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Dj Manteiga 1.12
Dj Manteiga 1.12 No Estado de S*o Paulo, 1.346.621 jovens est*o espalhados em 547 instituiAAes de ensino superior. E s*o estes universit*rios os maiores freq*entadores de festas e baladas.

A noite eles se espalham ainda mais... Cada pequeno bairro, de...

Mandolin Chords Flash Cards 1.0
Mandolin Chords Flash Cards 1.0 Flashcards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition. This app features flashcards to develop a better understanding of note reading and chord recognition for the Mandolin.
Over 130 chords including...
Endr Won 1.5.5
Endr Won 1.5.5 The brand new official Endr Won Mobile App is now available and FREE! Stream music, download exclusive FREE content, see personal pictures, watch new videos, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Endr Won...
AudioStretch 2.2
AudioStretch 2.2 Change the speed of audio files without changing the pitch. Transpose to any key. Listen as you drag the waveform, note-by-note. Freeze play at zero speed to work out tricky chords and solos.

All in an incredibly responsive and...
MR Player Full 1.0.0
MR Player Full 1.0.0 M & R Music & Recorder Player (Player) features music player
Is a new concept that the player can hear the voice recording function combined.

To sing along with the music accompaniment can create your own songs,...
Roland Connect 5.5.2
Roland Connect 5.5.2 Roland Connect is the app you need to stay up to date on the latest new product news from Roland and BOSS. This app features video feeds from the official Roland channel, information about new product releases, photos of new products, and a...
Unstoppable 2.0 5.11.1
Unstoppable 2.0 5.11.1 Unstoppable 2.0 - The DJ Santana & DJ Sanone Free & Official App.

Now everything you want to know about DJ Santana & DJ Sanone is available directly on your smartphone!

Always stay updated on these Unstoppable...
Dcode Festival '13 1.3
Dcode Festival '13 1.3 Descubre el cartel de Dcode 2013 y escucha la m*ica de los artistas y bandas que actuaran el pr*ximo 14 de septiembre en el Campus de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Changes: Plano en memoria interna
Mejoras generales
Radio 1 104.1 Dubai and 100.5 Abu Dhabi 1.0.2032
Radio 1 104.1 Dubai and 100.5 Abu Dhabi 1.0.2032 Download this app to listen live Radio 1 wherever you are, straight from your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad. You'll have access to the latest hits, played live by our exquisite DJ lineup.

Radio 1 104.1 Dubai and 100.5 Abu Dhabi is the...
Samplista 1.0
Samplista 1.0 Samplistsa is a fun and easy way to create and share music from your iPad.

Record great sounding songs from a large selection of loops, vocals and sound samples.

Create cool looking old-skool cassettes with an even cooler...
Jojomi 1.0
Jojomi 1.0 JOJOMI Internet Radio

The value that revealed by this project is music and universal stance of music. JOJOMI is a set of letters that has no meaning in any language known. So it's a hollow word. At this exact point, we have a word that...
Free Music Download Extreme Lite 1.1
Free Music Download Extreme Lite 1.1 Download Full, Free, Legal Songs directly to your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

Choose your song, click download and it downloads right to your device!

? Free Music Downloads

? The Fastest Downloads

Chord Flashcards: Learn the Diatonic Chords in Each Key 1.0
Chord Flashcards: Learn the Diatonic Chords in Each Key 1.0 Memorize the diatonic chords in each musical key with these flashcards.

The app lets you choose which key you are trying to learn and then will prompt you with the chord numbers in that key (e.g. II or VI). You can guess what the right...
App for DJ! iPDJ 2.2
App for DJ! iPDJ 2.2 Make your iPhone/iPad professional DJ music player

# Now supports iPad mini/ iPad2

# Please feel free to send your comments at the Reviews to my App!
# My App can be improved with your comments!

[ Summary ] Download  View Info
TCR fm 1.1.4
TCR fm 1.1.4 TCR fm radio player app allows you to listen in live 24 hours a day to Tamworth Choice Radio FM, a community radio station in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Launched on 31st October 2009 which is run entirely by volunteers, and not-for-profit.
Download  View Info
PentaDrum 1.2
PentaDrum 1.2 Thanks to it you can write a drum's pentagram and after you can relisten your song!
Changes: Now You can write your notes on pentagram!
Philippines Radios 1.3
Philippines Radios 1.3 Philippines Radios brings collection of your Favorite Pilippinine's radios available to stream on your iOS devices.
Now, You can hear your favorite AM/FM station from Philippines and music directly on you phone and tablet devices LIVE. Download  View Info
Platinum Album Player 1.2.1
Platinum Album Player 1.2.1 *** SALE - 50% OFF ***

The Platinum Album Player (Platinum for short), is an alternate music album player with a unique style and features for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (one app works on all your iOS devices). Interact with your...
CrazySpace - Gravity Synth 1.1
CrazySpace - Gravity Synth 1.1 CrazySpace is the App Stores very first gravity modulated subtractive synthesizer. Using our unique multitouch control system, musicians and non-musicians will be able to start shredding in no time at all.

