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Dungeon Dice
Dungeon Dice Update 1.1.0
Cleaned up the UI and put a few limitations in place to prevent issues.

Update 1.0.3
Scroll through the possible die types without moving away from the rolled results

Update 1.0.2
Saves roll...

A Hidden Terror
A Hidden Terror Welcome to the Hidden Terror. This is a choose your own adventure role playing story with many twists and turns that you decide.

It will keep you addicted and coming back for more trying to succeed where you failed before. Make wise...
Futuron v0.1 free
Futuron v0.1 free Futuron is an action RPG in initial development, produced by a small team and totally independent.

The game tells the story of Otto and Ana, who due to a shift in the axis of the earth, living in a future desertic, however, Otto...
Camagotchi Camagotchi is a social game, where players raise and take care their camel.
Players can also interact (through NFC) with other players and share resources.

The game is simple and does not require players to interact with Bluetooth...
Jungle Respawn
Jungle Respawn This app is designed to help League of Legends players to time the respawn time of jungle monsters.
Adventura Saga
Adventura Saga "The world of Adventura is in danger:
Dragons fly through the skies,
Monsters walk through the fields,
A powerful creature is coming and only you can stop it."

The game is a RPG / action with old-school...
Island of Asgoth Free
Island of Asgoth Free Defend your Island and Castle from the Ork invasion. Summon troops and cast spells to defeat the enemies as it assaults your land in waves. You are a Mage in charge of the Royal Army. Summon the troops needed to stop the enemy.
-Over 20...
Bibliotheca Bibliotheca Infinitum is a library styled dungeon crawler game. The player is challenged find a certain magical book by venturing through rooms of shelves filled with papyrus scrolls in a world of libraries.These libraries are all connected and...
FFXI Clock
FFXI Clock The FFXI Clock keeps track of the time in Vana'diel.
dX Roll any type of standard RPG die with this utility app. Options are
+ coin
+ d3
+ d4
+ d6
+ d8
+ d10
+ d12
+ d20
+ d100
Steampunk Game
Steampunk Game The Kaiser has issued a call to arms. Use steam-powered tech to destroy your enemies!


In Steampunk Game you take on the role of a collective chief in a...
Zombie High Vol 3
Zombie High Vol 3 The conspiracy continues to unfold in the third volume of the Zombie High series.

It's thirteen years into the zombie apocalypse, and civilization has moved underground. Jane Valentine is a high school freshman with two goals: make...
Lets Count
Lets Count Let's COUNT!

A board with 5x5 in size will appear, you have to touch as fast as you can in next number, can you challenge your fingers and your mind?

Wrong touch will take 1 more second into your score, be fast, be...
Millions Of Monsters
Millions Of Monsters Millions of Monsters is an online role playing game in which players compete with each other to be the best monster hunters, the wealthiest or the most creative.

-Join the growing user base of over 800 players!
-Create your guild...
Dungeon Stalker FREE
Dungeon Stalker FREE *** New in 1.16!
*- Increased experience size to allow very high level chars
- Is now possibile to descend below level 500...good luck!

The Dragon Queen, evil ruler of these dark times subjugated the land with her...
Bollywood This game is all about guessing the Bollywood movie name given by the system.

The Movie to guess is represented by a row of Hyphen. If the guessing player suggests a letter which occurs in the word, the Computer writes it in all its...
The Ring
The Ring Игра "Тhе Ring" принадлежит к пропавшему в истории жанру текстовые ролевые игры. И повествует историю о приключениях героя...
UberMage "UberMage will cast a spell on you!" -

