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Afro-soaker 1.4



Meaningless ssomaekeun Go away!
With Afro-sulgoraewa today Be the hero of a drink!
[Development intentions]
That feels good to drink alcohol anyway.
Afro-soaker is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.

  • License Freeware
  • Date Added 28 January, 2014
  • Category Mobile
  • Filesize 1.8 MB
  • Author Jeycorp


Meaningless ssomaekeun Go away!

Meaningless ssomaekeun Go away!
With Afro-sulgoraewa today Be the hero of a drink!
[Development intentions]
That feels good to drink alcohol anyway.
The golden ratio with Afro sulgoraewa ssomaekdo drink, and enjoy fun games together ~
Together Afro sulgoraewa.
Afro! ~ I'll do everything for!
[How to Use]
@ Ssomaekjejo: The first startup that runs on the camera screen is drawn cup.
Painted glass is still focused on the actual cup size.
Hand, have to bear so much propulsion smartphones, and looking at the screen of your phone soju and beer if you like ttarwo are proportionately.
* That's right. Of course, it is difficult. -_-
Rouse @ Play: Bottle roll game. Consonants in a future version of the game, etc. .. eopaendaun
Plans to add several games.
* Application is still being tested on me, but never doubt the other developers took. Random was right.
@ Boilermakers Manufacturing: Manufacture boilermakers famous recipe Be the beloved workers.
* Still being tested as soju and beer. Stuck his head as a joke chungseongju creative roll! C c c c c c
@ Warning: If you drink a lot of alcohol is harmful to health is a warning. Events are utilized to the page.
Province, and whimsical review selected ... Among a minute Hwalyonghalsu warning page make.
Desired date and time, enter the text from the update, please leave a warning box will gijaehae.
Point is excluded from the wording of advertisements or exploited.
[Application Method
※ For Employees: The company dinners every spot that is heavy enough.
Director of Afro-soaker application by running a cup Do not you been thinking ssomaek.
If you still solemn atmosphere. Chungseongju drink down! 've Been thinking.
Watching your forehead bleeding heumeuthan manager Imagine smiling!
're Gonna get a lot of the same. ㅠ
※ For the young: M 3, is a collection of more than three. Play - a woman, but already she seems more interested than me, my friend was away that day - you and I are a little hard to fight that day.
Yes Looking at the screen and Suzhou ssomaekjejoui heundeulrineuncheok percentage deliberately follow a lot.
Before me by a friend beorindamyeon kkwalra - to me - her mind is already made and you're obsessed. Will be.
※ Proposal EVENT: If only those well-written. Is not Even if you create your own pathetic team in the late sayeonman feedback on the proposed wording holster representative will give a warning.
Many applications receive the blessing of the user annoyed, smart women in the friend's name and if there were pictures ...
Imagine! 'm Pretty shy. * ^ ^ *
[Used equipment]
For specific models are subject to the image sagging phenomenon.
Publish reviews]
Maempeu ( Afro-design team ( to eat drink one day, the creative team was thinking.
His girlfriend and drink Anything else imperious?
Eventually did.
But the truth is ... Dolrilttaen first drink, two teams achieved in vivo a variety of ergonomic ssomaekyi golden ratio is correct.
When you return glass many times it was inevitable shaking my hand was gone.
Well, this is more matnapnida. Mobile phone screen will never see.
Finally! Suzhou has also ... more deuleogalsu Even less itneunge deuleogalsu
A true taste of wheat have the results of the study.
This application by creating a large team to fight with his girlfriend
Drink while you're working with a loud voice, then I already miss chyeotdeon. ㅠ ㅠ
Hopefully with rest of the season gave,
New Year. Back in the good weather outside is jumusimyeon mouth.
Jamyiramyeon who alone anyway. You! Jumusipsyo home.
Alone. Alone. Alone ....... ㅠ
Hopefully ...
This application helps albeit weak to be a solo escape hopes.
Valentine's Day
- Planning: Not Solo.
- Development: Mamp team.
- Design: Afrodesign team.
- Supervision: solroim.

(512k) 29 s
(1Mb) 15 s
(2Mb) 08 s
(5Mb) 03 s
(10Mb) 02 s

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