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Tracing Letter Book:Practice Preschooler 1 Tracing Letter Book:Practice Preschoolers Workbook*Kids-Ages-3-5(Letter-

Trace)Tracing Letter Book:Practice Preschoolers Workbook*Kids-Ages-3-5(Letter-

Trace)Tracing Letter Book:Practice Preschoolers...

SCHULzeit 1.1.1 SCHULzeit makes your kids fun in do writing exercises or in do math exercises from the 1st to the 4th grade. The special of the application is that the difficulty of the tasks can be adjusted individually.

For example the application...
AtHome Video Streamer 2.0.9
AtHome Video Streamer 2.0.9 AtHome Video Streamer is a smart video surveillance software that turns your personal computer, Smart TV/Set-top Box, smart phone, and tablet into a professional home monitoring system in seconds. Using together with the Athome Camera app, you can...
AtHome Camera 2.0.4
AtHome Camera 2.0.4 AtHome Camera is a video surveillance software that turns your unused computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV into a wireless home security system in minutes.
Using AtHome Camera, you are able to keep an eye on your home when you are...
Balloon Pop 3D
Balloon Pop 3D Tap coloured balloons to pop them. 1 point for each one popped, -1 for each one that hits you.
Balloons only pop when they get near, simple 3D fun, gets faster the more you play.
Contains flashing screens.
Animal Puzzles
Animal Puzzles Animal Puzzles is a challenging classic resolving scramble puzzle game.

Select your board animal picture and start moving piece by piece rows and columns until you have completely rebuild the picture.

Key features: Download  View Info
PokeMania A beautiful collection of First Generation Pokémon's Images and Information for kids.
Must Give it a Try!
Security Camera
Security Camera It is NOT just an app, it is a home & business security service! CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera can turn your smartphone into a security camera with cloud based storage. Other security camera apps don't offer cloud storage. They cannot...
Lake Don Juan
Lake Don Juan Do you want to know more about Lake Don Juan? This is a fun puzzle where you will get to arrange jumbled pieces to complete a picture of Lake Don Juan. Finish this puzzle to learn some quick facts about is the saltiest known body of water on earth.
Petal Count
Petal Count This is a simple applicatin to relax.
The user tries to hit a number of red petals using the minimum time... Enjoy!

With this update the user can read some jockes!
Also some free jockes apps are recommended.
You should...
Movimento das ENS
Movimento das ENS Testa se o casal tem vocação para fazer parte do Movimento das Equipes de Nossa Senhora. Se ambos os cônjuges poderão vir a ser ou não Equipistas.
Kid's Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles for Preschool
Kid's Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles for Preschool Complete jigsaw puzzles of your favorite dinosaurs and learn how to pronounce each of their names.

From the award winning educational game developer.

This educational and fun App helps young children learn matching skills...
Talking Kitty
Talking Kitty Change your voice into a cute little kitty. Talking kitty will automatically listen to your voice and talk back to you with realistic animations. Rub her head and she will purr for you. Tap her bell and it will ring. Fun for everyone. Put talking...
Tapscii Tapscii lets you create multi-coloured doodles using ascii art and upload them to Facebook (optional).

Supporting all three WP8 resolutions and cyclic tiles Tapscii is a fun relaxing way to pass the time.

Tapscii is a free...
Missing Letters
Missing Letters Fun with the English Alphabet. Multiple levels that increast difficulty as you go. Great for kids and non English speakers.
Cachorros Doceis
Cachorros Doceis Aplicativo para escolha do melhor cachorro docil para a sua casa.
Count to 10
Count to 10 Are you fast enough? Try to beat the clock and stop it closer to 10. Make your name in the leaderboard and take a chance to succeed the impossible exact 00:00:00.000!

