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Radio Tuna 1.4.1
Radio Tuna 1.4.1 The web's first real-time radio search engine comes to the iPhone at last. Browse by artist or from over 300 custom genres from Afrobeat to Zouk - enjoy thousands of internet radio stations. Record and save streams for playback later, store and...

Studio 93 1.0
Studio 93 1.0 Studio 93 * "La radio delle belle canzoni"!!!E non solo....

Studio 93 * leader negli ascolti della provincia di Latina e della zona sud della provincia di Roma

Studio 93 * informazione, grazie ai quotidiani...
Piano For Dummies - Official How To Book, Inkling Interactive Edition 3.5.3
Piano For Dummies - Official How To Book, Inkling Interactive Edition 3.5.3 Learning how to play the piano just got even easier with the interactive edition of Piano For Dummies on Inkling. Along with everything from the print book, this version includes only-with-Inkling extras, such as embedded audio clips, sheet music...
Gypsy Moon - Priyo 1.0.1
Gypsy Moon - Priyo 1.0.1 In the underground dance scene, there is a sound that has captured the imagination of fans from around the world. It is the rich, compelling music of Priyo, the musical maestro behind electronica sensation One at Last. Now, with the Gypsy Moon...
ANTENNE THA?RINGEN 3.0 3.3 ANTENNE TH*RINGEN live auf Ihrem iPhone oder iPod Touch. HAren Sie weltweit Th*ringens beste Musikmischung. Dazu gibt es rund um die Uhr aktuelle Informationen aus Th*ringen, das Wetter und den schnellsten Verkehrsservice.
Changes: -...
Art Jam 1.1
Art Jam 1.1 *** "Art Jam is the future of music" -

With Art Jam, YOU get to play musician and composer for a day. Wherever you and your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch go, Art Jam lets you jam out, giving you control of the music while...
ScaleHelper 3.0
ScaleHelper 3.0 Choose an exercise: see the notes and hear them played
Play the exercise: get a score, see the notes you played and listen to your performance

ScaleHelper is the fast way to improve your playing. With actual feedback based on what...
Chris Carr & Co. Alarm App 1.0
Chris Carr & Co. Alarm App 1.0 Wake up with Chris Carr & Co. each and every morning!

The new Chris Carr & Co. Alarm Clock App, powered by Graeter's, is the perfect bedside companion, providing you with instant access to your favorite morning show, weather...
Kurtce Radyo /Kurdish Radio 1.1
Kurtce Radyo /Kurdish Radio 1.1 Now the iPhone users can listen to various radio stations broadcasted in Kurtce / Kurdish language. Tune in to various Kurdish radio stations to listen live broadcasting of latest songs, news and talk shows in Kurdish language. This app provides...
WCBN 2.0
WCBN 2.0 The WCBN app lets you listen to freeform college radio wherever you are.
The song history lets you know what you've heard and it knows the studio phone number so you can call in requests.
4TO FM 2.7
4TO FM 2.7 4TO is connected to the community, and committed to making Townsville an even better place to live! Plus, we play the music you know and love.

A With intelligent streaming, you'll get CD-quality radio on a WiFi connection...
ATHR - All The Hitz Radio 1.0.1
ATHR - All The Hitz Radio 1.0.1 Get the home of great music in your pocket! Tune in to hear songs from the eighties, nineties, noughties and today in crystal clear high quality. View our Facebook page to keep in touch with whats going on with the station and request your...
PreSonus SL Remote-AI 1.1.24818
PreSonus SL Remote-AI 1.1.24818 SL Remote-AI for iPadA provides remote control of nearly all of the mixing functions of PreSonus StudioLivea? AI-series mixers. SL Remote-AI connects wirelessly to any StudioLive AI-series mixer on the same wireless network, freeing the sound...
Klara 4 Kids 2.0.1
Klara 4 Kids 2.0.1 De eerste app van Klara4Kids is een feit! Met de app van Klara4Kids kunnen je kinderen nu ook op de iPad genieten van klassieke muziek uit de succesvolle CD-reeks. Klara4Kids zit ook boordevol talloze doe- en speelactiviteiten die de creativiteit...
Talempong 1.0
Talempong 1.0 A talempong a small kettle gong which gives its name to an ensemble of four or five talempong as well as other gongs and drums. The term can refer to the instrument, the ensemble, or the genre of music.

Talempong is a traditional music...
MIDIFlute - Irish Flute/Whistle CoreMIDI Control Surface 1.0
MIDIFlute - Irish Flute/Whistle CoreMIDI Control Surface 1.0 MIDIFlute is an Irish Flute/Whistle CoreMIDI control surface for the iPad.
The fingerings are based on those used for the 6-hole keyless Irish flute or whistle.

MIDIFlute doesn't produce any sound on its own, it is designed for...
DJ Funk D 1.3
DJ Funk D 1.3 Funk D, better known as the *Bootleg King', is known in the scene worldwide due to his unique bootlegs, remixes and official releases. His bootlegs are used everywhere on the planet by the biggest dj's on earth (ex. David Guetta, Roger Sanchez)....
Lutherie 1.1
Lutherie 1.1 L'Alambic votre Restaurant dans l'avenue de la Mer a St Jean de Monts...
Magasin, atelier de lutherie d' instruments
Changes: Full
PercussionSS Vol.2 3.7.1
PercussionSS Vol.2 3.7.1 PercussionSS Vol.2 is a music application that features 6 different percussion in one package. You can also purchase each percussion separately, however PercussionSS allows you to save 50% from the actual price.

