.
Download  View Info
BOUNCE BOUNCE your way to the top of the world and beyond with this fun platform game. The aim of the game is to bounce from platform to platform collecting stars while avoiding being blown up by the occasional floating bomb.
shooterFOUR Spent some time working on a basic shooter framework. may expand on the concept and add more enemies and mechanics.
Distant Galaxies
Distant Galaxies Fun and easy to play classic space shooter that tries to keep the same style of old school games from the 80s-90s. Final bosses, extra weapons and the ability to upload your score and share it with the rest in the World Ranking. This game will be...
Special Force Anti-terrorism
Special Force Anti-terrorism Play Special Force and join the battle of anti-terrorism.
Special Force:Anti-terrorism is a free shooting game very similiar with Counter Strike. In this game, players join the battle of anti-terrorism in several different scenarios. In each...
DragonballSlash Destroy the Dark Dragon Balls!!! Don't destroy the Normal Dragon Balls or you'll lose Lives!
WindroidSlash Destroy the Andoid Logos!!! Don't destroy the Windows Logos or you'll lose Lives!
Maths Master
Maths Master Brain game for all the family. The game is about correctly answering arithmetic operations as fast as possible. The game starts easy, with simple operations, and it becomes more challenging over time.

Are you good at maths? Really? Now...
Doodle Dino
Doodle Dino Enjoy:
* 24 fun physics based puzzles
* Compete against your friends on the leaderboards!
* Draw your way to the finish line!

Help our little dino friend navigate challenging obstacles by drawing lines on the screen to...
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