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BreakingBricks Bounce the ball off the platform below to break the bricks above. Try to get the high score!
love me love me not
love me love me not Simple old french game to check whether a person love you or not. Just pick the petal one by one and find out your love.

Petals are generated randomly between 2 to 10.
Blue-Gold Kaleidoscope
Blue-Gold Kaleidoscope This app generates random kaleidoscope images in blue and gold colors. Just doubletap the screen for a new image.
NPuzzle Solver
NPuzzle Solver NPuzzle Solver enables you to take a picture from your camera or gallery, and try to reconstitute it. If you are stuck, the "Figure me out" button is there to help you. You can browse the solution and then continue playing.
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HangMan_Xtreme Hangman xtreme, It's fun, colorful, and Free!!
!Download it today!
Spanish and English words!!

--This game was created by a college student---

--I want to hear from you!
Please leave me feedback, tell me what...
Retro Wars - 1999
Retro Wars - 1999 Classic fast paced, pick up and play vertical shooter.

Weave through wave after wave of enemy fire to claim the high score.

Designed to be extra challenging and ideal for short burst of fun.
The Hangman Free
The Hangman Free A new Hangman game with more than 1 000 words.
Play with 7 categories, like Clothing, Geography or Animals.

- Backup of progression
- 7 categories + 1 random
- More than 1 000 words
- Possibility to have a clue (one...
Gemstones Classic
Gemstones Classic Swap gems orizontally or vertically, 3 or more of the same kind in a line will disappear and you will gain points. Look for the special sparkling gems, they might appear and give you more points.
You advance to the next level when you match...
Beat My Score
Beat My Score You have 60 seconds to click on 114 randomly generated "blocks". The rules are simple: Beat my score and you win. This is and old school looking game. It's simple but fun.
Sokoban Sokoban is a classical logical game now available in Windows Phone 7. Solve close to 30 levels to beat the game.



Klasická logická hra Sokoban odteraz aj pre Windows Phone 7....
Tilt lite
Tilt lite Are you bored and want to spend time with something new, different, something that would improve your eye-hand coordination? Then Tilt is what you are looking for! By balancing balls to different targets hidden in the nice pictures, telling you...
Water Rings
Water Rings Water Rings is a classic game which will refresh your childhood memories. This is based n the water filled bubble game where you had rings suspended in water and little posts to stack them. This is a 3D game which simulates the actual toy. Download  View Info
Fish eats Fish
Fish eats Fish Fish eats fish is a addictive windows phone 7 game. Tilt your phone around to eat other fishes before the timer runs out. The game is a aquarium simulation. New updates are coming soon.
Pengems -Physics based gem busting
-Two seperate game modes
-Daily online high scoring for both modes

In puzzle mode, release the trapped penguins from their gem prisons! Pieces will drop faster and more variety will make it ever more...
Reaktion Reaktion! is a fast paced agility-based game for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The aim of the game is to hit as many scoring zones as possible in the given time to achieve the high score. Combine this with a unique multi touch twist and it...
Helicopter Chase
Helicopter Chase Fly your helicopter through the dense city - you must avoid collisions at all costs!
Copter 7
Copter 7 Another version of the Classic copter game where you touch the screen to go up and release to go down.

- Online highscore
- Shows your avarge score on the scorescreen.
Diamond Miner
Diamond Miner Diamond Miner is one of most popular online games. Now it's available on Windows Phone. Hope you will enjoy it!
Diamond Miner is a very interesting game. Let?s go with old man in the game to looking for treasure under the ground.
Match Match
Match Match A classic memory challenging match card game, flip over cards 2 at a time and try to find all of the pairs before the clock runs out!
Choose from 3 difficulty settings (6, 8 or 10 pairs of cards) and a variety of card sets.
Also lets...
Braker Klon des Arcade-Klassikers Arkanoid mit dem Ziel, alle Steine eines Levels mit einem Ball abzuschießen;
Steuerung über den Lagesensor (abschaltbar im Optionsdialog) und über den Touchscreen;
in den Optionen kann zwischen drei...
KillAndroid Lets Kill The Android!!! Now it's to use Windows Phone.
Stars Stars is a game in which the stars are displayed in a sequence & what you need to do is click the stars in the sequence in which it is displayed. This game is very tricky, the stars may get displayed at the same place where you have clicked....
Mines The objective of Mines is to clear the field of all the mines without hitting them.
Log Customize your very own log! Choose from various sets of eyes, mouths, backgrounds, and thrilling head gear to make your log unique.
Pilot Brothers 2
Unite Unite takes the classic balance ball toy to a whole new level! Your Windows Phone is now the balance board. Use the phone?s motion control to guide the balls through tricky obstacles to Unite them together as fast as you can! Standing in your way...
Breakout Breakout is a fun and modern approach to the classic brick-breaking game. Use the ball to destroy the bricks, with the help of many different power-ups.

Play through the 300 levels in the main game, or build your own in the integrated...
CroTetris CroTetris è un Tetris con in aggiunta un pezzo in più a forma di croce con un buco in mezzo. L'elemento a croce, vista la sua complessità, appare solamente una volta per ogni livello.

Provalo!E' gratis!

Retro Bricks
Retro Bricks Bust your way through 100 levels of retro madness in Retro Bricks! Use your reflexs and the power ups you come accross to smash the bricks to bits in this clasic, FREE Brick Breaker game. Do you have what it takes to smash 'em all? Try Arcade mode...
Dead Man's Treasure
Dead Man's Treasure App By: Tharindu Edirisinghe
You broke into a safe locker in a bank and steal money. collect all the money.
Retro Wars
Retro Wars Frantic classic shooter action mixed with some new ideas.

Flump studios brings their take on the classic SHMUP formula.
BALL MAGIC FREE Escape to a colorful fantasy world in this enchanting aim-and-shoot puzzle game! Put your wand skills to the test as you blast magic balls to make sets of 3 or more of the same color and pop chains of balls before they reach the vortex, or you're...
Llama Particles
Llama Particles Tilt your phone to adjust the direction of gravity.
You can increase and decrease the strength of the gravity with buttons on the bottom of your screen.
You can draw lines (straight lines only) on the screen to add obstacles for the...
Marble Maze
Marble Maze This is the original Marble Maze game found on MSDN, I have not changed anything... All credit go to their respective owners.I just wanted to share this great game.
Link of source code:...
Ball Shooter
Ball Shooter Fun and addictive ball shooter game!
Another classic ball match-three game come on Windows Phone Store.
Your goal is to clear all the balls from the board, scoring as many points as possible. How? You shoot at them with more balls,...
Building Tower
Building Tower Welcome to Build The Tower! Here you can construct your own skyscraper. In this skill game, you will see blocks hung by a rope, and what you need to do is to release the block when it flies over the position you want it to land. You?d better build...
Metro Lines CE
Metro Lines CE Metro Lines is an addictive puzzle game. You have to find a way to build lines. Try it :-) This version is designed for children.
Boxes for Christmas
Boxes for Christmas Here comes the holiday edition of the popular Boxes game!

Decorated with the Christmas theme, it?s the ideal way to pass time during Christmas parties.

In Boxes for Christmas, you arrange falling boxes to complete full...
Ghost runner
Ghost runner This is an addictive arcade game. You are navigating the green circle through the maze. The goal of this game is to pick up all coins in the maze. You have to avoid your enemies ? red circles. Pick up a power-coin to be able to eat enemies.
Colors Clicker
Colors Clicker The easiest, but hardest game. The objective of this game is simple, tap the square when its colour changes. With the colours changing very quickly, getting a high score will be challenging. Are you up for the challenge?
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