A game created by Brainstorm. Copyright (c) 2011
Visit us on:...
Angels and Demons - TFunPhoto
Angels and Demons - TFunPhoto Your boss looks like a demon, your daughter like an angel ?
Take a picture and add some devils horns or beautiful bat wings with a simple click.
They´ll think it is just a picture, but if you show them they look really spooky ! This is...
Cars 2 Walkthrough
Cars 2 Walkthrough A walkthrough guide for the Disney game Cars 2. Videos to tell you what to do if you get stuck.
Akshara-Telugu Akshara-Telugu is a free simple Telugu learning windows phone 7 app. This app is primarily targeted for Kids (or) who are beginning to learn Telugu language. With this app, user can practice writing all 52 letters in Telugu script with phonics. Download  View Info
Animal Card Match
Animal Card Match In this application you are challenged with 18 cards that are face down. It is up to you turn over two cards at a time trying to find matches for each card. What is the minimum numbers of turns you can do it in? Kids love this game.
BookofFate This application provides answer to questions of life which otherwise are difficult to solve and is based on a book formerly in possession of Napoleon. This book was said to have been consulted by Napoleon before he made any important decisions....
Color Game
Color Game A fun and simple fingerpainting applications. It is built for small children's entertainment.

Bug fixes
Added about screen as well as User Voice support for customer feed back.

Version 1.2: fixed bugs,...
Photo Hunt: Pets
Photo Hunt: Pets Photo Hunt Pets includes 20 adorable pets for you to spot the differences. Guess correctly and you will win high res wallpapers of these cute pets FOR FREE. Our full app is free and includes over 100 high res photos of cute kittens, puppies and...
Toddler Touch & Drag
Toddler Touch & Drag Toddler Touch and Drag is for babies and toddlers. It was created for my 18 month old daughter as an educational experiment for her skills with matching shapes and colors through touch. To my surprise, she totally loves playing it and it doubles...
animal world
animal world Its an application that teaches children various aspects of animals and a guide for parents to teach their children about animals.

This version has sounds of 29 animals with name of that voice.

A must have app for those...
SwatMe Swat as many flies as you can in 30 seconds!

Choose from 9 different levels, with flies of different speeds and sizes!

Don't let the flies outsmart you!
Tamago Elite
Tamago Elite Just knock on the TAMAGO (egg) and see what's coming out!

Find and use tools in order to reach your goal faster.

Compete with others to get on the top of the online leaderboard.
Halloween Kids Dressup
Halloween Kids Dressup A "totally free" super "Halloween" dressup game for kids. Lots of options for kids to dress up the "Halloween" on screen in different ways.

Fun Features:
* Options to change clothes, accessories,...
Artifacts This app allows users to create and participate in traditional scavenger hunts. Upon opening the app, the user is presented with a list of "playable hunts"...a sample hunt is provided as an example. The user can select a hunt to see a...
Fun Barbie Stuff
Fun Barbie Stuff This application contains information on Barbie games, movies, pictures, and more.
Mother Goose Read-Along
Mother Goose Read-Along Mother Goose Read-Along is the classic Mother Goose book by William Denslow. Record your own narration, or explore at your own pace.


- You can Record your own voice narrating and hear it read back to you!
Early Bird
Early Bird Eat as many worms as possible, and don't get caught by the cat!
Mr Laugh
Mr Laugh There are three parts in this game:
1.Make Mr Laugh Crazy
You can speak to Mr Laugh,and he will repeat what you say in a funny voice.
You speak loudly,he laughs loudly.
When you make him crazy,he will give something that...
PickDifferent Pick 1 different word from the given 4 words. Please note many more puzzles will be coming soon so stay tuned. This exercise may be a good practice for kids.
MySketch The first sticky note app with line smoothing! Free and no ads. Jot or type a note, draw on photos, and pin them as tiles ? all in one app.

This is the first app in the marketplace with Bezier line smoothing and option to turn it off....
Kids Bubble Pop Free
Kids Bubble Pop Free Kids bubble Pop is a simple game designed for toddlers (However it is fun for all ages.) The purpose of the game is to pop the bubbles as they appear on the screen.

The game is totally Ad Free and costs nothing as well. The game...
Eye Test 4 Fun
Eye Test 4 Fun Updates in v1.1:
* upgrade to Mango, support multi-tiles;
* added a new game "3D Sighted";
* add sound effect for both games;

Ever bored with the traditional eye test? Here to offer you this eye test app, with...
Snappy After the latest version (1.60) we have received some reviews saying that the app provides inappropriate ads. The ads sendt to the app is controlled 100% by Microsoft based on the category we put the app in. In this case the app is in the...
Spark Art
Spark Art Spark Art is a whole new way to doodle, brought to you by the creators of "Fireworks" and "Penguin"!

Spark Art is a fun-filled app for all ages! Paint original, sparkling creations, and save or share your work. Tap...
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