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Cool Radio Recorder 2.5



Cool Radio Recorder - Internet Radio to MP3 in 100% quality - Easy, Solid and Simply Cool. Record rare music and talks from underground stations or just tune into your favorite internet radio and listen. 3000+ stations included.
Cool Radio Recorder is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Cool Radio Recording to mp3.

Cool Radio Recorder is easy to use and records directly into mp3 format with NO extra software. Radio broadcast is captured and stored directly to your harddrive using only a fragment of memory. Ready to upload to your mobile cellphone, mp3 player or iPod! Record rare music and talks from underground or alternative stations or just tune into your favorite internet radio and listen. 3000+ stations included. Add your own favorites!

Feature Highlights:

-Beautiful and Simple User Interface you will love!
-Select the Skin that matches your style!
-Record Radio directly to mp3 - no other software needed!
-Record in full bitrates - no loss of quality!
-Song detection - Record each Song to a separate file!
-Recorded mp3 files automatically named with station and song title!
-Ready to be copied to your mobile mp3 player or iPod!
-Monitor recording progress and set automatic stop options!
-Stop Recording automatically after a time duration or disk space used!
-Enable Hibernation or Shut down of Windows after recording!
-Schedule Radio recording to begin automatically, even when you are not home!
-Scheduling features incl. repeated records and is fully integrated with windows scheduler!
-Wake up the PC from Hibernation to begin Recording!
-Manage Radio Stations easily! - Copy, Edit and Delete
-Give each Radio Station it's own rating and Category!
-Listen to Internet Radio Stations live - even when you are recording!
-Playback earlier recordings - with visual effects meter!
-Dynamic load balancing - a must when scheduling recordings!
-PLS file support - automatically selects the best stream server for popular clustered radio stations.
-Improved response time to launch Radio Station Playback
-Pause and Continue Play very fast because of maintained stream connection during pause
-Black Night and Pale White skin color options and the new Monster skin added!
-Filter and Search options in Station manager!
-Scan radio station for song or artist name and record only those that match!
-Ability to play back online TV channels and Movies!
-Unique TV and Movie Rendering makes it possible to make Screen captures of the TV or Movie watched with Cool Radio Recorder!

(512k) 38 s
(1Mb) 19 s
(2Mb) 10 s
(5Mb) 04 s
(10Mb) 02 s

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