Emergency Care And Coordination Service 1.0 An emergency care and coordination system

Academic Free License (AFL); BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL); MIT License; Public ...
OLIMPVS 1.0 A system for coordination and exchange built on Freenet and GPG.

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
Tilt lite
Tilt Lite Are you bored and want to spend time with something new, different, something that would improve your eye-hand coordination? Then Tilt is what you are looking for! By balancing balls to different targets ...
Space Mouse 1.0 This simulator game will test your coordination and patience. New levels appear within levels and you must move your mouse, being careful not to touch the wall. Collect keys which open doors at different ...
Letter Better 1.0 A handheld application to train hand-eye-mind coordination for writing and drawing.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
ColorCoordi 1.3.4
ColorCoordi 1.3.4
This is an application in which you can enjoy interior coordination of the entrance, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom of a house which uses Panasonic building-material ...
TaskHard2 Software Agent Simulator 1.0
TaskHard2 Software Agent Simulator 1.0 A market-based coordination mechanisms simulator for large-scale multi-agent systems used in the paper [MJ Ham, G Agha. "Market-based Coordination Strategies for Large-scale Multi-Agent Systems," ...
Visual Coordination Network Editor 1.0 Visual Coordination Network Editor is a application for describing network hierarchy and its behavior with label transition systems (LTS).

GNU General Public License (GPL)
TaskHard2 Physical Experiment Simulator 1.0
TaskHard2 Physical Experiment Simulator 1.0 This is the market-based multi-robot coordination simulator software used in the paper [MyungJoo Ham and Gul Agha, "Market-based Coordination Strategies for Physical Multi-Agent Systems," ACM ...
VirtualEOC 1.0 An online virtual emergency organization center for disaster management coordination between the governmental and NGO sectors.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
ASPEN OneLiner 11 8 ASPEN OneLinerâ„¢ is a PC-based short circuit and relay coordination program for relay engineers. OneLiner is a productivity tool. It relieves the engineer from the tedious and time-consuming tasks of ...
ReflexX ReflexX is a hand-eye coordination game that stretches your reflexes to the max. Play against your friends or the AI in an environment where the player with the fastest twitch-reflexes wins. Button-mashers ...
The Volunteer Coordination System 1.0 Volunteer Coordination System - manages parents and volunteers for development purposes, useful for schools or public events where parents can signup online and admins can query for who\'s signed ...
Choreography 1.0 Framework for coordination of distributed processes
communicating by message passing
Pre-School Flash Cards 1.2 This app is very simple to use and children love to learn with it. The optional background music is sure to help keep them entertained for hours. Hand and eye coordination is improved while learning.
StarBug StarBug is a fun game to challenge you and your friends!
You may need good eye-hand coordination to get high scores.
In Game1~3, Tilt the phone to position the Rocket then flick to launch. Download  View Info
My Mega City 1.0
My Mega City 1.0 My Mega City is a fun way for your kids to learn hand-eye coordination via engaging interactive interface and animation. It is a free perfect playground app for parents to interact with their children.
Curve Direct 3. 4. 2002 Curve direct is a software intended for all people seeking to view the behavior of automatic breaking devices placed in cascade in a LV electrical network.
Curve direct is used to view coordination ...
Islamic Portal Pro 2.0
Islamic Portal Pro 2.0 Advanced Islamic prayer times, calendar, Full version - Totally free - Prayer times for any place in the world, without having to enter any coordination. As the application contains all cities and villages ...
Pop Beads 1.1
Pop Beads 1.1 Remember pop beads? Now you can experience their satisfying pop-togetherness on your phone or tablet.

With this realistic simulation you can make lovely patterns with 130 (and counting) brilliantly ...
YUMETENBO Collection 1.12.4
YUMETENBO Collection 1.12.4 Kisekae=(changing clothes and shoes to find the best coordination.)

