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Family Tree Builder
Family Tree Builder Used by millions of people worldwide, Family Tree Builder helps you research your family history, build your family tree and add photos, historical records and more.
Powerful Family Tree Software - Build a family tree visually, add thousands...

RootsMagic Essentials
RootsMagic Essentials RootsMagic Essentials is a free, easy to use genealogy program that contains many core features from the award-winning RootsMagic family tree software. The free version includes extensive reports, and supports unlimited people, families, events,...
Redwood Family Tree Software Free 1.44
Redwood Family Tree Software Free 1.44 Redwood Family Tree Software is a free genealogy software for Windows. Whether you are new to discovering your family genealogy or have been the family historian for years, Redwood Family Tree Software will help you to organize and view your...
Visual Family Tree Maker 2.48
Visual Family Tree Maker 2.48 Visual Family Tree Maker
Research, Record, Create, Publish
Your Own Family Tree

Simple Data Entry
Fill in name, birth, marriage, death and other vital information. Individuals are linked with their parents,...
The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2013
The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2013 Create comprehensive narrative GEDCOM reports, books, and web folders (in English or German) with fully cross-referenced texts, notes, media, and family tree diagrams. The Complete Genealogy Reporter can incorporate all cousins, aunts, uncles,...
ATM Locator
ATM Locator ATM Locator is the first store locator app exclusively designed for Pakistani users. Using this app you may view nearby banks/ATMs, search any bank and navigate from your current location to any desired branch.


Microsoft NL Parking
Microsoft NL Parking This application reports the available parking space for Microsoft employees in the Microsoft Netherlands building at Schiphol. It automatically updates the Live Tile every 30 minutes.

Version 2.5 (November 2012): Supports Windows Phone...
OneClickMarineObservations(Free) OneClickMarineObservationsFree v2.0.0.0
(Free version of OneClickMarineObservations app) - https://www.facebook.com/Oneclickmarineobservations

Obtain marine observations with one click and share them via social media, Email or SMS....
Find My Address - Where Am I?
Find My Address - Where Am I? Find my address; easily identify nearest restaurant, nearest shopping, nearest coffee shops and nearest gas station. App allows you to store and manage favorite location.
NokiaRadioMix This windows phone application provide you language translation from one language to other language. enter text and then choose language to for text to voice translation.
=>Enter text and do text to voice translation.
Kana Kards
Kana Kards Do you want to or need to learn Japanese characters. Kana Kards is a great way to learn the phonetic characters in the Japanese language called Hiragana & Katakana. It is a flash card application to learn the characters than included the...
Disney World Hours
Disney World Hours Disney World Hours is an invaluable tool for planning your day at Walt Disney World. No longer wonder what time a different park closes. Now you have the park hours at your fingertips!

Features include:
-Hours for Magic Kingdom,...
My Travel Buddy
My Travel Buddy Get it now, My Travel Buddy is FREE for the first two weeks and 99 cents after initial release.

My Travel Buddy is an essential tool that provides you with 3 core features for travelling.

* Checklist for preparing for...
Navigator (free)
Navigator (free) Thinking about that next sailing trip? Navigator measures distance and bearings without having to pull out the charts, dividers and parallel rulers. Just enter points on the map and let your phone do all the measurement for you!
Download  View Info
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal The epitome of love, the elegy in marble, Taj Mahal is one of the most graceful and extravagant monuments in India. A symbol of endless love and devotion of Emperor Shah Jehan to his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj is a befitting tribute to so...
MyFlightbook MyFlightbook for Windows Phone provides pilots access to their flying logbooks on MyFlightbook.com from their Windows Phone.
* Easily enter new flights as you take them, and share them with friends.
* Take pictures while in flight and...
Flight Bag
Flight Bag Weather application for pilots to get you information about local and favorite airports.

Multiple screens Map View, Favorites, Nearby, and search.

Map view gives you the color coded metar weather for the near by airports....
Odometer Odometer application organizes your traveled distances and creates monthly reports. It is a must to have application, for each person that drives a company car and needs to create traveled distance reports.

