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MW3 SniperSpots
MW3 SniperSpots Ever got shot while playing MW3 & had know idea where from, use this guide to scope out the best Sniper spots & give people a bit of there own medicine.

1.5 Update:
- 11 new maps added!
1.4 Update:
- User...

myQuran myQuran
Developed by App Intercept

myQuran is a light weighted and customizable Windows Phone Application aimed at providing highly verified precise Quran text.
myQuran current version supporting...
Latin Vulgate
Latin Vulgate The Holy Bible in Latin written by Saint Jerome in the 4th Century. This was the official Bible of Christians and the Roman Catholic Church for many centuries. The app also contains the 17th Century Douay-Rheims English Translation of the Latin...
NASA If you love NASA, you?ll love this app: no ads, over a dozen feeds, live tiles, and ability to view and share NASA videos, images, news, podcasts, and vodcasts. NASA content is continually updated and this app allows you to easily find, view, and...
Phone Help
Phone Help The most comprehensive collection of tips, tricks, and advices for getting the most out of your Windows Phone (Mango).

Windows Phone Help includes:
- More help and support topics compared to any other app
- Search and...
Apitron PDF Viewer
Apitron PDF Viewer Read PDF files on your Windows Phone 8 device by opening them from SD card, via Office hub or SkyDrive.
View high quality, resource demanding content using any Windows Phone device.

Business documents, CAD drawings, reports,...
HoN Hero Library
HoN Hero Library This app provides information of every hero in the game "Heroes Of Newerth" with their lore and their four basic skills. This app is dedicated for the new players who wants to know different kinds of hero in the game.
Books World-Epub
Books World-Epub If you love books, you will love our Books World. It is an amazing way to download and read millions of books(3.200.000+), magazines, novels, ... in many different genres and languages. All books are up-to-date everyday and the earlier along with...
Skeletos Learn about the human skeleton with Skeletos, a 3D app that lets you explore and study the human skeleton.

The word skeleton come from Ancient Greek σκελετός (skeletos) meaning "dried up, withered, dried body, parched,...
Minutes To Centuries Converter Lite
Minutes To Centuries Converter Lite Minutes To Centuries Converter is an easy measuring converter from Minutes To Centuries. Simply type your Minutes request in the question mark (?) category, press the button, and instantly your answer appears in Centuries. Minutes To Centuries...
RAE Diccionario
RAE Diccionario La mejor manera de consultar directamente el diccionario de la Real Academia Española desde su teléfono Windows Phone.

Para poder utilizar esta aplicación, debe tener una conexión Wi-Fi o de datos (puede incurrir en cargos por parte...
Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope Hubble Space Telescope application for Windows Phone devices.


- General info about Hubble Space Telescope
- Mosaic view
- Top 100 images taken by Hubble Space Telescope
- Detailed info:
Download  View Info
IslamicHub Islamic Hub wants to strengthen our iman and become a center of gaining knowledge and informations for muslims. At the moment it is in english and german language and contains:

- Daily Hadith : Every day a new hadith (english /...
Speeches from John F. Kennedy by iScroll
Speeches from John F. Kennedy by iScroll John F. Kennedy 1960 DNC Acceptance Address, John F. Kennedy Address to the American Newspaper Publishers, John F. Kennedy Address to the Economic Club of New York, John F. Kennedy Address to the U.N. General Assembly, John F. Kennedy American...
iFixit iFixit ? the free repair manual! Thousands of step-by-step guides, gorgeous images and engaging videos that make it easy to repair your stuff.

* Included Devices ?
Repair manuals show you how to fix:
* Tablet Repair
Weird Laws Free
Weird Laws Free Did you know that in Maine it is illegal to feed deer? Or, did you know that in Alabama masks may not be worn in public? There are crazy laws everywhere! And now you can view them in the palm of your hand anytime! Weird Laws Free is the one and...
Bookmate Keep all your ebooks in the cloud and syncs them across any internet enabled device helping you to discover new books and interact with authors and like-minded readers around the world.

Upload your collection of ebooks to your Bookmate...
SermonAudio Elegantly browse and search through the world's largest library of free MP3 sermons and videos from thousands of different speakers and listen immediately on your Windows Phone!
Verses Always have an updated verse on your home screen!

This application has a way to visualize among several Bible verses, bookmark favorites and share with your friends.

