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Visual Assist X 10.6.1842.0 Visual Assist X increases automation, simplifies navigation and displays vital information as you develop new software.Visual Assist X boosts productivity with powerful editing features integrated into your Microsoft development environment.
Nautilus-Flac-Converter 0.0.5 Nautilus-Flac-Converter is a Nautilus extension that converts FLAC files into another format. Currently, FLACS can only be encoded to Ogg Vorbis, but plans for the future include using GStreamer to handle the encoding, which will allow more...
ExeScript Bat To Exe 3.0 ExeScript Bat to Exe is a program designed to save time for developers and administrators who need to be able to convert or compile batch files and various other formats into executable programs. This also allows you to produce far more versatile...
DoxyS for Linux 1.15 DoxyS is a code documentation tool for C++/C. DoxyS strives to yield a very professional looking output, presenting the the code in a structured easy to navigate set of HTML pages. Easy to use: Just navigate to the root of your code directory and...
John's Mutant 2.17 John's Mutant contains a compiler for the mutant language. It is written in python, and emits NASM source code for 16bit DOS, x86 Linux, and x86_64 LInux. This is the successor to the Burapha Compiler Kit.
Microsoft .NET Services Datasheet 1.0 This datasheet provides a quick summary of Microsoft .NET Services, part of the Azure Services Platform.Microsoft .NET Services is a set of loosely coupled services that make it easy to realize many of the benefits offered by cloud-based software....
Flapjax 1.0 Flapjax is a new programming language designed around the demands of Modern, client-based Web applications. Its principal features include:1.Event-driven, reactive evaluation2.Persistent data saved on a data store we provide3. Convenient data...
EGSL 1.5.3 EGSL is a small interpreter written in Pascal which can execute Lua scripts. So you can do all what you can do with Lua but even more d-deTZ because I implemented some graphics routines so you can write graphical programs. The function names are...
Libxslt for Windows 1.1.26 Libxslt is the XSLT C library developed for the GNOME project. XSLT itself is a an XML language to define transformation for XML. Libxslt is based on libxml2 the XML C library developed for the GNOME project. It also implements most of the EXSLT...
ObjectBox 1.1.7 ObjectBox is a free, opensource o:XML compiler and interpreter written entirely in Java. It implements The o:XML Programming Language specification, and provides a complete compilation and runtime environment.Features Java extensions - o:XML...
to design a C Compiler in linux 1.0 I want to build a Compiler that will compile C programs.compiler consists of lexical analysis stage,parser,syntax analysis,code generation stage.code for lexical analysis, parser is written in linux using lex and yacc tool.

GNU General...
SDCC PIC14 Port Enhancements 1.0 This is an effort to improve the state of the SDCC pic14 port Libraries

GNU General Public License (GPL)
nesJ 1.0 nesJ

GNU General Public License (GPL)
GNUSH 1.0 To make life easier for embedded systems engineers working on Hitachi targets, KPIT offers GNUSH & GNUH8 tool chain with free technical support to the European GNUSH & GNUH8 community.Visit for more...
Ownership and Immutability Generic Java 1.0 Ownership and Immutability Generic Java (OIGJ) is a programming language based on Java with generic types. OIGJ supports deep ownership, confinement, object- and reference-immutability.

Academic Free License (AFL)
CStringTemplate 1.0 CStringTemplate (CST) is a port of StringTemplate ( to the C language for use in embedded systems. It compiles template source files into .group files, which are executed on the CST virtual machine (CVM).
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C++ Java Hybrid Compiler 1.0 We will try to design a new compiler that will take best features both from C++ and Java : Memory Management through smart pointers, extra checks to remove segmentation fault, better packaging, no need to write separate header file.

