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Find it, map it, smash it! Do it all with beersmash.
beersmash is a true must-have app for all craft beer lovers.
beersmash is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


**Follow us @beersmashapp
Find it, map it, smash it!

**Follow us @beersmashapp
Find it, map it, smash it! Do it all with beersmash.
beersmash is a true must-have app for all craft beer lovers. beersmash is a social location-based app that allows users to find out what beers are on tap at bars, pubs and restaurants nearby. Search for a specific styles brewers or beers and beersmash will tell you the exact distance to your results.
Real-time updates and Facebook integration allow users to add beers to a watering hole’s draught list or let everyone else know when the keg is kicked for your favorite seasonal beers. Your social participation will also help other beersmashers keep track of what’s on tap and what’s in the bottle. Like your Fat Tire in a bottle? Find out whether it’s draught or bottle with beersmash.
Our killer features include:
● Style Searching: In the mood for a particular style? Let our style search present over 40 beer styles for you to find nearby.
● Tap Tracker: Your favorite summer ale off the tap at your favorite pit stop? Help other beersmashers by turning it off the menu.
● Favorites: Add smashed beers to your favorites list and get push alerts when you are nearby a pub that sells that beer!
● Brewery List: A list of over 1,500 craft American breweries complete, in many cases, with their full production list of brews.
● Tasting Notes: Over 50% of the 15,000 beers in our database come with tasting notes, style category and IBU
● Ratings & Reviews: Track and leave reviews with our 5 star rating system
● Pictures: Seamless picture management for breweries, pubs and brews
● Bottle or Draught: Track what’s on the menu in bottle or draught
● Check-Ins: Easily add pubs serving craft beers to our database and check-in so other beersmashers can check it out
● Events: Cool event s by region that you are definitely going to want to attend
● FaceBook (Optional): Use FaceBook to login and track your reviews and smashes...update your friends on what you are smashing.
beersmash was created by a couple of craft beer enthusiasts to fill the gap in the app marketplace. We’ve gone out and hand collected tons of data to make it easier for you to enjoy craft beers. But we need your help to make beersmash better. Get on beersmash and contribute so you and others can enjoy accurate craft beer menus, notes and reviews!
Pub Owners: Log on to and manage your beer menu. It doesn’t cost a dime (we want to drink your beer!). Keep us up to date on your menus and what’s on tap and bottle. Registration takes seconds!
**You may use beersmash as a guest to browse reviews and pub tracking but in order to post reviews you must register as a new user or with FaceBook!

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