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Brosix Corporate Instant Messenger 1.9.2



A full featured Instant Messenger that opens the world of Instant Messaging to companies. All the traffic is encrypted but most important is that you can create your own Instant Messaging network fully controlled by you.
Brosix Corporate Instant Messenger is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


Build Instant Messaging for your company.

Brosix is a secure, powerful and easy to use instant messenger suitable for corporate use. A company can easily create its own Instant Messaging network and its own Instant Messenger. All the communication is secured with industry standard encryption.

Main features:
- Text chat with rich text formatting
- Offline messages
- Text Conference
- Voice Chat
- Video Chat
- Voice Conference
- Voice Mail
- File Transfer
- Co-Browse
- Whiteboard
- Screen Sharing
- Screenshot
- Private IM networking- Firewall friendly and true P2P communication
- Encryption
- Customization is available through the web control panel for the registered IM networks

Why Brosix instead of free public IM?
- Ensure the authenticity of network users.
- Use instant messaging for strict business purposes
- Create your own instant messaging network
- Easily manage your IM network through a web based administration console
- No advertisements are ever displayed by Brosix
- All the traffic is secured with industry standard 256-bits AES encryption. No one can spy your communication

(512k) 01 m 10 s
(1Mb) 35 s
(2Mb) 18 s
(5Mb) 07 s
(10Mb) 04 s

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