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Load The Bike 1.0
Load The Bike 1.0 We have great drivers, but they your assistance too!
Arnold needs your help! He needs to move from one side to the other.
With this addictive and explosive game you will be hooked from the start!
The goal is simple, the game is not!...

Kick'n Chick'nz: Medieval Karnival Lite 1.0
Kick'n Chick'nz: Medieval Karnival Lite 1.0 Kick'n Chick'nz - Medieval Karnival HD Lite is a hilariously funny new game featuring an exciting carnival arcade style game with unique gameplay dynamics plus beautiful 3D graphics and animations.

This app is optimized for the iPhone4S...
HexLogic - Dragons 1.4.1
HexLogic - Dragons 1.4.1 HexLogic - Dragons draws these colorful creatures from worldwide temples and shrines. Feast your eyes on their swirling magic as you attack 69 puzzles of various levels of difficulty, based on 23 pictures.

GabySoft, creators of the...
Kingdom Dragon knights 1.0
Kingdom Dragon knights 1.0 Dirk the Brave and George, his brother, are two of the bravest knights in the kingdom.

Whenever a problem arises in the realm, the king calls upon these brave medieval knights to save the village.

But this time, it is not...
Mama's Cooking Dash Class HD, Free Game 1.0
Mama's Cooking Dash Class HD, Free Game 1.0 Play this delicious cooking game for FREE today!

Play as "Mama" in your very own restaurant.

Cook up tasty food for what the customer's want. Make sure you keep their interest & don't take too long! Otherwise...
Fly 2 America 1.0
Fly 2 America 1.0 Jason has boarded a private JET for cheap

Fly among the stars in this original and charming flight simulation game and help Jason to reach America soon. Master your piloting abilities and see the World while unlocking achievements and...
Konash Bust Free 1.0
Konash Bust Free 1.0 Konash Bust - Defeat those pesky germs

You play as 1 comical looking white blood cell, you must match the color of germs to the same color in at least rows of 3 to defeat the row of germs. Make sure they don't reach the vital organs or...
Broom Ride 1.0
Broom Ride 1.0 Hell or win?!! Even the witches likes some need for speed!
Take your broom and ride away in this new arcade action game brought you by Ravens Incorporated.
Touch left or right to go up and down, avoid hearts, get the flying pumpkins and...
Moto Racing for iPad 1.0
Moto Racing for iPad 1.0 "Moto Racing" is an exciting moto racing at obstacles.
Move your phone from left to right and vice-versa to drag the motorcycle.
The game is divided in 3 levels, respectively "Morning","Sunset" and...
No Swiping! 1.1
No Swiping! 1.1 [Swiper, No Swiping!]

Explore with Dora!

Dora needs your help to explore the mountains. Control is so simple that one tap does it all. Still addicting and fun to play. Tap and hold screen to gain speed when going downhill....
Alphabet and Animal Flash Cards 1.0
Alphabet and Animal Flash Cards 1.0 These take full advantage of the Retina Display.

Help your children learn the alphabet with Alphabet and Animal Flash Cards. Bright, colorful large flash cards will help your children easily learn their ABC's. Children as young as 1 can...
OmNomNom 1
OmNomNom 1 Have you ever wanted to be a champion speed eater? Yes. Well this is the game for you. Eat your way to eternal glory! Munch through through OmNomNom's world renowned sammiches. Un-buckle your pants, brace yourself, and try out the all you can eat...
Cyber Spheres 1.0
Cyber Spheres 1.0 Arcade collect'em-up.

Master multi directional tilt control to steer, raise and lower your Cyber ship through twenty sphere collecting and challenging levels.

Starting as a Recruit, can you advance to the Cyber Rank status of...
Brains Brains Brains Zombie Casino Slot Machine 1.0
Brains Brains Brains Zombie Casino Slot Machine 1.0 Spin the wheel and line up the brains to win.
The more brains the more the jackpot.

Hurry before the zombies eat all the brains.
Guess The Dog: Tap And Reveal Breed Of Pet 2.0
Guess The Dog: Tap And Reveal Breed Of Pet 2.0 Guess the Dog is a fun and addictive game designed for the whole family!

Guess the Dog is a challenging game with over 40 brain-bending puzzles.

How well do you know the various dog breeds? This game is perfect for any...
Cowtopia Lite 1.1.0
Cowtopia Lite 1.1.0 "This is a quirky and fun game to play that all of the family can enjoy, with it's funny cartoonish graphics and crazy characters, I'm sure you will have a blast abducting cows."

Abduct cows before they get...
Rogue Planet - FREE 1.0.0
Rogue Planet - FREE 1.0.0 Plunge into this unique turn-based strategy game set in a futurist world.

- Realistic environments and animations: Sci-fi visuals and 3D backgrounds provide maximum immersion in the game.

- Optimized gameplay: Touch the...
O.o Character Search 1.0.1
O.o Character Search 1.0.1 Think you know all the most famous characters there are to know? Challenge your self with this highly addictive guess who game today to find out!
ColorSaibaba 1.0
ColorSaibaba 1.0 Color Saibaba app is a part of "Coloring Hindu Gods" project and is dedicated to everyone who is interested in Shirdi Sai Baba and His teachings.

Color Saibaba is a coloring app suitable for young kids to scratch and color...
BIG BAD Flower for iPad 1.0
BIG BAD Flower for iPad 1.0 Everyone's favorite BIG BAD Flower is back and ready to take over your iPad!

"Don't be dissuaded by all the flowers and bubbles, BIG BAD Flower is a big, mean game. You won't be disappointed." - 148apps Download  View Info
Jewel Legends: Atlantis HD - A Match 3 Puzzle Adventure 1.0.0
Jewel Legends: Atlantis HD - A Match 3 Puzzle Adventure 1.0.0 Atlantis - did it ever really exist? For millennia, adventurers have sought the sunken kingdom and its countless treasures - but who created the mystic city in the first place?

140 levels...
I Luv Chocolat 1.0.1
I Luv Chocolat 1.0.1 A chocolate factory is laden with yummy chocolates ready to be stolen and collected along with bonuses and reward points waiting to be bagged in the kitty. Sounds easy? Not so easy, as there would be funny factory workers ready to tackle our...
Alley Biker Contest Lite 1.0
Alley Biker Contest Lite 1.0 Alley Biker Contest
Got the need for speed using a fast bike?

Are you a stunt lover? this alley provides the best loops ever!

Are you ready for the most amazing stunts?
Start your bike for an amazing game with three...
Letters Matching for Toddlers 1.0
Letters Matching for Toddlers 1.0 This is the perfect game for your children to learn more about the letters in a fun way. In this fun game you will find striking images of different elements from real life, your children must find the correct letters that have the words. This...
Mysterious Rooms Pro 1.1
Mysterious Rooms Pro 1.1 Play Mysterious Rooms and find the objects hidden in all the rooms. Objects are displayed on at the bottom of the screen, you need to find and tap on them.

Mysterious Rooms: An ultimate seek and find game!!

Features: Download  View Info
Milan Puzzle 1.0
Milan Puzzle 1.0 "Milan Puzzle" * il gioco dedicato alla squadra di calcio del Milan.
Tantissimi puzzle dei tuoi beniamini calcistici da ricomporre.
Scegli il grado di difficolt
Project 156 Free 1.0
Project 156 Free 1.0 Project 156 is a match 3 type game. Select groups of boxes that match in color. Groups sizes change depending on the round. Try to work through all 31 levels. The game has a personal high score list and can be used with Game Center to post your...
WaterfallClimbing 1.0.0
WaterfallClimbing 1.0.0 We are desperate to climb the waterfall
We need your help!!

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