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ClickOnceMore 1.1

ClickOnceMore enables a smoother ClickOnce build and deployment process by offering a project based approach to creating and building you ClickOnce manifests.
ClickOnceMore is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

ClickOnce manifest builder for developers

If you're building ClickOnce deployments, then you've probably noticed the lack of available tools to help you. Visual Studio and Mage only cater for basic requirements and provide little support for automating the build process. ClickOnceMore plugs that gap in your development process, allowing you to easily create and deploy ClickOnce manifests as part of your development and build process. ClickOnceMore provides a simple and intuitive development environment for your deployment. Use the Project Editor UI to define all of the settings for your ClickOnce manifests and to pull in files from anywhere in your system.

No more batch files to copy all of your output to one location and then manually running Mage to set up the deployment. Instead use the Project Editor to define inclusion rules that can, for example, include all the DLLs in one directory and all the xml files from another; or use an exclusion rule to take everything from one directory, except those pesky pdb files that Visual Studio creates.

Once you have defined your ClickOnceMore project it can easily be integrated with Visual Studio using a post build step to fire off the command line tool which can build the projects you defined in the project editor. Now you only have to click once in Visual Studio to geta new deployment with all of your up to date binaries in it.

The command line tool integrates easily into you regular build process, so you always have an up to date deployment for you testers and QA staff to install.

Key Features:

- Windows application to create ClickOnce installation projects.
- Command line tool to integrate building ClickOnce manifests into your development and build processes.
- Specify exact files, or Use include and exlude rules to specify the type of files you want in your deployed application.
- Rules ensure that new files get dragged into your build automatically, no need to edit the project every time you add a new assembly.
- Included files list to quickly see which files your rules are dragging in.
- Specify installation directories for fine grained control of the folder structure that gets created on the end users machine.
- Pull in files from multiple directories, not restricted to a single root folder like MAGE.
- Supports full range of ClickOnce features, including updates, prerequisites and trust levels.
- Auto increment the version number on every build, or specify an exact version number.

(512k) 16 s
(1Mb) 08 s
(2Mb) 04 s
(5Mb) 02 s
(10Mb) < 1 sec

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