NSE EOD Synchronizer 1.0 nseeod is a Indian stock market data downloder and synchronizer.

GNU General Public License (GPL)

Blog is converted into the book -ama-book- 1.0.1
Blog Is Converted Into The Book -Ama-Book- 1.0.1 It is an application program to be able to make your blog an electronic book easily with one button.
It is possible to read by being able to contribute the blog made a book, and downloading everyone.
Abo3zoOz Blog Abo3zoOz Blog .... arabic site for muslem man .... my blog about any thing in my country >>> kuwait
and any thing in the technology world
iam user for android and ios and writing the ...
Ping Site 1.0 is a blog ping script that pings or notifies Weblog Services such as Blog Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. This help to index your blog fast and make your content available ...
Auto Comment For Yahoo360 Blog 1.0 Comment other's blog automatically.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
How To Grow A Moustache Blog 1.0 “A Gentleman’s Guide To Facial Awareness”
While scouring the internet a gentleman can’t help but notice that there aren’t many places for us to gather and speak of gentlemanly things. To ...
SmartyRooster 1.0 This is a blog engine.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Lfc-Blog For Linux 1.0 Beta 3 The lfc-blog package is a simple blog for LFC.LFC is a Content Manangement System based on the Django framework#md5=3a7596c3bfb678456780b5e51e9e50b8
Free Car Insurance Adsense Blog Theme 1 As you know, bloly blog default theme's is so simply. But their script was powerful to create a multi author blog for me. So, I trying hard to create my own car insurance adsense blog template to make ...
Gnome-Blog 0.9.2 Gnome-blog project is a panel applet that can post to BloggerAPI compatible blogs.* Clean interface doesn't get in the way of what you're writing* WYSIWYG styled text support* Entries can be written gradually ...
Sad-Blog 1.0 create blog mini, very easy to use

GNU General Public License (GPL)
The Soul Of Japan The Soul of Japan is a blog which is about all the great things that you could see and experience in the said country. In fact, the blog owner has listed all the places he had been to, and made a map ...
China Blog(Chinaroller) 1.0 We develop the Blog system using J2EE based on Roller.We develop this blog system to be useful to Chinese.We name this blog "ChinaRoller".

Apache License V2.0
Feminism And Religion 1 App to access the Feminism and Religion Blog.
Feminism and Religion
Exploring the F-word in religion and the intersection between scholarship, activism, and community.
"This blog on ...
AKB viewer 1.0.0
AKB Viewer 1.0.0 "AKB viewer" is an application for perusing AKB48 member's blog.

Since AKB48 member's newest blog report is indicated by the list, an inspection is possible only by touching a blog ...
DigiXMAS Blog Pinger 1.0.0 digiXMAS Blog Pinger is a very fast pinging tool that that pings your blog to hundreds of services within a minute. Using latest Microsoft .NET technology, the tool brings the beatiful user interface ...
Plaffo Applicazione ufficiale del blog Plaffo.com, la prima community italiana su Windows Phone. Il blog aggiornato quotidianamente dove trovi news, rumors, guide, recensioni di applicazioni/giochi e tutto quello ...
Opeli 1.0 Blog entrys and shit like that

Academic Free License (AFL)
KAKHA13'S Blog KAKHA13's HOT Blog posts...
It's Time To Rock N Roll
Lending Expert Blog Lending Expert Blog is one of the top rated mortgage blogs in the industry. The blog is authored by Amazon.com Best-Selling Author and CEO of Arcus Lending, Shashank Shekhar (NMLS 8176). Read over 200 ...
Tromaktiko This is an application developed for the Greek blog tromaktiko. The application is in Greek and provides the user with the latest news and contact.
Εφαρμογή για το ελληνικό ...
Webphlog 1.0 phlogin' the blog with php... Webphlog is a php based blogging system. Webphlog has a focus on customization, and will try to follow trackback, and meta-blog standards as much as possible. Webphlog ...
The Fictional Kiss Blog 1.0 Official application of the blog "The Fictional Kiss" : reviews, interviews, stories&poems - book blog, creation blog and more. Install it and find out more!
FC2BLOG 2.0.9
FC2BLOG 2.0.9 Due to popular demand we have released an application
that allows users to update their blogs easily from their smartphone!

Use FC2 Blog comfortably and conveniently from your iPhone!
Marketing Technology Blog 5.0.8 The Marketing Technology Blog is a must have app for any marketing professional or team. The app discusses the latest news, best practices, products and services for online marketing, inbound marketing, ...
UPReader - blog site reader 1.0
UPReader - Blog Site Reader 1.0 The official blog site reader app for the blog service dedicated to each , if you are viewing the blog blog different services , multiple applications are required .

Independently of the service ...
IDrive For WordPress - Windows Restore Version - 1.0 You can restore any file, database dump, or even the entire blog from any previous snapshot and start your blog again. You can use the IDrive for WordPress - Windows Restore application to restore your ...
My Blog 1.0 my blog created on iweb

Public Domain
BHT - Le Blog 1.0.3
BHT - Le Blog 1.0.3 Venez rejoindre les lecteurs du blog de la Boutique High-Tech. Notre blog traite de toute l'actualitA High-Tech, retrouvez ainsi tous les articles de notre blog sur notre application IOS.

-ActualitAs Download  View Info
* Comme Un Lundi * 1.0.2 Comme un Lundi (As a Monday) is a music blog that allows you to discover or rediscover artists of contemporary music. Now available on your Android smartphone, this application will allow you to follow ...
Send As Email Plugin For Windows Live Writer 1.1 The Send As Email Plug-in for Windows Live Writer sends the contents of the blog post via email when the post is published. Supports encrypted SMTP connections, Twitter updates, and personal messages ...
IBaBlog 1.0 PHP Open SourcePrototype Easy to Create Programming about Multiple User Blog,and Community Blog

GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
VictorAltamiranoBlog Aplicación del blog de Victor Altamirano. Las funciones son:

Guardar y eliminar de mis favoritos
Compartir en las redes sociales
Enviar por correo
Adsense.NetBot.Org Adsense Web Site 1 Yes! My adsense web site blog's comes with multi author's system. So, you can be one of my author's and post your own google adsense tips including your adsense web site link to grab more traffic for ...
Flip Thoughts 1.0 Flip thoughts are great thought provoking concepts and ideas that can change the way you look at life.
DanPink's Blog will Flip your idea of motivation
Leo Babauta's blog will flip your habits Download  View Info
Blog Reader for SharePoint MVPs
Blog Reader For SharePoint MVPs The Blog Reader for SharePoint MVP's App grabs the latest blog posts from all known SharePoint MVP blogs and surfaces them in one handy interface. Get the latest insider info from your favorite SharePoint ...
Blog-Creative 1.0 this is template driven web blog. Using php, smarty, mysql. Free for everyone.

Common Public License 1.0
Acronyms Plugin For Windows Live Writer 1.2 As a blogger you often need to specify some acronyms in you blog, description of some you know and some you don't. At that time you search various sources which can be time consuming, but here is ...
AjiNIMC Multi User Wordpress 1.0 This is a multi user/multi blog wordpress. Using this we can run a platform which can provide wordpress blog to different users using the same code base. One installation for multi blogs. This will run ...
Chrysanth WebStory 4.8 SR 1
Chrysanth WebStory 4.8 SR 1 Chrysanth WebStory is a Blog & Twitter superclient that manages multiple blogs, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr accounts easily.

Through WebStory, you may be able to remotely manage your blog ...
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