Can't stop enjoying fashion(dressing up)!
Which do you like to be, a princess ? or a sweet-devil ?
Freely try a ...
ZeroBallz Test your eye-hand coordination and try to maintain focus! Use your hand dexterity to place all balls into the right holes, by matching colors and stay away from the black holes.
I am open to suggestions ...
Professional_Coordinate_Free 1.0
Professional_Coordinate_Free 1.0 This app is charactorized by proposing outfit coordination with clothing you own now automatically.
In short, your iPhone will become your stylist.
Splong 2.0
Splong 2.0 In this version of an old classic, you play against yourself from four sides. Requires coordination and multitasking abilities!

This is a very simple game intended to test an idea I had. If ...
Music Keyboard App 1.0 Music Keyboard App is the perfect app for those wanting to have fun and practice their finger-eye coordination.
Your fingers dance to the rhythm of music and therefore break syllables falling down ...
Skateboarding Extreme 1.0
Skateboarding Extreme 1.0 Skateboarding Extreme is a free arcade game where kids can release all their power of imagination and train their coordination skills. Extreme skateboarding is all about picking out the right moment ...
ECSKernel 1 ECSKernel is a multiagent coordination algorithm testbed, built on the RoboCupRescue disaster simulation platform. It is easily configurable and can be used with user-generated scenarios.
Limo Parking 1.0
Limo Parking 1.0 So simple to realize your dream: be a real driver of a limousine! In this game you will test your driving and parking skills as well as coordination and attention. Download Limo parking Game and improve ...
Cortext Imprivata Cortextâ„¢ is the secure communication platform for healthcare that enables care team coordination across multiple healthcare organizations.
My Boxing Coach Lite 1.2
My Boxing Coach Lite 1.2 My Boxing Coach Lite is your personal trainer during your heavy bag workouts. This app's features will improve your skills, coordination, strength and endurance.

*Quickly burn fat.
Download  View Info
BoPoMoFo Tap 1.2 Do you have what it takes to make your way to the high scores? BoPoMoFo Tap is a fun and addictive game that tests your determination and coordination. Tap your way through Bo Po Mo Fo as fast as you ...
Workflow Document Management 3.0 One day the management in your company decided to use project management software. First of all you have to know all facts about project management software. What is project management software? You have ...
OpenProjectManagement 1.0 OpenProjectManagement is a tool for helping on project management.Cover : Coordination, content, delay, cost, quality, resource, communication, risk and stocks.No domain restriction (not only for software ...
Appington Bath Time is Better with Voice 1.02
Appington Bath Time Is Better With Voice 1.02 A great little game requiring you to respond to the cries of adorable cartoon critters by tapping on them to save them from spinning into oblivion.

Perfect for building hand eye coordination ...
CppLINDA : C++ LINDA Implementation 1.0 CppLINDA is a C++ LINDA implementation of the LINDA coordination language for Linux Operating Systems. This Library consists of a client and server implementation and , moreover, some new operations.
MirrorGame 1.0
MirrorGame 1.0 The Mirror Game is an interactive, free access brain entrainment platform designed for people of all ages. It develops visual-spatial skills, hand movements coordination as well as focus and concentration.
Super Brain: Learn Colors Free 1.0
Super Brain: Learn Colors Free 1.0 A unique way for toddlers to learn colors and develop eye-hand coordination at the same time! Easy controls and no penalties makes this game easy and fun to play.

A ...
Fast Traffic 1.3.1
Fast Traffic 1.3.1 Fast Traffic is much more than just a game.

It requires superior hand-eye coordination and it's loaded with adrenaline and lots of fun!

It's traffic in rush hour and on steroids!
Cosmos-fp7 7 COSMOS (Coordination of Standards in Metabolomics) brings together European data providers to set and promote community standards that will make it easier to disseminate metabolomics data through life ...
Token Dancer 1.1.3
Token Dancer 1.1.3 Token Dancer is a thrilling eye-hand coordination game featuring both innovative & addictive gameplay. A game like nothing you've seen before!

Never stop dancing!

Let the amazing ...
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