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SSuite Online Office 2.6
SSuite Online Office 2.6 An office suite right in your own web browser. This makes it the smallest office suite in the world. No installation or download necessary. Just open the html document, and have direct access to your own professional productivity software....

SSuite Fandango Desktop Editor
SSuite Fandango Desktop Editor This extremely lightweight professional WYSIWYG word processor is fully featured and able to open, edit, and save *.html documents without a problem. It is both a reader and creator of HTML documents.

This makes our web application a...
ListKeeper 2.2
ListKeeper 2.2 ListKeeper 2.0 adds the features you requested, including:
* Email lists as text to print, or as files to share with other ListKeeper users
* New "quick start" button at the top of each list to make starting a list even...
FleetLynx 2.39
FleetLynx 2.39 FleetLynx is an easy way for truck drivers to manage hours of service, inspections, equipment, track loads, record expenses and much more.


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JIRA Issue Tracker 4.8
JIRA Issue Tracker 4.8 ** Designed for iPhone and iPad. Multiple languages and user profiles support. Lifetime free access for open source JIRA servers.


* Integrates with JIRA using REST (JIRA>=5) and SOAP (JIRA>=4)
* Support...
Stamper: Die Zeiterfassungs-App 1.2
Stamper: Die Zeiterfassungs-App 1.2 Stamper dient zum Erfassen von AktivitAten mit Hilfe eines Echtzeit-Timers oder per manueller Erfassung.
Somit weiAYt du immer was du wann gemacht hast. Kern-Feature ist die Ort-basierte Zeiterfassung. Der Timer startet, sobald du dich deinem...
4IN HAND - Handwriting Scheduler, Address Book, Todo, Memo and Note 0004
4IN HAND - Handwriting Scheduler, Address Book, Todo, Memo and Note 0004 4IN is a notepad app supporting handwriting input. Files for scheduling, action, address, and notes are preinstalled in advance. It has been confirmed that this app also works on IOS7.
There are many notepad apps for the iPad and iPhone and...
Clipboard by VolunteerSpot 1.1.2
Clipboard by VolunteerSpot 1.1.2 Skip the paper sign-up sheets & *reply-all' email chains! Sign up and schedule people fast, easy and FREE!

Powered by the leading online coordination tool,, Clipboard makes it easy to organize your people for most...
DropTime: A Pomodoro Timer 1.3
DropTime: A Pomodoro Timer 1.3 DropTime is a countdown timer designed for the Pomodoro Technique. It sets up a loop sequence of timers and records how much time you spent on a task.

The Pomodoro Technique uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25-minute...
PhyTech Scheduling 1.5.1
PhyTech Scheduling 1.5.1 PhyTech Mobile Scheduling app works seamlessly with PhyTech's leading cloud-based scheduling application which allows for on-the-go access and communication. We have made it even easier to view your schedule from anywhere and have alerts and...
Reservoir 1.0
Reservoir 1.0 One of the most basic roles of any Petroleum Production Engineer is to estimate the flow from the reservoir into the wellbore. The complex variety of inflow geometries, reservoir properties, and near wellbore conditions traditionally have made...
Scrum Planning Poker 1.0.3
Scrum Planning Poker 1.0.3 With this version of Planning Poker, we want to give a seamless User Experience alongside with iOS 7. You will feel the app starts almost immediately without any delay, on both iPhone and iPad, for FREE.

We hope this will fit with the...
Size That Up 1.6.1
Size That Up 1.6.1 Size That Up can measure the size of any object just by taking a picture of it. Never be at a loss to measure something simply because you don't have a ruler or tape measure nearby a just download this easy app and start measuring!

MagicQ Remote 2.2
MagicQ Remote 2.2 ChamSys Ltd
MagicQ Remote

ChamSys MagicQ systems provide leading edge control of stage lighting, LED pixelmapping and media systems. The MagicQ Remote enables remote control of MagicQ systems including MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC...
Presto Player 1.0.0
Presto Player 1.0.0 Presto is the new way of creating, viewing and sharing presentations on your iPad. It's intuitive, it's fast, it's social a it's the future of presenting.

With Presto, you'll use the Presto Builder on your Mac to create wonderful...
Imense Car Check UK 1.01
Imense Car Check UK 1.01 Automatic number plate reader (ANPR on the iPhone or iPad) that checks a number plate against a List.
This provides the ideal means for handling event parking where people have pre-paid.
A text file "PlateList.txt" containing...
Matrix Mobile Service 1.0.0
Matrix Mobile Service 1.0.0 Always advancing with technology, while keeping customer service our priority, DICE Corporation continues what it is known for: efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendly software a and now all of this comes packaged and placed literally in the palms...
Dial n Walk Free 1.0
Dial n Walk Free 1.0 Have you ever tried calling someone while walking with your phone only to run into something because you can't see where you are going? With Dial n Walk Free Edition you will never have that problem again!

