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AlphaUserPoints 2.0.4

Recruit fans, affiliates and crowd funding donors and reward them to spread your message.
AlphaUserPoints is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.

Recruit fans, affiliates and crowd funding donors and reward them to spread your message.

AlphaUserPoints (AUP) is a powerful user reward and crowd funding donor acquisition system for Joomla. You can leverage the software to distribute or assign points to registered users according to specific user behaviour and, or website activities. Although AlphaUserPoints (Free & Webservice) can be used for any website, it is fantastic for crowd funding, incentives, online contests, challenges, social networking, games, e-commerce and related functions. AUP boasts a complete system of ranks and medals and powerful premium add-on features allow you to reward individuals for sharing articles, news releases, special offer promotions, videos, photos, events and groups, track multi-level social media referrals as well as reward users for their online support using points, cash, prizes and related benefits. AlphaUserPoints is available as a Free legacy component; Free & premium legacy core plugins; social rewards powered add-on plugins; premium web service powered by social rewards technology and as a hosted social rewards / self-replicating contest solution powered by social rewards technology. WHY UPGRADE TO AUP SOCIAL REWARDS: AlphaUserPoints powered by SocialRewards is an essential tool for online marketers and, or experts that wish to: - Recruit fans, crowd funding donors, affiliates and social influencers; - Reward social media users (fans) for their online support; - Reward crowd funding backers for their online support; - Deploy self-replicating online contests; - Build self-replicating fan networks; - Reward website visitors for sharing content with their friends and family; - Building self-replicating, viral fan lists; - And much more. Use the AUP Core Legacy components FREE of charge to manage your loyalty management program and then upgrade to AUP Social Rewards and transform your website into a powerful money maker for you, your partners and your supporters.

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(1Mb) 25 s
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