VCLX 17.02 VCLX allows you to retain compatibility with legacy OS's (like Microsoft "Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP") in C/C++ projects (with or without MFC) built with a modern Microsoft "C/C++ compiler" (like "VC" from Microsoft...
GoldenSharp Simple and lightweight C# IDE + compiler. Best for fast implementations of small console applications - extend your tools beyond windows batch files.What makes GoldenSharp worthy your attention? * Ultra simple IDE * Smart syntax highlighter *...
eXperimental Language Compiler Project 1.0 An experimental language compiler project, mainly educational purposes.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
XINAL - XINAL Is Not Arc Lisp 1.0 XINAL Is Not Arc Lisp. XINAL will be a new dialect of Lisp. Whereas Lisp is practically a programmable programming language, XINAL will be written in a subset of itself, and thus will literally be a programmable programming language.
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OSLSys 1.0 A licensing system for software developers that can freely be distributed and modified to fit any software needs. Designed to be full featured and easy to use.

Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0)
MYRPG400 COMPILER FOR RPG/ILE 1.0 MYRPG400 is a IBM Compatilbe PC Compiler which can compile RPG, RPGILE, PF, LF, DDS, PRT and CL source files without connecting to AS/400 machine by using MS Winodws Platform.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
GP2Exe (Graphical Python to Exe) 1.0 GP2Exe makes .exe files from Python scripts. But it isn\'t like those complicated programs availble, where coding is not important but essential: it has a stable, fast, user-friendly and intuitive GUI to make things as easy as they can be. Download  View Info
Fifth system 1.0 Fifth is a exciting project to develop a new programming language that has all the capabilityits of C to develop low-level drivers, but uses a postfix syntax and has many high-level features from LISP and ML.

BSD License
Python Compiler for GCC 1.0 Vgcp is GCC front end for Python programming language.

a GCC front end for Python language
Compiler python language into binary file to make it run everywhere.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
DoCaml 1.0 Documentation of the compiler and virtual machine of the Objective Caml language
CPL'04 04 CPL'04

MIT License
GLADE for GNAT 1.0 Providing an up to date implementations of Annex E (Distributed Systems) of the ISO standard ISO/IEC 8652:1995/COR1:2000 for GNAT.

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2); Other License
php2jsp 1.0 Code translation utility to convert Php website code into a Java/J2EE JSP equivalent code. Conversion application is written in Java. Utilizes Antlr to translate between the languages.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Perl on MMIX 1.0 Port the compiler/interpreter for the Perl programming language tothe MMIX assembly language.

Artistic License; GNU General Public License (GPL)
Java2C++ 1.0 Java2C++ is a translator from Java to C++. It makes the assumption that the java program to translate is a properly functioning program, significantly simplifying analysis. Java run-time environment will be provided in a runtime library.
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Pygone 0.1 Pygone is to be a programming language built on top of Python, aimed to be a ridiculously high level programming language, allowing for it to be used to introduce people to programming.
C# Intel Syntax Binary Assembler 0.0.1 This is a binary assembler written entirely in C#. It will support the full INTEL and AMD instruction sets as doucmented in their Architecture Software Developer Manuals.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Yarml 1.0 YARML or (Yet Another Readable Markup Langage) is a simple and readable markup language which have the same structure of XML but with new syntax which near to the syntax which used with the high level programming languages like Java,PHP, C and...
MyJava 1.0 An Open Source Language based on Java. It will have much simpler syntax and powerful compiler which will make developer task easy. It will internally convert code written into Java classes and generate *.class files using existing Java...
FreaKaffeE 1.0 FreaKaffeE is a freaky extension to the Java(tm) programming language. It features variable and extended method overloading, transactions and much more; thus offering more flexibility. FreaKaffeE programs are compiled into Java code.
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Compiler Front End Generator 1.0 Front provides a compiler front end generator that can generate a parser, pretty printer, symbol table handling, and Abstract Syntax Tree data structures and traversals. It also provides a C preprocessor library, and an AST rewriter generator. Download  View Info
Scripto Basic 1.0 This is a very simple programing language developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. I can guarentee you that this is a unique language. This language has the concept of 'Class'. This language can only get better in near future.
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Atacc - Ada To Ansi C Compiler 1.0 An Ada To ANSI C Compiler targeted towards small embedded systems who lacks an Ada compiler but have an ANSI C Compiler.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
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