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Bat Messenger 3.2.6
Bat Messenger 3.2.6 Bat Messenger uses asymmetric cryptography algorithm to secure all messages! Prikey will guard the privacy of messages and it is only stored in users' phone. You can change it at any time. Bat Messenger will distribute each user a random Bat ID....

ARoglyph for Android 1.0.147
ARoglyph for Android 1.0.147 Share ideas with people nearby with this Augmented Reality Android app.

Prehistoric people wrote their notes on the walls of their caves. With ARoglyph you don't have to -- instead you can place your marks on the new layer of...
Frim 2.7.6
Frim 2.7.6 Frim helps you connect with new and interesting people nearby. You can find your new friendship, love and reconnect with old friends.
Now we have more than 20 million members from all over the world. Every day a lot of people from different...
Sktchy 1.1.6
Sktchy 1.1.6 Artists around the world have created and shared thousands of original portraits, each inspired by a face in the Sktchy photo gallery. Now it's your turn. Find your inspiration with Sktchy.

- Browse the Sktchy photo gallery for an...
MovidA?n 1.0
MovidA?n 1.0 Algo especial para alguien especial en un lugar especial.

*Objetos digitales en la calle! Rec*gelos y dAjalos.

Con Movid*n puedes dejar mensajes multimedia por todo el mundo. Mensajes de texto, fotos, videos y mensajes de...
Hpflsk 2.4

Only the best events are suggested to you: Suggested events are the events that are popular amongst your friends - you'll be the first to know when your cool friend attends a hipster...
MF2011 1.0
MF2011 1.0 Die Mittweidaer Studenten leisten in ihrem Medienstudium publizistische Schwerstarbeit, denn ihre Medienprodukte erscheinen kontinuierlich und mit hohem Anspruch.

Einmal im Jahr gipfelt das Engagement aller Medienstudenten im...
Markit: Be the King of your Things 2.0.2
Markit: Be the King of your Things 2.0.2 Discover a whole new world behind the products you use everyday. Find new friends through products and new products through friends. Markit brings your things to life!

Be the King of your Things
Simply scan a product's barcode and...
Choicelr- Ask any question and receive feedbacks from real people ! 2.3
Choicelr- Ask any question and receive feedbacks from real people ! 2.3 Choicelr: making hard decisions easier. Get and give advice for any life question. Upload your options to Choicelr and instantly get useful help and advice from the Choicelr community! You can even narrow down who you get answers from! Going on a...
Photo Comic Bubbles for WhatsApp 1.1
Photo Comic Bubbles for WhatsApp 1.1 1 - Take a picture
2 - Add your bubbles like in a Comic strip
3 - Share it with your friends!

You can share it WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, WeChat, Line, SnapChat, Skype, Viber, Kik, Tango Text...
UltraMine- The Must Have App for all Minecraft Players 1.5
UltraMine- The Must Have App for all Minecraft Players 1.5 UltraMine: The ultimate social media APP for Minecraft lovers!

Thousands of Active Users already on board. BuDDER. :D

+ Lively, Active & Thriving Community
+ Share Pictures and Videos Of Your...
Melt - Social Voice Recordings 1.8.2
Melt - Social Voice Recordings 1.8.2 There is a sincerity to your voice that's been lost in all other social media.

- Record melts through the app
- Share to Melt followers as well as Facebook and Twitter
- Follow and listen to other melters
Free Mart 1.1
Free Mart 1.1 "We all have some used stuffs which throwing away is kind of waste! But we hardly find a way to give or even swap with others that they might need what we have. Therefore, GM Retail Marketing is providing this platform for our members who...
Stylefie 1.3.3
Stylefie 1.3.3 Stylefie is your personal iPhone stylist and fashion advisor! Create photo-questions and receive instant feedback on style, fashion and more.

When it's hard to choose, or the problem of choice appears - there's Stylefie.

Kidzloop 2.02
Kidzloop 2.02 Kidzloop is a great way for parents to Plan, Capture and Share their kids memories with their loved ones.

1) Using our app, parents can meet local moms/ dads and plan outdoor playdates.
2) Kidzloop is THE home to all your kids...
Casty -Make Money Photo App 1.3.0
Casty -Make Money Photo App 1.3.0 Casty is a revolutionary service that rewards you for what you're already great at - sharing awesome photos with friends and followers.
CASTY - the world's first photo-sharing app with REAL rewards!

* Unlimited albums...


We've added a new interface, fixed a ton of issues, and added lots of features!

+ Expand your options: go beyond...
Who Deleted Me? 1.0.0
Who Deleted Me? 1.0.0 The last time you saw your friend on Facebook Chat was over a month ago? You were likely un-friended.

Your friends photos and updates aren't showing up on your Facebook News Feed anymore? You were likely un-friended.

CurryClub 1.0
CurryClub 1.0 A curry lover!! Isn't a "curry part" entered?
A member's person needs to eat much curry and needs to record part activity by this application!
In an application "curry...
CelebrationBook 1.2
CelebrationBook 1.2 Una aplicaci*n para disfrutar y perpetuar tus celebraciones.

Obtendr* el mas completo y divertido *lbum multimedia con tus recuerdos para siempre.

