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Meaning Fall 1.0
Meaning Fall 1.0 A word game. Help the warrior cross the watery caverns. Read the word definitions and guess the hidden words. Try and beat your best score

Parola piA? lunga 1.1
Parola piA? lunga 1.1 Parola pi* lunga * il nuovissimo gioco che mette alla prova la tua conoscenza delle parole italiane, la tua logica e intelligenza. Per passare i livelli cerca di formare parole sempre pi* lunghe con le ultime due lettere delle parole precedenti...
Jumbled Letters 1.3
Jumbled Letters 1.3 Remember breaking your head over the good old game called Jumbled letters? We have given it a twist and now you can play it on your iPhone/iPod. With a word bank of over 500 words, this game is absolutely going to get you addicted. Unjumbling the...
GemBoy 1.02
GemBoy 1.02 We are looking for the fastest hand in the world.

If you like gem elimination then you should not miss this one.

It is simple playing that the only goal is to get as high score as you can.
Make high combo will gives you...
Tap 'Em All 1.0
Tap 'Em All 1.0 You were observed since you were born. Outstanding agility, remarkable perceptiveness, fast fingers, unusually bright mind - you are gifted without doubt. Thus we believe you can... Tap 'Em All!

Hot Features:

Click Quickly 1.0.0
Click Quickly 1.0.0 Furry the cute creatures are on the move and your task is to save these furries. Use your skill to get rid of each one, in each level you have to get rid of a certain number of furries to move on next level. Remember or keep eye on the timer so...
Laserdome Lite 1.0
Laserdome Lite 1.0 Enter the dark world of Laserdome Lite: a Sci-Fi action game that embraces a retro arcade style. Battle the denizens of the Laserdome as you struggle to survive, or take on a friend in head to head multiplayer. With a techno soundtrack and high...
Dress Up! Makeover 1.3
Dress Up! Makeover 1.3 Everyone deserves a new, fabulous look. What are you waiting for? Get your glam on with DressUp! Makeover, the official FREE Dress Up game for iPhone, iPad and iPod!

Create and make-over countless unique looks in 12 customizable...
Feel Electric! 2.2
Feel Electric! 2.2 *** 2013 ON for Learning Award ***
*** 2012 Parents' Choice Recommended ***

**NEW! Multiple user sign-in! Up to four users can track their own moods and keep track of their own scores!**

Are you feeling delighted?...
HighDeal 1.4.1
HighDeal 1.4.1 High-Deal-Casino
Beat the casino $150,500.00 Breaks the Bank
This game is a fun cards, Highest draw wins but be very careful you may loose it all..

All Aces are worth 11 so 2 aces 22 highest draw try your luck and see how far...
Predator vs Prey Slots Free - Casino 777 Simulation Game 1.0
Predator vs Prey Slots Free - Casino 777 Simulation Game 1.0 Welcome to Predator vs Prey Slots with the sweetest payouts of up to 200,000 coins, you have entertain yourself for hours.

Features include
- Optimised for iPhone 5 with stunning retina graphics.
- 30 Win Lines
Crazy Raider 1.2
Crazy Raider 1.2 Tomb raiding in Egypt, steal mummies diamonds!
Are you ready to shoot and loot?

1. Smash the button shooting action!
2. Chaotic 60 second rounds!
3. Missiles and turrets!
4. See friends' scores!
5. Earn score...
Monkey Jump By DRL 1.1

The baby monkeys take on his adventure to the explore the mystery forest to get his favorite fruit when his mother told to him there was forest on the other side of the mountain that having so many delicious fruit the...
LightSword Defense 1.0
LightSword Defense 1.0 Sharpen your reflexes and light sword skills with LightSword Defense!

This application allows you to practice battling space thugs from the safety of your own home. The LightSword droid will float in front of you and fire lasers from...
Spanish Monte 1.0
Spanish Monte 1.0 Spanish Monte is a Spanish gambling card game and the national card game of Mexico. The game is played with Spanish deck of 40 playing cards or standard deck with 10's 9's and 8's removed. The play begins with the dealer drawing one card from the...
Toddler Animal Puzzle Dinosaurs 1.0.0
Toddler Animal Puzzle Dinosaurs 1.0.0 Suited for ages 0-9 *Animal Spot: Dinasour* is a great game for toddlers! *Animal Spot: Dinasour* is an awesome puzzle experience that reinforces hand eye coordination and engages children for hours on end with multiple levels. Parents can also...
Jelly Pops 1.0
Jelly Pops 1.0 Eurogamer
"It's a beautiful piece of design and one that puts PomPom right up there with Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman at the very forefront of the genre."

PSM3 Magazine
"Surprisingly Relaxing"
Download  View Info
MelamineSweeper 1.0
MelamineSweeper 1.0 The story setting of this game is that quality inspectors test if there's any melamine in the milk with mice. In the game, as a quality inspector of supermarket, you have to find out the tainted milk with your brainpower so as to lower the death...
Burn Mind Puzzle Free 1.3.0
Burn Mind Puzzle Free 1.3.0 "Burn Mind Puzzle" is a very difficult puzzle. From 8th level of the game you start problems. Will begin incredible problems. "Burn Mind Puzzle" will require you not only logical thinking! You will need an incredible ability to...
Magic Monkey Vs The God Giants - The Original Flying Legend Game 1.0
Magic Monkey Vs The God Giants - The Original Flying Legend Game 1.0 A long, long time ago...
In a far off land.
A Legend was born...


Magic Monkey is taking on all comers on his magic cloud, spraying fire bolts all over the misty mountains of Asia!

