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Astro Buddy Warrior 1.0
Astro Buddy Warrior 1.0 This is the most amazing game ever, there are several levels, in every level you will meet different characters, game becomes more complex every time.

"Astro Buddy Warrior" is one of the HOTTEST game in other gaming...

Bingo Lucky Slot 1.1
Bingo Lucky Slot 1.1 Bingo lucky slot is a 5 reels slot game.

Bet as much more as you can before you spin and try to win the Jackpot - Good Luck!

Thank you for your supports!!!
Changes: Fixed bugs.
Whozzy-multiplayer timer trivia game 1.4
Whozzy-multiplayer timer trivia game 1.4 Whozzy is the hilarious multiplayer trivia game. Play with friends and family, from 1 to 4 players, and discover the best quiz on just one device!

What do Rambo, a game with friends, a cat washing plates, a moving hamburger and tricky...
BrickBreaker The next Generation 1.4.1
BrickBreaker The next Generation 1.4.1 Go! Get BrickBreaker The next Generation and experience unlimited fun in 4 stunning Worlds.

At the end of each world you'll confront a challenging boss. Defeat him to unlock the next world.

Destroy all blocks in 80 varied...
Tasks and Rewards
Tasks and Rewards Let Amy help you finish your chores!
Chores don't have to be boring! Now, you can set tasks for your children such as cleaning their room, making their bed or finishing their dinner.
When your children finish their tasks, they will earn...
Freeslots: The Free Slot Machine Casino 1.1
Freeslots: The Free Slot Machine Casino 1.1 ***** Download THE Best Virtual Slots Game for iOS for Free Today *****

Simple, Fun, Entertainment. Unwind and enjoy yourself in the Always ENTERTAINING Freeslots casino.

Gorgeous rendered graphics, exciting diverse levels,...
USA MATCH 1.2 USA Match is a great way to Learn US Presidents, US States and capitals and view famous US Landmarks. The App tracks the number of guesses needed to reveal the entire puzzle board so that you can improve your memory. A "FAST" option is...
Puzzle And KUMAMON 1.1
Puzzle And KUMAMON 1.1 "KUMAMON" are image character of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan.

This application is a puzzle of an "KUMAMON".
Changes: Minor bug fix.
Child Maths HD 1.0
Child Maths HD 1.0 Child Maths HD is a simple app for iPad.This application is really useful for the Children to learn simple Mathematical calculations with attractive animation effects. By using this App, children can improve their Mathematical skills.
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Card Dogs - Video Poker Game 1.2
Card Dogs - Video Poker Game 1.2 "If a dog can play, so can you!"

Card Dogs is a FREE video poker game with SIX DIFFERENT games to choose from, and a twist on regular poker--it's dog-themed!

It's great for BEGINNERS or EXPERTS.
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Killer & Gunner & Sniper & Sharpshooter 1.0.0
Killer & Gunner & Sniper & Sharpshooter 1.0.0 killer is the best sniper. Kill all the gangsters of your area. Be careful about civilians. Upgrade your health, weapons and bullets between levels.

in this game ,you need kill some person that they are terrorists,When all the...
Jetpack Hunter FREE - Crazy Joy Flying Jet Ride 1.0
Jetpack Hunter FREE - Crazy Joy Flying Jet Ride 1.0 Fun and crazy times as Jetpack Hunter shoots down flying mice and strange colorful balls. Oh, and watch out for those stinging yellow jacket bees! It's enough to make anyone crazy. This is crazy fun! Use your skills to help the Jetpack Hunter...
Free Throw ( Basketball Game ) 2
Free Throw ( Basketball Game ) 2 Are you up for a free throw challenge? Try this great new basketball game that you can play solo, against a friend or against the computer!

Game play is very simple, just line up the moving basketball net in your sights and swipe the...
Hamsville Zero 1.1
Hamsville Zero 1.1 Hamsvilles medieval city complex is under attack and you must help to defend the city against flying dinosaurs. You are in command of the guns and cannons available.

This arcade action game has 13 single player levels. Each stage has...
Box of Enigmas Free 1.1.1
Box of Enigmas Free 1.1.1 Test and train your brain with this amazing game.
20 exciting mini-games.
Every level is unique trial!

From the authors of famous Glass Tower series.

Box of Enigmas is easy to play but hard to master.
You need...
That's Funked Up! 2.0.1
That's Funked Up! 2.0.1 As a celebration of launching 2.0, we have made TFU FREE for everyone. Download it and enjoy it while it's FREE!

Find out what makes That's Funked Up a game like no other! It's part word game, part meme generator, part social network,...
UFO Hell 1.5
UFO Hell 1.5 A challenging fast paced game, in which you shoot UFOs while dodging the many projectiles that fill the screen. Has three difficulty settings, and multiple stages (more will be added with future updates). So, can you beat all the big bad...
Gold Rush Blackjack 1.0.3
Gold Rush Blackjack 1.0.3 Beautiful vintage Blackjack!
Try to beat the house!

Great graphics, three different tables, quick and clear gameplay.

The object of Blackjack is very simple: to achieve a total that is greater than that of the dealer,...
Game of Words 1.3
Game of Words 1.3 *** Fun and Familiar Multiplayer Word Puzzle Game With STATS and HIGH SCORES. Multiple Languages ***

Download Game of Words Now!