Con la aplicaci*n Celebration Book estar* conectado a tus invitados desde el...
Smurge Lite 2.2
Smurge Lite 2.2 Finally the free version of Smurge has come to the market, in the form of Smurge Lite.
Smurge Lite can actually send out personalized group SMS messaging, making mass text messages seem as though you took the time to send it to just one! Download  View Info
Locally - A Local Social Network 1.14
Locally - A Local Social Network 1.14 Locally is a local social network for neighbors, locals and local business to connect, share and communicate using a neighborhood pin board.

Social neighbors create safe and fun communities. Get your free, instantaneous and hyperlocal...
No Such Chat 1.0
No Such Chat 1.0 NoSuchChat allows you to send encrypted messages to your friends.
Radar20 2.0
Radar20 2.0 Radar20 is a real time networking experience designed for mobile users. The term *20* means location and Radar20 is a map based social network. Use Radar20 to express your thoughts, find friends, share your, *20* (location) through 20 checks and...
ClubPromos Forums 1.5
ClubPromos Forums 1.5 Accedez directement au forum de ClubPromos a partir de votre iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad.

- Recevez et partagez chaque nouveau code promo
- Partagez vos reductions d'achat et cadeaux avec la communaute de Clubpromos.
- Envoyez...
Happy Birthday Video Sharer for Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat & Line. 1.9.1
Happy Birthday Video Sharer for Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat & Line. 1.9.1 --FREE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY--

Find a video to congratulate your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, etc ... contacts. Copy its URL and congratulate share with an Original Happy Birthday Video.

WhatsApp is...
Choosie 1.3
Choosie 1.3 Choosie is a super fast and fun way to poll friends and share your opinions on anything.

Should I wear this red or this blue dress tonight? Should I skydive this weekend?

- Use pictures or simply word your polls.
2Slink Voice 1.22.230
2Slink Voice 1.22.230 Would you like to have convenient access to VOIP services over 3G Mobile and WIFI networks?
You can now access our user friendly and low cost VOIP solutions by connecting to 2slink over any of your mobile 3G networks or from any WIFI zone...
KeyTone FREE! 2.3.4
KeyTone FREE! 2.3.4 The Social App for Private People. Share short personal video and audio messages on your favorite mobile device. Plus, KeyTone can securely transmit text messages and make secure VoIP phone calls too.

* No in-app advertisements
Facebook For Dummies - Official How To Book, Inkling Interactive Edition 3.5.3
Facebook For Dummies - Official How To Book, Inkling Interactive Edition 3.5.3 Getting the hang of Facebook just got even easier with the interactive edition of Facebook For Dummies on Inkling. Along with everything from the print book, this version includes only-with-Inkling extras, such as embedded videos, live links to...
TweetYerMonster 1.2
TweetYerMonster 1.2 Tweet your monster to show how you feel!
Changes: More monsters! Now you can tweet basilisks, goblins, and more! (Also some fixes for iOS 7.)
Weico for Weibo 2.7.1
Weico for Weibo 2.7.1 "This is a brand new Weico!"
* Weico ! *

Changes: Bug fix.
Invibe 1.1.2
Invibe 1.1.2 Ever wanted to instantly send your friends gifts? Whether its beer for a mate, a coffee for your best friend, or a cocktail for that special someone...With InVibe you can! Have fun and spread the love - Team InVibe.
Changes: - Fix some bugs
Airline Pilot Forums - APF 1.5.0
Airline Pilot Forums - APF 1.5.0 WIth the Airline Pilot Forums app, you can access Airline Pilot Forums directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

-Send and receive PMs
-Access and post to the most recent discussions
-Customize your mobile account...
Purple Cloud Store 1.3
Purple Cloud Store 1.3 The Purple Cloud Store app enables retail stores to chat with their customers by sending text, image, video messages as well as location and contact info. Customers who have clicked a button on the store website or scanned a QR code will appear in...
Status Shuffle for Facebook 2.5
Status Shuffle for Facebook 2.5 With Status Shuffle, you can choose a status from our huge selection. We have funny statuses, sad statuses, crazy statuses and everything in-between.

You can update your Facebook status right from the app, or store your favorites for...
TruckerStar 1.1.2
TruckerStar 1.1.2 With TruckerStar Mobile, you can access forums directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

- Send and receive PM's
- Access and post to the most recent discussions
- Read and post to TruckerStar blogs and...
CNVRS 1.0.1
CNVRS 1.0.1 CNVRS is a platform for social conversation. Members of the CNVRS community ask and answer questions about a particular topic or questions asked of themselves. Users may star questions and answers, resulting in a crowd-sourced ranking system to...
Mezun Call 2.5.5
Mezun Call 2.5.5 Mezun Call is the latest app from the top quality Mezun telecom platform that gives the user the option of making International calls from their IPhone using VOIP (Data) or your regular local minutes without having to dial an access number or...
TaskRabbit 2.12
TaskRabbit 2.12 Get oodles of stuff delivered with the Crunchies-nominated TaskRabbit iPhone App!

We deliver. Hire friendly, background-checked TaskRabbits in your neighborhood to deliver any item, conquer any errand, and even help out with...
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