Xmas Jelly: Unofficial Pudding HD, Free Game 1.0
Xmas Jelly: Unofficial Pudding HD, Free Game 1.0 Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas

Have an extra gift from Santa in your stocking. This game is entirely FREE.

Bounce the delicious Jelly onto the sled by swiping your finger on the screen to build a magical wall.

This is...
Guess That Animal Pics Free 1.0
Guess That Animal Pics Free 1.0 Can you recognize all the animals? Have fun with Guess That Animal game and see how many animals you can recognize!

* Addictive, Simple and Fun
Very easy to play. Just hit the Play button to start the game. No registration is...
Las Vegas Puzzle Guide 1.0
Las Vegas Puzzle Guide 1.0 A great puzzle game with great graphic and really entertaining gameplay. More pictures to choose, made especially for the iPhone retina display.

- High Resolution pictures to choose
- Placement precision with...
Easy Chess | app for iPad 1.0
Easy Chess | app for iPad 1.0 Easy Chess is the perfect chess simulation game for both beginners who want to learn and advanced players looking for some challenge: Turn your iPad into an amazing HD chess board!

Play against a full range of realistic weaker and...
Angry Spermies - From Egg To Baby! 1.0
Angry Spermies - From Egg To Baby! 1.0 TOP RANK IN 49 COUNTRIES

'Such a Great Addition to Angry Birds!'
'Love The Graphics And Animated Spermies'
'I Can Play This Game for Hours!'
'Perfect Game To Kill...
Which Mountain? (Switzerland) 1.0
Which Mountain? (Switzerland) 1.0 Do you know the exact location of the Matterhorn, the Eiger or the Umbrail Pass?
Test your knowledge with the Which Mountain? (Switzerland) app !

In the quiz a white dot is displayed on a red map of Switzerland and four possible...
Field Goal Free 1.0
Field Goal Free 1.0 Try to get the football past the defenders and into the goalposts. Each time it gets through the goalposts, you get 3 points. If the ball misses the goalposts or gets blocked by a defender, the game is over. Try to make as many in a row as you...
Flick Ball HD 1.0
Flick Ball HD 1.0 Flick Ball HD is a great fun action soccer game exclusive to the iPad!

Using your finger flick the ball, trying to keep it 'up' for as long as you can.

Each time you score a goal you'll earn bonus points!

Cupcake Slices 1.0
Cupcake Slices 1.0 Swipe, tap and slice your way through unknown territories to defeat the fearsome four and save caketropolis in this epic sugar-packed adventure! Take down the evil minions from the land of rotten cakes. Beware of the giant cookie and travel...
Monster Rainbow Mini 1.0
Monster Rainbow Mini 1.0 Monster Rainbow is a fun way for kids to learn how to recognize colors, match shapes, spot differences and improve agility.

Monster Rainbow features 7 unique and lovable monsters, each one representing a different color of the...
Escape 3D: Halloween Night 1.0
Escape 3D: Halloween Night 1.0 It is late October and Halloween is just around the corner. You go for an ordinary walk around the neighborhood when something hits you over the head and you black out!

You wake up to find yourself in a old haunted mansion. A voice...
Minesweeper - Classic 1.0
Minesweeper - Classic 1.0 Minesweeper is a deceptively simple test of memory and reasoningaand one of the most popular
PC games of all time. The goal: find the empty squares and avoid the mines.
Stress Monsters HD 0.8
Stress Monsters HD 0.8 Stress Monster is a multiplayer colour matching game depends on your tapping speed.

? ? ? *This is absurdly stressful and addictive.* ? ? ?

The super Tap Tap Match game Stress is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch! Download  View Info
Monkey Banana HD Free 1.0
Monkey Banana HD Free 1.0 Move the monkey around to pick up the delicious bananas, but watch out for the bad guys that are out to get ya.

Move your device sideways to control the monkey.

Make the monkey happy and feed him good!
Sport Kings - Guess the player! 1
Sport Kings - Guess the player! 1 Do you know all the Sport Stars of all time? Are you sure? Enjoy this app with a carefully selection of the most famous sportsmen and sportswoman of all time. They have won such much gold that they can found a jewelry!!You have to guess them...
Jewelry Bubble Easter 1.0
Jewelry Bubble Easter 1.0 ********************************************************************************
Happy Easter!

This is the easter (lite) version of Jewelry Bubble, and we put some new and easier levels in!
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Tap The Ball - Memory Game 1.0
Tap The Ball - Memory Game 1.0 Workout your brain in 60 seconds and have fun too!

Memorize the order of the four balls, then tap them, in order, as fast as you can!

You only get 60 seconds while the balls bounce off bumpers, propellers and trampolines! Download  View Info
Alphabet Spells - Word Game 1.0
Alphabet Spells - Word Game 1.0 Double double, toil and trouble, cauldron boil and cauldron bubble! The old sorcerer is conjuring up a cauldron of magic letters, full of hidden words. Unfortunately, his vision is bad, and he can't make out any of the words himself. Will you help...
Sudoku Packs 2 HD 2.0
Sudoku Packs 2 HD 2.0 Thumb Wizards proudly presents Sudoku Packs 2 HD, the follow up to the popular Sudoku Puzzle Packs. Please also check out Sudoku Packs 2 HD with different puzzles formatted for iPhone and iPod Touch.

?Sudoku Packs 2 HD features 600...
Wonder Slots - a free Slot Machine Arcade Game 1.0
Wonder Slots - a free Slot Machine Arcade Game 1.0 Wonder slots is a fun and simple way to play slots. Press spin button and see what is your jackpot!! Good luck!
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