Game of Words is a word puzzle game with 15 by 15 squares where the goal is to earn as many...
Catch a Bug HD 1.0
Catch a Bug HD 1.0 It was a sunny day or maybe night a tiny spider fell asleep And dreamed his happy dream a that he could almost fly, by jumping on his web like trampoline so high! If you like Flies a so stick with these a I'm up for Butterflies and Bumble...
SaveMyFishFree 1.0
SaveMyFishFree 1.0 Save My Fish is Cool and best puzzle game for iphones and iPads,It's most challenging puzzle game on itunes stuffed with great sound effects and gameplay logics.
SMF is 20 levels of Brain Storming giving you a whole new experience on your...
EverTap 1.0
EverTap 1.0 Welcome to EverTap!

EverTap is a game to designed to test your ability to tap onscreen buttons as fast as you can. To get the best possible result you need good fast and accurate.

EverTap comes with 3 unique game modes;...
Slinger HD Lite 1.0
Slinger HD Lite 1.0 The name tells it all, you have a loaded strap, the Sling Rope to throw Rolly to his destination.

Rolly takes you different places or may be rooms, where you have to use the Slinger to guide him to the door. The ultimate goal is to help...
AppDads Coloring 1.3
AppDads Coloring 1.3 AppDads Coloring is a powerful and customizable paint program for kids. What makes the app unique is its ability to search for other coloring pages online and download them into the app. It is fully integrated and will allow your child to color...
Back 2 Eggs HD 1.0.0
Back 2 Eggs HD 1.0.0 ? HIGHLIGHT ?
? receive gift coins every 3 minutes
? no in-app purchase
? iOS 7 compatibility
? simple control, slide your finger to place birds
? three game items: stop watch / cut tail / omni egg
? three game mode:...
Math Is Fun Junior: Mathematics For Kids 1.30
Math Is Fun Junior: Mathematics For Kids 1.30 Cheerful mathematical game for kids is waiting for you. Inside the game there are no advertisements and there are no purchases. The game designed specifically for children. The game is completely safe for kids.

There is a conundrum in...
MatchMaster 1.0
MatchMaster 1.0 Put your memory to the test with this card matching game. You have 10 retries but be warned, it is quite challenging. You can expect a well-deserved reward for your efforts!

Icon by pro_cyp @
Supermarket Management 2 (Full) 1.0
Supermarket Management 2 (Full) 1.0 WINNER OF THE BRONZE AWARD FROM POCKETGAMER!

Have you played the prequel to this fascinating game? Don't miss Supermarket Management - on iPad and iPhone!

The long-awaited sequel to Supermarket Management has just hit the...
Football Quiz - guess the soccer team! 2.0
Football Quiz - guess the soccer team! 2.0 The most popular football quiz finally has arrived in english.

The concept is simple, you have 4 pictures and you must guess which team it is! How many will you be able to recognise?
Come and test your skills!

Only 1% of...
Feed It ! 1.0
Feed It ! 1.0 Feed it! Or it will eat you, and then everything in your village, then the whole kingdom, possibly expanding out to all nations.

This tiny dragon is insatiable, and the king and queen have tasked you with quite an adventure -- to make...
Chicken Invaders 4 Easter Edition 1.01
Chicken Invaders 4 Easter Edition 1.01 I remember the day of the invasion well. The memories still burn deeply, like spicy chicken wings.

They came without warning, squawking menacingly, their ruffled feathers darkening the sun. Invading intergalactic chickens, out to punish...
Brain Stacker 1.0
Brain Stacker 1.0 Brain Stacker lets you stack the brains as high as they will go. Stack them until you make it out of the earth, and they over flow. See how many you can stack until they come tumbling down. Your high score with stay with you, so you can see your...
Crazy Gems 2 Pro 1.0
Crazy Gems 2 Pro 1.0 Crazy gems is a fantastic matching game.
Exploring in the ancient mystical Egypt palace, you will find the mystical treasure contained in the palace. Crazy gems 2 beyond the old version in every aspects.
Role Download  View Info
Cobra Solitaire BTCS1.0D
Cobra Solitaire BTCS1.0D Cobra Solitaire - Classic Solitaire Game, race against the clock and log your accomplishments on the Cobra Leaderboard.
Icontrivia : Guess the Superheroes 1.0.0
Icontrivia : Guess the Superheroes 1.0.0 It's a bird! It's a plane! It's all your favorite Super Heroes with their Super Villain counterparts!

Test your knowledge about comic book characters in this highly addictive word guessing game. Loaded with all your favorite Super...
Amazing Wipeout Free - Flying Heroes 1.0
Amazing Wipeout Free - Flying Heroes 1.0 "Simple game with great graphics."

Amazing Wipeout is simple and fun flying game for kids and whole family.

Download it now and see how long you can fly before you are wiped out from sky.
Balloon Pop Up 1.1
Balloon Pop Up 1.1 *** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE ON ITUNES! ***

Pop balloons on your iPhone or iPod Touch and hear and feel them pop before your very eyes. Listen and laugh in the fun noises that you can only experience with fun balloon popping! Fun for all ages!...
Drinkopoly Mobile 1.0
Drinkopoly Mobile 1.0 Make sure your party rocks every time.
Sale for a limited time!
$0.99 instead of $4.99

DrinkopolyA (The blurriest game ever) is social game built to provide fun & interaction to good people in every surrounding...
Pirates Clash 1.00
Pirates Clash 1.00
Recruit Pirates crew members and jump over the hurdles as many laps as possible to win the Skull and become magical Island.

In this game you need to have a fast mind and a fast finger.

The terrain is very carefully...
Banga's Escape 1.0
Banga's Escape 1.0 Bangas escape has finally arrive!

Simple to learn, hard to master!

As you progress through the level, it becomes more challenging at the same time.

Endless fun has never been so much fun!

So what are you...
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