Furthermore the application has an index of biblical texts...
N Scoop
N Scoop Get the latest News & Videos for all your favourite nintendo products.
N Scoop brings you everything nintendo related to your portable phone. You can find the lastest News and Reviews on the 3DS as well as the Wii U. Their articles and...
Dictionary In English Lite
Dictionary In English Lite Dictionary In English is an easy to use English dictionary. Simply input your word, press the go button, and instantly your word meaning appears. Many word meanings are available. Have fun learning words with Dictionary In English.

Shifa in Quran
Shifa in Quran Shifa in Quran provides cure of every disease from Quran. As Quran is the sole guide, faith and a methodology of life for humanity. This application will make people aware of the miraculous benefits written in Quran for the ultimate guidance of...
Study Quran Free
Study Quran Free Developed by FlairWork

StudyQuran Free (Ads) is a great app that allows you to easily read, study, and learn the Holy Quran (Al-Quran).

Quran Translation: English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish.

Earth Pictures
Earth Pictures Earth Pictures application for Windows Phone devices.


- General info about Earth
- Mosaic view
- Coolest 118 pictures from Earth
- Picture description
- High Resolution Picture with zoom mode Download  View Info
explorequran "Xplore Quran" will give you new experience, exploring QURAN was not that easy before, it provides :
* english translation
* search using Key Word (english)
* search particular VERSE,Surah
* read quran with/without...
Pocket Quran
Pocket Quran Developed by Naweed Akram

v.1.5 Release notes:
- Reduced the application size by 95%
- Increased application performance
- Added ability to choose font sizes for reading
- Added Quran Recitation (Experimental and...
KJV Bible (Lite)
KJV Bible (Lite) AcroBible as a fast, offline Bible designed specifically for Windows Phone 7. The touch-screen interface makes it easy to search and navigate the Bible. The entire Bible is stored on the device for fast access without an Internet connection. Download  View Info
Ordenanzas SUD
Ordenanzas SUD Esta Aplicación es una versión móvil de las Ordenanzas y bendiciones del Sacerdocio básicas en español, como medio de consulta y una manera práctica para cuando se nos solicite participar en la Ordenanza o bendición de alguien.
Download  View Info
Calvin and Hobbes quotes
Calvin and Hobbes quotes This is an application which contains quotes from the illustrated comic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson.

Features :
1) Quotes filtered by characters
2) SMS a quote
3) Email a quote
4) Favorite a quote
Simple Quran
Simple Quran This is a Neat Quran app for Windows Phone, specifically designed to be easy and comfortable to use.

[The source of Quran text provided by deencast.com]
libby Libby is your mobile assistant for the online Librivox free audiobook library. You can listen any public book in the LibriVox system (yes it plays even in the background).
LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain, and...
Tales & Legends
Tales & Legends Para você que quer conhecer histórias e lendas que foram provadas verdades, ou até contos urbanos contados de geração em geração.
Baixe já
Poems By E. A. Poe
Poems By E. A. Poe This app features poems by Edgar Allan Poe. Download this app to your phone for free now!

No data connection necessary. After downloading from the Marketplace, the poems are stored locally on your phone.

The following poems...
My Pocket Thesaurus
My Pocket Thesaurus My Pocket Thesaurus v1.7

v1.7 minor edits

v1.5 aligning function with wp8 version

V1.3 Major update based on feedback. If you rate the app as 5 Stars you now have access to Synonym type Adjective and Antonyms of...
MJ's Strain Guide Free
MJ's Strain Guide Free This educational reference app is an amazing resource to the Medical Marijuana Patient. This app will provide information for both the smoker and grower. The app offers segregation for the strain types so it is easier to locate what kind of...
Naruto Manga EN IT
Naruto Manga EN IT Per gli Anime è disponibile una nuova App chiamata "Video Zone"
Naruto il Manga(COMPLETO) da portare sempre con voi in formato Volumi e Capitoli singoli.
Si accettano solamente commenti costruttivi e 5 stelle,la vostra fiducia...
Military Alliance Directory
Military Alliance Directory This application is a collection of information on military alliance, organizations, and
collective defense treaties formed all over the world.

This app will be updated in the future for more content.

Created by : Download  View Info
Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings
Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings, a resource from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. LDS Missionary and Seminary Aid.
Quran360 Lite
Quran360 Lite The most beautiful Al-Quran app on Windows Phone yet!

Read Al-Quran, Search & Compare Translations, Bookmark, and Explore Quran Index.

Quran360 brings Free to Read Al-Quran, Search & Compare Translations, Bookmark,...
Einstein Quotes
Einstein Quotes This application is designed to deliver Einstein Quotes to you from a huge Database. If you are looking to inspire yourself daily by reading his valuable quotes, this app will really help you.

About Einstein:
Albert Einstein was a...
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