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CMUDPro 2.3
CMUDPro 2.3 Are you tired of the constant grind of the graphical MMO games? Tired of paying monthly subscription fees? Try playing one of the hundreds of free text-based adventure games on the Internet using CMUD: The fastest and most versatile MUD client...

BASCOM-AVR 2.0 BASCOM AVR is a very powerful and easy-to-use compiler for the AVR series of micro controllers developed by Atmel. The program comes with a very user-friendly interface and a set of simple commands, and provides more flexibility than other...
Statecharts Interpreter for Java rc This is an Hierarchical State Machine (aka Statechart) engine written in Java (1.5 +) Actually we will develop only support for a subset of UML 2.0 semantics but, in future, we hope to add support for other semantics.
CC Shell 0.0.4 CCSH is provides a way of using C programs in the way you use shell scripts. This allows the user to only have to manage 1 file (the source file). This is also useful in heterogenious environments. The code is compiled upon execution. In the fu
TYFany 1.0.0 TYFany (pronounced Tiffany) allows you to take your files along with their hierarchy on a portable storage media (like USB) to be accessed on the run. Any changes in the hierarchy on the portable media can be docked with the base hierarchy.
Formiga Scripting Language rc.1.0.02 Formiga is a programming language based in Apaches Ant. The main difference between Ant and Formiga (Ant in Catalan) is that Formiga is aimed to be used as a scripting language for new or existing applications.
Rexx/SQL 1.0 Rexx/SQL is a Rexx external function package that allows access to various SQL databaseswith the same interface. Multiple databases from different vendors may be connected at once.
JEPLite: java expression parser enlited rc JEPLite is a light-weighted (re)implementation of the Java Expression Parser ( The intention is to strip some of its not-so-often-used features, and thus speeding the rest. Includes expression optimizer.
Uniwin 1.0
Uniwin 1.0 Uniwin is an intelligent way doing remote development. It is a tool set to make Eclipse/CDT & other IDEs remote development environments of compiling and debugging UNIX programs. With it, Eclipse runs on Windows, but compiles and debugs...
WinS7 Scheme 7.2010.09.10 S7 Scheme for windows. Note this is alpha software undergoing development. Developers interested in the source code are advised to check out the latest copy from the SVN repository.
JSPP Scripting Language 0.1.2 JSPP is an untyped, java-like scripting language designed to be embedded in applications. It's written in C and can be compiled on VC/Win, Tandem (HP Non-Stop), and Linux.
cppsh 0.07 cppsh is a utility for compiling C++ program fragments into executable form, and caching and invoking the results. It simplifies the use of C++ for shell scripting tasks.
codeSlinger 1.0.1 codeSlinger is an open source editor / integrated development environment designed for programmers. It is flexible enough to be used with virtually any programming language, yet powerful enough to develop large projects. codeSlinger itself, for...
Zero Compiler The Zero Compiler is a hybrid of many computer languages incorporated into one. Push of the project is to move away from the over bloated size of .NET & other traditional compilers. Zero pushes to provide minimalism, speed &...
RxSock 32 RxSock is an external function package for Rexx programmers to enable them to connect to, and act as, TCP/IP socket servers.
NLBasic 1.0 NLBasic - The Natural Language BASIC.
BSGP 2.0 Bulk-Synchronous GPU Programming Compiler This is a compiler for the Bulk-Synchronous GPU Programming (BSGP) language. BSGP is a new language for general-purpose computation on a graphics processing unit (GPU). BSGP programs look similar to...
mod_sass 1.0.rc1 mod_sass is a module for Apache web server. It compiles Sass stylesheets into CSS automatically when the sass stylesheet is requested by a clients browser. It also includes its own cache so that the CSS is only compiled when the SASS is modified.
fla2swf 1.0.1 Multiple flash document(fla) compile to swf with only drag.Programming Language : actionscript 2.0, screenweaver API
linsmallc 1.0 This is my attempt to port the Cain/Hendrix Small C Compiler to Linux.
