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experimental engines for tcl 4 Developers experimental playground for radical modification of tcl's engine.
Cybiko B2C 1.0 B2C is a BASIC-to-C language translator/compiler for the Cybiko Handheld Computer for Teens. It takes BASIC source code and emits C source code. The BUILD task simplifies gathering of graphics, sounds, and other resources to create a complete...
The Hush Programming Language 0.8.4 Hush is a full object-oriented programming language, based looselyon Smalltalk. It includes typeless data, dynamic method binding,exception handling, closures, mixins, multiple threads,garbage collection and X11 graphics bindings.
galsC compiler 0.1.0 galsC (pronounced "GALS-see") is a language and compiler designed for use with the TinyGALS programming model, which uses TinyOS as the underlying component model. TinyGALS is a globally asynchronous, locally synchronous model for...
f2cpp 1.1.2 f2cpp is a python script to convert Fortran 77 to C++ code. The output files of f2cpp script, in contrast to the well-known f2c translator, can be easy read by human.
Bee script 0.9 Bee script is a scripting language for the Java platform. It is based on the BeanShell scripting language but it provides better tools for functional programming.
Enterprise Analyst 1.0 Using Enterprise Analyst, software analysts, architects and developers can validate, simulate and document future system domain models. The tool allows them to concentrate on the core of the system domain logic and is able to test the system...
ICCV7 for MSP430 Professional 7.1 beta ICCV7 for MSP430 Professional is a ANSI C compiler for MSP430 code generation. IDE with Application Builder, editor, project manager, code browser and built-in support for flash programmer in the IDE and a standalone command line tool for...
tuProlog (2P) 2.4.0 2P is a light-weight Prolog system (interpreter and API), featuring core minimality (suitable for applet and mobile computing), dynamic extensibility and configurability, seamless bi-directional integration with Java (and .NET in the .NET version)
Python in Scheme 1.0 python-in-scheme is a scheme library that allows you to run python code within scheme. It uses the Python/C API to embed a python interpreter.
MinGW-w64 - for 32 and 64 bit Windows 2.0.3 The mingw-w64 project is a complete runtime environment for gcc to support binaries native to Windows 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
Java On Java 0.2 A basic Java VM implementation on top of MIDP2, to account for the lack of class loading capabilities of this profile.
The Squirrel programming language 1.0 Squirrel is a light weight programming language featuring higher-order functions,classes/inheritance,delegation,tail recursion,generators,cooperative threads,exception handling, reference counting and garbage collection on demand. C-like syntax.
Php Interpreter 1.0 Simple interpreter system. Customer, intrerpreter and admin based system. (order and pay)For example ;customer-> translated document(s)->to admin with form->admin to interpreter->interpreter(translated document(s))->to admin-> to...
nScriptHost 1.0 nScriptHost is a .NET library that supports VBScript and JScript. It allows developers to integrate scripting into their applications and expose objects from the application to the scripting engine so that scripts can interact with the application.
cspanol 1.0 cspanol (pronounced si-span-yol), is a linux program for translating cspanol code into c code, and then compiling it in GCC. cspanol code is just c code with the statements (such as if or while) and some of the processor directives.
mikroPascal PRO for AVR 5.4
mikroPascal PRO for AVR 5.4 mikroPascal PRO for AVR is a full-featured Pascal compiler for Atmel® AVR devices. Pascal is a popular programming language that encapsulates strong data types, very nice syntax, and has probably the best balance between simplicity and...
Language Generator by Instil (LGI) 0.95 Linear time, dynamic API for lexical analysis and parser generation. Allows for a text-based specification of formal languages with the well-known regular-expressions approach, and using Parsing Expression Grammars as the underlying engine.
Funker 1.0 Funker is a tool to graphically create complex functions usable for procedural data-generation.
Co-op Composition Workbench 1.0 Co-op is a workbench for the definition and use of composition operators: abstractions that can encapsulate standard solutions such as coding idioms, design patterns and composition techniques, and can later be (re-) used just like library classes.
ucbasic 1.0 micro c basic is light weight portable(posix dependent) basic compiler for tiny virtual machine.
ubxscript 1.0 Simple script engine, designed for text adventures and quests development. At this point - there is not documentation, so you have to examine sources...
Object REXX GTK+ Project 1.0.0 The Object REXX GTK+ Project provides a modal dialog manager interface to the GTK+ library from IBM's Object REXX. The project consists of a set of REXX external functions and an Object REXX class library which wraps those functions.
Luke StackWalker 0.9.9
Luke StackWalker 0.9.9 Luke StackWalker is a handy application designed to be a GUI-based C/C++ source code profiler. It samples your application's stack while the application is running to find out where the application spends most of its time.Feature list : *...
IBM Jikes Compiler for the Java Language 1.0 JikesTM is a compiler for the JavaTM language. The Jikes project strives for strict adherence to the Java Language and Java Virtual Machine Specifications. Jikes' most popular feature is it's extremely fast compile speed.
Acheron 0.6.22 Acheron is a Common Lisp (CL) to JavaScript (JS) compiler. Programs are written in a subset of CL and after compilation executed in a webbrowser. Acheron has native functions that are written in JS and are the bridge between CL and JS.
QuickerBasic 32 QuickerBasic is a QuickBasic 4.5 compatible compiler which attempts to implement as much of the QuickBasic language as possible, as well as extending it.
PyLogo 0.1 An interpreter for the Logo programming language. Written in Python, with access to the Python runtime and libraries.
Object Oriented Euphoria OOEU is an open source, enhanced implementation of the Euphoria programing language.
MLton Standard ML Compiler rc MLton is a whole-program optimizing Standard ML compiler.
Astra ERP 1.0 Astra is a russian ERP software for use in engeneering plants.
Gentee Programming Language 3.6
Gentee Programming Language 3.6 The Gentee programming language can be classified as a procedure-oriented language with some features typical of object-oriented programming. It has no complicated constructions and is easy to use, but at the same time it is a powerful tool for...
ExeScript Compile and run scripts - no additional software required!

Ever want to run a VBscript or JavaScript without needing to open it in a Web browser? Need automated, silent execution? Must create an executable file, but don't want to...
ScriptCryptor ScriptCryptor lets you quickly produce standalone, royalty free applications from your VBS or JS files. VBScript or JScript files will be converted into EXE files, the source of your scripts will be encrypted with Blowfish algorithm. Once...
Just BASIC 1.01 Just BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for light programming and teaching or learning programming. Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more. Includes a syntax coloring editor, a debugger,...
Virtual Print Engine v4.00
Virtual Print Engine v4.00 PDF Library / Report Generator / Print Engine. Free Community Edition. (!)The Community Edition is freeware, i.e. it is free of charge and - also for commercial applications - royalty-free.

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and...
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