Featuring a powerful...
EzRingtone 4.0
EzRingtone 4.0 You can create high-quality ringtones from your music library on iPhone 3 Easy Steps.
After selecting your favorite songs, you need only select the Create button to start position.
Difficult than the detailed settings, has developed a...
Phone Tones 1
Phone Tones 1 The Application Phone Tones Brings amazing Ringtones for your iPhone and iPod touch. A number of heart touching tones. Scroll to the selected ringtone and tape the PLAY button,
Tape the stop button to stop the ringtone and to scroll to the...
Playin Simple 1.0
Playin Simple 1.0 Playin Simple does just that. It makes playing your music simple. Originally designed for use in the car, Playin Simple uses gestures to control your music. Whether you're driving or hanging out with friends, this app is meant to give your eyes...
ShantiRadio 1.4
ShantiRadio 1.4 Listen Shanti on air and Shanti in the mix on-line radio.
Changes: Changed photos in about section
Dog Xylophone (FREE) 1.0
Dog Xylophone (FREE) 1.0 Dog Xylophone is a fun and entertaining musical instrument that you can take with you wherever you go! As you tap the keys, hear dog barks! Play your favorite symphony or concerto in barking fashion!
WDR Radio fA?r iPad 2.220
WDR Radio fA?r iPad 2.220 Jetzt gehen Sie mit dem Westdeutschen Rundfunk auf Safari: Mit WDR Radio f*r iPad surfen Sie durch das Web, wAhrend Sie Ihre favorisierten WDR-Radiosender hAren. So einfach ist das.

1LIVE, WDR 2, WDR 3, WDR 4,... 1.0 1.0 is the easiest way to share music you like, and to discover or re-discover music. Browse through and listen to other people's posts, or post your own music.

With hundreds of members already here, you'll be in good company! Download  View Info
Lite Rock 95.9 1.0
Lite Rock 95.9 1.0 Lite Rock 95.9 Is The Upper Cumberland's Home For Lite Rock Favorites. Wake Up With Sheila Mornings, Enjoy Delilah Weeknights. Lite Rock 95.9.
G.U.I.T.A.R. 1.8
G.U.I.T.A.R. 1.8 G.U.I.T.A.R. for the iPad
Check out G.U.I.T.A.R. in action!

Just five minutes with G.U.I.T.A.R. and you'll see why it leaves other mobile instruments in the dust. As musicians, we are always...
KK Lyrics 1.6
KK Lyrics 1.6 Want to see the lyrics while playing music? KK Lyrics will fits your needs!
KK Lyrics is an app which displays music lyrics and automatically moves to current singing line.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: this app does NOT do Internet...
PointBlank FM 1.0
PointBlank FM 1.0 The official iPhone application. Download the application for free and tune into your favourite dj's from anywhere in the world. provides the finest in House, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Soul,...
Pedal Steel 1.9
Pedal Steel 1.9 ***Pedal Steel***
Check it out in action.

This App Includes:
~2 10-string pedal steel guitars in E9 and C6 tunings
~1 6-string dobro slide guitar in 4 different tunings Download  View Info
Sankofa Radio 3.0.6
Sankofa Radio 3.0.6 Plays Sankofa Radio - Linking the Past, Present and the Future

Sankofa Radio is an Afro-Ghanaian community broadcasting network dedicated
to serving Africans in the diaspora with authentic music, information and
Gokul Darsan 2.1
Gokul Darsan 2.1 Gokul Darsan lets the user to view all the slokas, bhajans, and videos from Gokul Bhajans and Vedic Studies's website in a way making it easier to navigate and listen.
It also lists the lyrics and text for bhajans and slokas.

Download  View Info
Big Time Grain Company 1.0
Big Time Grain Company 1.0 The Big Time Grain Company app keeps you connected with your favorite country western band. Get the latest music, show updates, pictures and news for Big Time Grain Company . Then come to a show and take part by submitting your own pictures. This...
Ultimate Sound 1.0
Ultimate Sound 1.0 This application is sound based application.Its contain nine different images. when you touch the image its making some sound. Enjoy !!!!
Pulsr XTi 1.0
Pulsr XTi 1.0 Pulsr XTi lets you create music loops and beats by chain reactions on your iPhone.

With a simple interface and an innovative concept of musical creation everybody can create music in no time. Modify your creation in realtime and share...
Saint Charbel's Radio 1.0
Saint Charbel's Radio 1.0 On the Schedule: Oriental hymns, masses, and live festivals.
By the blessing of Saint Charbel may your love for God and the Blessed Virgin Mary; and your love for one another grow into Eternal Life.
Here We Are Music
Here We Are Music
A raw edged film that explores the growing music movement currently taking place in Singapore. The film dives into the heart of the local music community and gets inside perspectives from bands, artists, recording studios, media outlets,...
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