JSimpleSim 1.0 A machine language simulator written in Java that based on SimpSim by Anne-Gert Bultena.
soya rc Soya is an open-source implementation of the SSDL specification, built on top of the Windows Communictaion Foundation (WCF) (formerly Indigo). it provides a programming model and runtime environment for creating and enacting SSDL contracts.
E-XML Parsing Library 1.0.beta8 A XML pull-parse library for Java 1.2, designed for processing XML protocol messages in the most efficient way possible.Contains a complete HTTP client library.
Bigloo for Windows 1 A Windows native distribution of Bigloo, a Scheme system that includes an optimizing compiler generating C code, Java classes and .NET CIL files as well as an interpreter.
XSB 1.0 Logic Programming and Deductive Database system (Tabled Prolog) for Unix and Windows.
UltraBasic Compiler 031 UltraBasic is a QBasic compatible compiler, written originally by Gabriel Fernandez, and continued until 2004 by Angelo Rosina.It was hosted on Geocities, and has been moved here because of Geocities shutdown.Source code is in QB PDS 7.
Old LCLint Project 3.1.0 This is the old LCLint project repository. See for the current Splint project.
nsjava 1.0.5 nsjava is a loadable c-module which embeds a java virtual machine in aolserver. This module is being developed to support the openacs project - see, but it could find general application as a web development tool.
Lua for PalmOS (with source code) alpha2 Lua for PalmOS is a port of LUA 5 to the PalmOS plataform.Currently working on a alpha 2 version... You already can download alpha1 and alpha2 versions.
JBasic 28 JBasic is a traditional BASIC language intepreter written in Java for command line or embedded use. It supports conventional GW-BASIC style syntax, plus some modern extensions for supporting threads, JDBC, etc. JBasic can be run directly from a...
Cocoon 2 NetKernel Adaption Kit 0.3.1 The Cocoon Adaption Kit is a NetKernel module which enables the use of Cocoon Components (Generators, Transformers, Serializer, Actions) from within the NetKernel XML Application Server.
FCSH Wrapper 0.1.2 A wrapper over the fcsh (Flex Compiler Shell) that expose the fcsh.exe to be accessed from an ant task. You can send mxmlc commands from ant tasks to a wrapped fcsh instance. Informations about project are on
dynExp 0.1 A dynamic evaluator of mathematical expression. This project aim to teach and train for compiler and interpretor coding.
SymLang 0.1.0 SymLang is an other interpreted object oriented embedded language. It's a prototype language, this means it implements some ideas that would not work well in a real world environment. If you are interested in language development, tou will enjoy...
Efficient Shader Compiler 1.1.001 An efficient shader compiler, a simple and practical solution for managing shader files in 3d engine projects. Editing fx files is just as easy as editing c files with its help. It provides a lot more than fxc.exe. (key words: HLSL,GLSL,DirectX,CG)
ThinLisp 1.0.1 ThinLisp is a practical dialect of lisp for real world applications. You develop in Common Lisp, you deploy in C. ThinLisp programs are as fast as C, by design. Used for a decade in million line systems.
StringsGenerator 1 A "programming language" that can generate random strings. Useful for creating password, but has many other uses (it can generate IP addresses, fully random but pronounceable words, ..., anything that a string can represent). Written in C#
sisw2006 1.0 Multiplatform Pascal interpreter
CPPML 0.4 CPPML adds support to C++ for some of the type constructions and pattern matching that are found in ML-based languages like OCaml. CPPML transforms sourcecode back to regular c++ and should work with most compilers.
MELSOFT GX Configurator-DP 4.0
MELSOFT GX Configurator-DP 4.0 GX Configurator DP can be used to configure all Profibus/DP modules of Mitsubishi's modular PLCs. In addition to MELSEC PLCs it also supports connection of Mitsubishi frequency inverters, the E series of graphical control units and remote I/O...
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