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ser232mon 1.01 ser232mon for Windows 98/ME/2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003 what's ser232mon ------------- ser232mon can monitor the RS232 COM1,2,3,... and show the datas when the Windows application control the RS232...

Befunge IDE 1.0 A Befunge-93 and eventually Funge-98 interpreter/debugger in C++, for all platforms.

MIT License
Code Medic 4 Code Medic provides an elegant, graphical interface to gdb's most important features and integrates with Code Crusader.

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
pyBdisetup 1.0 GUI wrapper for the application 'bdisetup' of Abatron. This application is used for configuring their JTAG debuggers, like the BDI2000.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
lguestdebugger 1.0 Kernel code coverage, profiler and debugger built on top of lguest infrastructure.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Log4JME 1.0 LOG4JME is a library wich exposes to applications in J2ME a service capable to address via 9 different types of output channel the log messages. The 9 different types of appender are : Irda, Bluetooth, Email, Sms, File, RMS and a generic...
strace for windows mobile 1.0 strace-wince is a system call tracer for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Windows-based Smartphones, it intercepts API calls and prints out a trace of all the API calls made by a another process/program.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
VisLua 1.0 VisLua is a full featured IDE for the Lua scripting language written in Lua. VisLua supports full context debugging, syntax highlighing, and many other advanced IDE features.

BSD License
QCppUnit 1.0 QCppUnit is a framework to perform unit testing, as described for example in Extrem Programming . This framework uses Qt to display the result of the tests and contains an example that show how to test a Qt application, even on user behaviour.
log4jhickjack 1.0 Small light component allowing to change debug levels in log4j at run-time in a J2EE WebContainer.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Minimal Error Handling for Lotus Script 1.0 LS-ERROR: Minimal Error Handling for Lotus Script

Public Domain
Ra Testing Manager 1.4.20 RaTM is a testing utility wich provides following abilities: * running suite of tests * report generation for each testing session * statistics for each tester * command line interface * report can be generated in xml or html format * other
IWBasic (formerly Emergence BASIC) 2.0 IWBasic is a full featured 32 bit compiler for the Windowsd-OC?D? operating system. Creates small, fast executables and DLL's. IWBasic supports both procedural and OOP style programming.Features:Main Features:- Fast 32 bit assembler, linker, and...
SABUGO 1.0 SABUGO-Optimized Bugs Accompaniment System (Portuguese: "Sistema de Acompanhamento de Bugs Otimizado")is a web-basead system which helps programmers and software engineers to manage and keep the tracking of registers bugs of a software. Download  View Info
ConSense 1.0 ConSense is a singular "jack of all trades" web development console intended to ease all your bugtracking, testing and page architecture tasks. Its siblings, RedSand and SimpleClasses form a sound, dynamic, object oriented JavaScript/DHTML...
bugex 1.0 BugEx utilizes automated debugging approaches to help developers how a failure comes into existence.
yet another swing unit test tool 1.0 unit testing tool for java swing application

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Javascript is smart 1.0 JSmart is a JavaScript compiler written in c++, an interpreter, a debugger and a full application development framework

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Multi-Platform 8051 Simulator 1.0 This project intends to create a portable 8051 simulator to run on many platforms using FLTK as the graphics library

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Valgui, a user interface for Valgrind 1.0 Valgui, an extensive interface for Valgrind

GNU General Public License (GPL)
JAVA Declarative DeBugger 1.0 A Declarative Debugger for Java

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Linux Debug (DOS debug like) 1.0 Linux Debug is a tool for debugging linux ELF programs at the assembly level. It currently runs only on 80x86 and AMD64 platforms. Not like GDB, the interface is most like MS-DOS debug. So that, it will more friendly for new Linux Assembly...
PCI Configuration Utility. 1.0 pci-utility is utility developed to access PCI Device configuration Space. It enables user to read and write registers on PCI Configuration space of PCI Devices.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
c2vcg 1.0b3 Expresses C program in graphical control flow chart in VCG GDL.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
PHP Web Bug 1.0 Project that allows you to edit various files on a server through your web browser. Has syntax highlighting, and eventually will beable to debug php files through it's interface You can see a sample here:...
I2CAnalyzer 1.0 This software provides I2C logging facilities for Windows and Linux together with a graphical user interface to visualize the signal flow of the I2C communication and to help debugging communication problems.

GNU General Public License...
MPS Simulator 1.0 The MPS Simulator project is an effort to create a virtual machine for different CPUs and different board configurations especially for the embedded sector.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
JHeap 1.0 JHeap provides the toolset to help Java developers discover and fix the root cause of memory issues in their applications. JHeap integrates easily with your application server and has been designed to be used in production environments with low...
WinDbg Uncovered 1.0 This project/document has been created to give more exposure of the advanced debugging and dump file analysis/concepts using WinDbg. The document contains the real world scenario of programming bugs/problems with the authors explanation.
debug output logger 1.0b1 dLog is a swift c++ std::stream based output logger that works with tags. It is easy to use, swift and inexpensive when turned off. An example: dLog::write("fileOutput") << "open file:" << filename;

Python binding annotations. 1.0 This module provides relevant binding annotations for a given line of source and stack frame. Furthermore it integrates this feature into traceback reporting. Repository and Trac at:

GNU General Public...
SearJ - Java project backtracking tool 1.0 Tool that can be used to backtrack from unexpected results, outputs or exceptions. It is intended to be used to debug and understand complex Java projects.
tds2pdb 1.0 TDS to PDB debug symbols conversion utility

MIT License
Automatic JUnit Creation Tool 1.26 The Automatic JUnit Creation Tool analyzes java classes to map all possible test branches. The tool then guides users through the generation of a JUnit test. Key features :- Rapid Creation of JUnit Tests for Nearly All Java Classes- Increases Code...
HzTail 3.7 Build 819 Hoo WinTail is a real-time log monitor and log viewer for Windows like the UNIX tail -f utility. It can be used to view the end of a growing file. It is ideal for viewing application traces or server log in real-time. You can view the last part of...
PHP HTTP client 1.0 The original intent was to make a pretty simple "connect and send" http client, it has since grown to include as much http 1.0 client capabilitlies (as defined in RFC 1945) as possible.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
SysEye 119 Utility to control all objects that you see in Windows screen (text, combo boxes, buttons, pictures...). You will be able to enable disabled objects, to hide buttons, to modify menus... Useful utility for programmers who need object's...
ServletExecDebugger Plugin for Eclipse 1.0 Allows the ServletExecDebugger to be integrated with your java web projects. This is a plugin for Eclipse. It requires Eclipse (any version) and the ServletExecDebugger (version 3.1/4.1) provided by New Atlanta.

Common Public License 1.0
Hardware Memory Checker 1.0 This is a memory checker utility that provides memory allocation and release functionality. It uses the memory paging system to allocate a guard page after each page of memory to provide a hardware boundary that can detect memory overflows. This...
xSYM support for GDB 1.0 Add full .xSYM format support to OSX version of gdb. This allows source level debugging of CFM and CodeWarrior compiled MachO programs with command line gdb. Also a tweaked version of gdb for CodeWarrior users is available.

GNU General...
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