Key features:
New Orleans Guide
New Orleans Guide New Orleans (/njuːˈɔrliənz/ or /ˈnjuːɔrˈliːnz/, locally /nuːˈɔrlənz/ or /ˈnɔrlənz/; French: La Nouvelle-Orléans [la nuvɛlɔʁleɑ̃]) is a major US port and one of the world's most fascinating cities. Influenced by Europe, the...
saving calculator
saving calculator The tool that shows time, fuel and money savings when driving with a navigation device
Road Vision
Road Vision Road Vision is a digital video recorder, which you can use in a car. With Road Vision you can save only last seconds, so, you don't need huge amount of free space for using it. Tap on the screen to save last 1-2 minutes. The application saves...
Metro Paris
Metro Paris Simple et efficace, le plan de métro de Paris toujours dans votre poche grâce à cette application
True Nepal
True Nepal True Nepal is all about the glimpse of a Nepali food, mountains, musical instruments, heritages, and cultural dresses.
MobileMBTA The #1 Boston MBTA app for iOS and Android is now available on Windows Phone!

MobileMBTA is the FASTEST and EASIEST app for looking up routes and checking bus arrival times for the Boston T.

MobileMBTAkeeps track of every...
DistanceMeter Easily check distance using GPS.
Just click Start, and measure goes.
You can stop the measure and start again any time!

Imagine that you are riding on a bike and want to measure the track you made only in forest. Then you...
Muni Transit Guru
Muni Transit Guru Take with you all Muni routes, look up real time GPS arrivals for stops nearest to you or anywhere else on the map. Save your most traveled routes.

- Enjoy clean and simple interface
- Find your location on street map and your...
Travelocity Travel info & tools while you?re on the go.
* Check flight status on any airline
* Check TSA security wait times
* Check FAA airport delays
* See in-path flight tracking
* See all flight schedules to...
Lost On Campus
Lost On Campus 27 Australian uni campuses.

Ever wondered why you've never seen a panda lost on campus? They have this app of course!

With over 25,000 individual campus locations mapped along with 30,000 photos, you'll never be lost on...
Theme Park Maps - Universal Orlando
Theme Park Maps - Universal Orlando This application was made to help the countless number of Universal Orlando patrons to find their way around the park. I just find it preferable to carrying around the pesky paper map. I always lose it and end up taking four every time I visit! Download  View Info
Paris Transport
Paris Transport Toutes les cartes de transport à Paris dans votre poche !
Métro, RER, Bus et dessertes des aéroports.
Les cartes sont disponibles hors-ligne.

L'application #1 pour vos déplacements.

Consultez en temps réel...
Speedo Speedo - Digital GPS Speedometer.

See your speed. This app shows GPS based accurate SPEED, heading, altitude and Latitude & Logitude in real time. It records your Top Speed and you can see it in a map where you were doing max speed....
Delhi Metro Guide
Delhi Metro Guide A must have app for delhi metro. Features include
* Automatically detects nearest Delhi metro station depends on current location and suggests route to reach it.
* Determine shortest route between two stations
* Calculates the fare...
Trine i farta
Trine i farta The most complete public transportation app is now covering much more of Norway, due to the new national APIes from Ruter.

The app has realtime info and routeplans for metro/subway, bus, tram, trains, airport trains and boats/ferries...
World Rivers
World Rivers World Rivers app gives a list of all major rivers available in the World by Continent wise. This lets the user to know about the freshwater sources and their location.
1) Stunning UI
2) Rivers are categorized by...
SMS My Location
SMS My Location This application is great for quickly sending your location via SMS to someone on your contact list.


* Detecting User's Current Location
* Presenting User's current location as an Address
* Generating...
Spoorboekje What's new in version 4.1.0
- Windows Phone 8 live tiles. The large tiles shows detailed information about the disruptions or your current journey.
- Windows Phone 8 lock screen support. Shows the...
BART Rider
BART Rider BART Rider will help you find the best way in and out of the Bay Area with the first tool to combine Live station, trip planning, advisories and trip favorites all in one tool!

Want to figure out how to get to a destination at a certain...
Find MY Starbucks
Find MY Starbucks Find MY Starbucks for Windows Phone provide you an easy way to find a nearby Starbucks Coffee Cafe from your Windows Phone.

It utilized the location service from your phone and find the nearest outlets. It provide a route to the...
Gas Station Locator Gulf
Gas Station Locator Gulf Developed by Prashant Vaidyanathan

Gas Station Locator is a powerful tool to help you track the closest Petrol / Diesel / Gas Station.

The App can track your exact location, give you a list of the closest Gas stations...
LookAround LookAround is a simple app that changes your phone's lock screen image periodically with pictures taken by users of places around you. It's a laid back and relaxing way to open a window to the world out there.
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