EvilMage is at it again! UberMage's tower has come under attack and powerful enchantments are keeping him away. To regain control of his tower, UberMage must bolster his...
Lore WarRapier
Lore WarRapier Lore del universo de War Rapier 43210, extraido del videojuego de XBOX 360. Un universo paródico de la Ciencia-ficción en el año 43210, lleno de sátira y a veces de humor transgresivo.
Rock Bottom - Board Games
Rock Bottom - Board Games Guide Wilson Cooper in his bid to take over a leading board games company. You'll need cunning, intelligence and a mop to get to the top. This is the third and final instalment of the hit Xbox Live Indie Game, Rock Bottom.
wow La vida del ultimo príncipe de lordaeron hasta convertirse en la entidad mas amenazadora de azeroth el rey exanime.
Rock Bottom - Mean Streets
Rock Bottom - Mean Streets Part two of the legendary Xbox Live indie Game, Rock Bottom. You have just broken out of jail. Alone, with no money and no food, you must try to survive in the cold callous world. Guide Wilson Cooper to his next stage of enlightenment.
Wizard's Choice V1
Wizard's Choice V1 Fortune and glory or death? Stay alive, manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil. Wizard's Choice is a series of text-based adventures that will engross you in a story line while allowing you to make the decisions that will determine...
Level Up!
Level Up! Level Up! is a fun and free RPG role playing game for Windows Phone. You are a lone adventurer who wakes up to find himself stranded in the middle of an evil forest. You must find magical items, acquire weapons, learn spells, and do whatever it...
DicerHundred Simulate two dice of ten to get a die of hundred result
KungPaoChicken Kung Pao Chicken is the must-have creative cooking game. Fry up an endless variety of incredible cuisine, plus cook for and compete with friends ? all on your phone! Jet off to exotic locations to bring back new ingredients, and take your friends...
D3 Exp Bonus Calc.
D3 Exp Bonus Calc. Calculates the max experience bonus, from monster power, players etc.
MafiaBlock Your quest: to be the toughest mafioso on the block! Are you hard enough to run the best Mafia in this Massively Multiplayer Mafia RPG?
Explore the mean streets of Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, LA, and more! Travel the cities and explore...
Wizard's Choice (Complete and FREE)
Wizard's Choice (Complete and FREE) One of the highest rated games in the whole store!

This is the COMPLETE Wizard's Choice series packaged into one FREE download! Get it now while it?s still free!

Fortune and glory or death? Stay alive, manage your spell...
Mole Killer RPG
Mole Killer RPG In this game , you need to use your finger to tap the mole where they show in the screen and get exp.
if you can not tap mole and let them run away,you will lost HP or gameOver
In this game , there have a special function, it is the...
Elfland Portable
Elfland Portable This is the mobile version of the online role-playing game Elfland (
- Improve your character's armor, weapon, and shield to be stronger in battle.
- Level up as far as you want: infinite leveling!
- Fight against...
Unity Tactics
Unity Tactics Unity Tactics is a Strategy RPG where you take turns moving and fighting against enemy units. Over 20 missiosn to test your tactics. Fight through the missions in single player, gaining loot to make your units stronger!

New Update:...
Dice-It Dice-It is an app that allows you to cast multiple dices at once.
Remember the WarHamer party in which you had to throw 43 dice and count how many are below 4 ? You can know do it automatically.
D3 Gem Calculator
D3 Gem Calculator Selling and upgrading gems can net you plenty of free gold on diablo 3. However knowing what you spent and what you need to make back can be difficult.
TibiaME Discover TibiaME, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)!
Fight with your friends against dangerous monsters in the colourful fantasy world of TibiaME and become a legend of your own.

More than 200,000 players...
-Urknall Online-
-Urknall Online- Urknall Online is an online action RPG with character development and strategic war. Mine ore, craft items and trade goods across the galaxy or just blast enemy spaceships for fame.

You can also join a corporation, take part in the...
RPG Dice Roller
RPG Dice Roller Simulates dice rolling.
Includes D4, D6, D6*2, D6*3, D8, D10, D100, D12 and D20.

Allows sharing of the dice rolls via Email, SMS or as a status to a social network.
WoW Classes
WoW Classes A description including pictures of the 11 different classes in World of Warcraft. The roles that they can take on are also described and the way they deal damage.
The Cabin
The Cabin With over 20,000 downloads, ?The Cabin? is the thrilling first chapter in ?The Last Tower? series of adventures where you are the hero! Latest updates add more story updates.

The story begins with you trapped inside a cabin. Where...
CyberpunkStoryGenerator A tool for Cyberpunk gamers: it creates the story of yoour character (base on he rules of the game Cyberpunk)
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