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jfootball 1.0.6
jfootball 1.0.6 Simple java football game, work in progress. Basically the graphics is 2D, no Open GL.
Play with classic Top or Side view, you can select it from the start!
You can choose between 8 teams, and if to play aginst AI or to put AI va...

Out of the Park Baseball 19.6.53
Out of the Park Baseball 19.6.53 Out of the Park Baseball 19, the latest edition of the world's best-rated sports strategy game franchise, is a baseball fan's dream come true. The game is officially licensed by MLB, MiLB and the MLBPA!

"OOTP is an astonishing...
Gomoku 7.7
Gomoku 7.7 Logical game "Five in a row" is fascinating for its uncomplicated rules, but it has refined gameplay. The player, competing with the computer should first put on the field five noughts in a row and not let the enemy get ahead of myself,...
Super Race Attack 5.0
Super Race Attack 5.0 Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Dubai in action game!
Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun wars!

* Because of the high-quality graphics used in this game, once it's installed on your device, this title...
DustyRacer 1.0
DustyRacer 1.0 Retro racing game from When you start the game you will be presented with a Start Screen where you should enter your name and select from the drop down what speed you would like to run the game at. Once you have entered these...
Odds Wizard 2.50
Odds Wizard 2.50 Sports prediction and betting software. Generates performance-based odds for the upcoming games in any league sports, such as soccer, hockey, tennis, etc. Maintains Internet-updateable databases with the past games for over 100 soccer leagues...
Falco Checkers 7.1
Falco Checkers 7.1 This 3D Checkers game can be played as a stand-alone game, over the Internet.

Key Features:
1. 3 Levels of smart engine power.
2. Playing via Internet or local Network or Game Server.
3. Amazing 3D OpenGL Graphics and...
Falco Checkers II 6.0
Falco Checkers II 6.0 Classical Checkers. Featuring....Funny balls! Starts off as an ordinary
ball, but later he becomes a general!
Fun game for a young Checkers amateur.
Classical Checkers. Featuring....Funny balls! Starts off as an ordinary
Falco Corners 5.5
Falco Corners 5.5 This 3D game can be played as a stand-alone game, over the Internet.Features: 1. 3 Levels of smart engine power. 2. Playing via Internet or local Network. 3. Amazing 3D OpenGL Graphics and Animation. 4. Music and Sound effects. 5. Undo/Redo. 6. Download  View Info
Block Buster Game 1.1.2
Block Buster Game 1.1.2 Block Buster Game also called table tennis Games. Because the play is like with a bat to catch the ball, the ball bounces back, to hit the box. The playing field consists of rectangular blocks, activated and non-activated bombs and bonus flags....
RTChess 5.0
RTChess 5.0 Children's Chess. All figures are presented in the form of amusing balls,
armed and spotlighted in proportion to the degree of importance of the
The best version for a young grandmaster!
Alpine Skier Lite
Alpine Skier Lite Alpine skier is a game where your goal is to ski down the slope while avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus items.
As you progress through game, it will become harder to survive!

Controls: left and right - towards where you...
Boat Dash
Boat Dash Get the boat as far as you can down the river.
The further you go, the narrower the river and the faster the current.
Tilt the phone to control the boat.
Gas Man
Gas Man People think flatulence is a joke. It is not. It can be embarrassing and cause great discomfort. My job is protect the people from the distress of trapped wind. I am Gas Man (a.k.a. the amazing stupendous Captain Fart)
Although, right now...
Race And Battle
Race And Battle RC cars armed with rockets and mines, battling on a miniature race track. 3D game with physics. Play against the phone or a friend (2 players on the same device).

Choose between two different control modes:

1. Default mode,...
Moto Racer
Moto Racer Prepare your engines!!!!!
How much speed can you handle??
Yacht Racer
Yacht Racer Yacht Racer 8800. Race your yacht against other yachts in this epic game! Can you avoid damage to your boat to stay in the race? Win all of the races and become the grand Yacht Champion!
Mini Game Race
Mini Game Race Jogo de corrida clássico, para aqueles que já jogaram os antigos mini games com 8888 jogos em 1. Tente fazer o máximo de pontos possível ultrapassando os carros na avenida.
Snoggy In this game, you control a Snoggy with your accelerometer, a little elastic worm.
Dodge all incoming blocs, survive as long as you can !
Collect the bonuses to help you.