Added the recording...
TheBlast.FM: Christian Rock, Alternative, Metal Radio 3.2
TheBlast.FM: Christian Rock, Alternative, Metal Radio 3.2 TheBlast.FM is a Christian Rock/Alternative/Metal internet radio station webcasting worldwide in CD quality. We're always aggressive, always progressive. We play Skillet, Disciple, Decyfer Down, Love and Death, Demon Hunter, Project 86, Thousand...
Anytune - Slow down music BPM without changing the pitch 3.9.1
Anytune - Slow down music BPM without changing the pitch 3.9.1 Slow down music, choose the perfect pitch, and learn to play by ear.

ANYTUNEa? is the ultimate music practice app for singers, dancers and musicians of all kinds.
Changes: 3.9:
- iOS7 Support
- Tunes Folders and...
Remoteless for Spotify (a Spotify Remote Control) 2.2.1
Remoteless for Spotify (a Spotify Remote Control) 2.2.1 For iOS7, iOS6, iOS5 and iOS4.3

"My new favourite app - control Spotify from your phone like Sonos #tidy" -mrkdggns on twitter (October 2013)

"Spotify remoteless is the worlds greatest...
KWRO 630 1.0
KWRO 630 1.0 KWRO is the Southern Oregon Coast's leader in Conservative Talk. Monday through Friday you can hear Rush Limbaugh, Lars Larson, Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphries and Coast to Coast overnight. The Weekend lineup is full of great advice from home...
Hits Of Sohan Roy 1.0.0
Hits Of Sohan Roy 1.0.0 Heart throbbing music from the renowned entrepreneur and well acclaimed lyricist, Sohan Roy along with 17 great singers. It comprises of music from two malayalam movies and six albums, Muralika, Viraham etc. under Aries release.
Any Tuner 2.0
Any Tuner 2.0 Best application for tuning of any guitar types. It just works! It also can tune other musical instruments including violin, cello, saxophone, trombone and others.

Main features:

1. Unlike many of its analogues a it just...
CelloBello 1.30.00
CelloBello 1.30.00 The CelloBello Fan App is the easiest way to follow CelloBello. Now you have access to CelloBello's events at anytime, anywhere.

This is a free application.

* Videos
Watch your favorite and new CelloBello videos. Download  View Info
SwissDrum HD 1.0
SwissDrum HD 1.0 An E-Drum- specialclass ...
As the name "swiss drum" suggests what is involved
primarily a Swiss achievement, and the
all still in an unprecedented Swiss Style.

With this app you can on the national day for the...
Mc Loud Remote - Demo and Remote Streaming Music and Movie Player with Dropbox support 2.0
Mc Loud Remote - Demo and Remote Streaming Music and Movie Player with Dropbox support 2.0 Mc Loud is a streaming audio and video player for music on your iOS device and music and movies stored on Dropbox.

Mc Loud lets you play the media stored on your Dropbox account directly on your iPhone or iPad. You can either stream...
Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes 2013 5.1.1
Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes 2013 5.1.1 This new festival application, presented by Deezer, is the perfect tool for you to enjoy your festival from December 4th to December 8th at Rennes. You will find the full line-up and all the practical information you need to know in real time. Download  View Info
LDS Music 1.6
LDS Music 1.6 LDS Music is your source for music of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, also known as Mormons). Browse and search the Hymns and Children's Songbook, read the words and sheet music, and listen to accompaniments.
Download  View Info
Sidestep 1.2
Sidestep 1.2 Tired of holding on to your merch all night at shows? Bummed when they run out of your size? How about those painfully long lines?

We hear you. That's why we've brought you Sidestep.

Use the app to browse and buy concert...
Jeff Strahan 1.5.0
Jeff Strahan 1.5.0 Join other fans of Jeff Strahan in tracking his latest news and information including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, all from this app. No real fan of Texas Music can be without this app from a pure and driving force of Texas Music.
Keeng 2.0
Keeng 2.0 - Trang nh?c s? 1 tr*n Di ng

C*ng kh*m ph* nh?ng ?i?m n?i b?t ch? c* t?i
- Giao di?n p, l? m?t v
Changes: *** C*p nh*t phi*n b*n 2.0:
- Ba sung tAnh n*ng m*ng x* hai, b*n s* bi*t b*n b* mAnh nghe gA,...
O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker 1.0.0
O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker 1.0.0 O-Generator Music Maker is an App that can be used as a musical sketchpad to compose, learn, create and develop ideas in different styles whatever your musical level.

O-Generator's simple interface achieves sophisticated results. You...
WRVR 104.5 The River 2.0
WRVR 104.5 The River 2.0 On the WRVR app you can click the "listen live" button and immediately hear WRVR's live stream. You can also join the "Loyal Listener Club" and get "insider" info on contests, prizes and concerts. You can also friend...
Radio Rio Quente 4.2.2
Radio Rio Quente 4.2.2 Os grandes sucessos Nacionais e internacionais em sequ*ncias exclusivas.

O melhor dos anos 80, 90 e da m*ica Atual.
Changes: -Added phone feature
UK Radios 1.1.1
UK Radios 1.1.1 UK radio is application that allows you with one click an access to several british radio stations. Listen LIVE all the antennas on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

With UK Radios, you can:
- Listen easily with one click several radio...
DJ Mixer 2 1.5
DJ Mixer 2 1.5 The complete DJ mixing solution iPad and iPhone fully optimized for iOS 7. Designed by DJs for the inner DJ in you so you can fun with creative music playback and mixing and DJ in your next party.

This free App allows you to try out all...
OboeSS 3.7
OboeSS 3.7 OboeSS is designed to allow you to easily play the Oboe with a single finger. Unlike the actual Oboe, you don't need to have a large lung capacity, but you will be able to play it just by touching the inner side of the white dotted line. With...
Smartsong 3.0
Smartsong 3.0 Smartsong is an innovative app that is all about getting you to write songs!

Whether you are a musician or not, this app is designed to help you through the songwriting process and provide you with a commercial sounding track. Download  View Info
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