Dial n Walk Free Edition is a...
Agenzia Immobiliare Visentin 1.7
Agenzia Immobiliare Visentin 1.7 Agenzia Immobiliare Visentin s.n.c. * un'agenzia che opera nel settore immobiliare con professionalit
Changes: Versione iOS7
Crew Scheduler 1.0
Crew Scheduler 1.0 Crew Scheduler is meant for business or teams that need to coordinate which people are on a specific project or job. You load all manager and crew member names into the App and then add projects to the calendar. You can add addresses and note to...
Retail Goose 2.4
Retail Goose 2.4 Retail Goose is a photo based productivity tool in which retailers can snap pictures at trade shows, organize them within vision boards, and easily share them with vendors to initiate purchase orders. Created by retailers for retailers this simple...
MyStuff2 Lite - Home Inventory and Database 3.0.4
MyStuff2 Lite - Home Inventory and Database 3.0.4 It's now easier than ever to keep track of all your stuff. Organize your collections, music, movies, books, video games, electronics, wine lists, jewelry, appliances, office supplies, or anything else in your possession with this easy to use but...
Ipower Switch 1.0.1
Ipower Switch 1.0.1 This application is used with smart plugs designed by Ankuoo Electronics Co., LTD.; It's designed to remotely control your home appliances via very easy access on app to work as ON/OFF, TIMER and other practical smart home function for daily...
File Manager - Folder Plus Lite 2.2.0
File Manager - Folder Plus Lite 2.2.0 "The ability to use multi touch to quickly move between viewing and editing files is also very good if you're willing to utilize it." - Touch Reviews

Folder Plus is an In-App Multitasking Capable File...
TASKY+ | Task & Todo list, reminders & calendar 1.2.0
TASKY+ | Task & Todo list, reminders & calendar 1.2.0 *** NOW ON SALE! 50% OFF! ***

Smart and simple task management for everyday life with clear design, automatic date recognition from task description, reminders and calendar view for easier planning.

- Modern...
Evermood 1.1.0
Evermood 1.1.0 Evermood makes it easy to create mood boards from your Evernote notebooks.

Featuring an intuitive UI that's quick to pickup and easy to use. Simply create/use a notebook in Evernote. Upload one image per note. Then connect using the...
LXBeams 1.0.9
LXBeams 1.0.9 LXBeams for iPad allows you to view, edit and interact with LXSeries light plot (.lxxplot) files created on a computer. LXBeams for iPad includes plot, section, lights, reports and notes views for mobile access to the data contained in the plot....
DSA Bovin 1.2.0
DSA Bovin 1.2.0 Le logiciel DSA Bovin permet de maintenir un dossier de santA individuel qui contient toute l'information de la naissance
Changes: La couleur des veaux peut *tre maintenant inscrit
Corrections gAnArales dans l'application
Jotted 2.2
Jotted 2.2 Write or draw short notes using a stack of 9 notepads in beautiful variants of blue, yellow and red. Flip a notepad to switch to drawing mode. Use your fingers to quickly doodle or use a stylus for more precise drawing.

Jotted brings...
All My Passwords 1.0
All My Passwords 1.0 All My Passwords securely stores your passwords on your iOS device. Your password is securely stored in the devices KeyChain and your passwords are protected with industry standard encryption.

Your passwords are stored in groups for...
ToDo: A Personal ToDo List 2.1.10
ToDo: A Personal ToDo List 2.1.10 Are you tired of being disorganized? Are you done with having to remember everything you have to do? ToDo is the perfect solution. ToDo is your personal to do list manager. Create as many to do lists as you want. Once you have created your lists;...
CasCrop 1.0
CasCrop 1.0 This is a custom image uploader to a SharePoint site, it requires a server side component your SharePoint administrator needs to install and configure.

You need a SharePoint site for this application to work, if you do NOT have one and...
TWC WiFi Finder 3.5.19
TWC WiFi Finder 3.5.19 The free TWC WiFi Finder app makes it easy to locate and automatically connect to the nationwide TWC WiFia? network so you can get fast, reliable internet on-the-go. Access is FREE for subscribers of TWC Standard Internet or above and Business...
Clericus 1.6.1
Clericus 1.6.1 It is more convenient than writing in a notebook or notepad!

Clericus a It is your new smart helper in maintaining notes and lectures!

This application also supports...
Checklist Again! 2.1.0
Checklist Again! 2.1.0 Think how many times you forget to do something in your routine...
Thanks to Checklist Again you will forget to forget your routines, activities and events!

- Super simple
You can easily and quickly manage all your to-dos,...
Dobiss PRO 1.0.1
Dobiss PRO 1.0.1 Deze app is de ideale aanvulling voor uw Dobiss PRO domotica systeem!

Met behulp van deze applicatie tovert u uw telefoon of tablet om in een afstandsbediening voor uw huis. Doe het licht branden vanuit uw luie zetel, dim de verlichting...
VNC Pocket Office Pro 5.0.2
VNC Pocket Office Pro 5.0.2 Now Universal...The fastest, most configurable, most versatile Remote desktop VNC app available.Full screen view. Incorporates features like WOL, Bonjour and 3D Cube interface. Full inbuilt HELP & setup guide + links to Video tutorials. Download  View Info
Rabo legpluimveehouderij 1.0.7
Rabo legpluimveehouderij 1.0.7 Visiebericht Nederlandse legpluimveehouderij: *De markt van de leg'

Met het visiebericht *De markt van de leg' wil de Rabobank legpluimveehouders en hun periferie informeren over de toekomst van de Nederlandse legpluimveehouderij. Download  View Info
MCPc Game Changers 2014 1.1
MCPc Game Changers 2014 1.1 Game Changers 2014 is the official mobile app of the MCPc 2014 National Kickoff.

This mobile app allows you to:

* View schedules, explore sessions, and find after parties.
* Create your own personal schedule and access...
AssetWatch Client 3.0
AssetWatch Client 3.0 Mobile client for AssetWatch property inventory service.

Use it to rapidly register an inventory of your properties using camera and barcode scanner. Let AssetWatch process this to file with your insurance company.
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