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AVS Video Recorder



Capture video from DV cams, miniDV camcorders and WEB cameras and video capture devices. Digitize your VHS tapes made with old VHS cams. Transfer video to AVI format or directly to MPEG-2 or MJPEG formats. Leave free space on your computer.
AVS Video Recorder is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


Record&transfer video from various devices.

Transfer, capture, record and encode video from various devices with AVS Video Recorder.Transfer video from DV and miniDV camcorders to your computer.Capture video on hard drive in cameras' native AVI DV format or directly in MPEG 4.Transfer video from VHS camcorders and VCR to your computer.Give new life to your old VHS tapes.Transfer video from WEB cameras and DVB cards.Capture live video or TV shows on hard drive in MPEG 2 format or directly in MPEG 4.AVS Video Recorder has a friendly interface with multilingual support.AVS Video Recorder is a free application from AVS4YOU package. Register once and work with all 20 tools from the Subscribe for $39/year or $59/lifetime. AVS4YOU tools let you easily rip, convert and edit audio/video files, burn DVDs, create ringtones, upload videos to portable devices, players, phones and much more!

(512k) 23 m 00 s
(1Mb) 11 m 30 s
(2Mb) 05 m 45 s
(5Mb) 02 m 18 s
(10Mb) 01 m 09 s

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