Share your best scores online and see what are the best...
Super Carreras
Super Carreras Una emocionante experiencia en carreras de autos.
Versión mejorada en el movimiento del automóvil.
Descent Descent is a high speed 3D game. It?s addictive gameplay will keep you racing down amazing 3D tunnels, descending deeper into the unknown.

Use the accelerometer to steer, by simply tilting your phone to the left or right. Have fun and...
Fire Truck 3D
Fire Truck 3D **?One of the most addictive driving game ever made!?**
**FREE download - Tons of content to enjoy**
**3D HD graphics ? Realistic physics-based environment**

-------------------------------------------------------------- Download  View Info
Cloudy Day HD
Cloudy Day HD On a cloudy day a bird returns back to its nest.
It?s your duty now to guide the bird return back to the nest safely. You face lot of difficulties in this cloudy weather which has lot of surprises concealed in cloud. You face villains like...
Escape From Planet Earth
Escape From Planet Earth Help this tiny alien to escape the awfull planet earth !
Push your screen to go up, release to go down, avoid pipes, crates, seagull and sputniks in this time consuming little game.

Join us on
Fly Johnny Fly
Fly Johnny Fly Meet Johnny, the nicest and most addictive penguin in the Marketplace!

If you like it buy our Premium version WITHOUT ADS for the ridiculous price of 0.99$

What?s new in the last update?
* Fixed some bugs.
* Johnny...
Flight Captain lite
Flight Captain lite Flight Captain lite is an improved version of Flight Captain... aim to move the most distance as the best flight captain.
Bobble Biker
Bobble Biker Bobble Biker, from the makers of Juice Factory, is a casual racing game for all ages. How fast can you get your bobble-headed biker through the bumps, jumps and hazards of the obstacle courses? Touch the screen to go, and tilt the phone to lean....
Planet Zion(Free)
Planet Zion(Free) Planet Zion is in the path of a meteor and the government council can only evacuate 25% of the planets population....10% government official and their families while 15% for the remaining population. People will be chosen on first come first serve...
Karts 1000
Karts 1000 Race on a super-long track - it takes about 4 minutes per lap. It's the long distance trials, and by the end of 3 laps you will be an expert with the controls.

Tire track persist through the entire play session.

Top speed,...
Ledge Ledge gives you the chance to push your reflexes to its limits and test them ! Challenge with your friends, or go solo, and set new records.

In solo mode, you have to tap the screen to change the direction of the moving line. But be...
8Bit Free
8Bit Free 8 BIT is a very popular pixel game and fully packed with thrilling gameplay. It is a straightforward race game which is faster and packed with more adrenaline!
Your ultimate goal is to Control your mean machine (Car) and save it from...
Penguin Karts
Penguin Karts A penguin's gotta race too! Race penguins on 12 different tracks in high-speed, drifting action. Realistic power sliding through the corners provides loads of replay fun. Compete for your best lap time and top speed against other...
Classic Racer
Classic Racer This is a simple racing game inspired from an old gaming handheld :)
donkey.BAS Donkey! Play the classic game from 1981 right on your Windows Phone. Often known by its file name DONKEY.BAS, was a computer game written in 1981 and included with early versions of the PC-DOS operating system distributed with the original IBM PC....
Nucleus It is the year 2278. Far away from our solar system, your spaceship has been threatened by space pirates after a exploration mission and has escaped into an asteroid field. The captain of your ship has been critically injured after an attack and...
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels A fun filled car race game with three exciting levels.
Road Rush Racing
Road Rush Racing Now you can play the best physics-based racing game out there for free!

Drive through all kinds levels filled with hills to climb and obstacles to dodge! But be careful not to overturn your ride or it might just go up in flames! Download  View Info
3D Parking Free
3D Parking Free Are you a great driver? How good are you at parallel parking? Test your skills and try to beat all the levels.

Do you like games like Parking Mania? Great then you might like this game.

Any constructive feedback is...
Kick_Me Hi Friends this is very simple and intresting game just u have to kick the ball the ball will move randomly to any direction u have to find the direction and before it reaches the edge u have to click the edge then it will reflect to any other...
Xtreme Joyride Lite
Xtreme Joyride Lite Blast your way down the rolling hills, with a tank full of gas, and a monster dose of nitro. Go as far as possible, as fast possible... But be careful, 'cos there ain't no roadside assistance here... Crash hard, and it's game over.
Download  View Info
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