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CPS PLUS Professional Release 3.5



Serial data acquisition software (RS232 and USB) - enables serial devices like bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, scales, sensors, lab instruments, microcontrolers to communicate with any Windows application. Advanced data logging options.
CPS PLUS Professional Release is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Serial RS232/USB data acquisition software.

CPS Plus Professional data acquisition software enables serial devices like bar code scanners, stripe readers, scales, sensors, laboratory instruments, microcontrolers to communicate with any Windows application.+ Operates with multiple serial ports simultaneously (up to 256 COM ports).+ Advanced data logging options:+ file mode (generic file naming option).+ keystroke mode - allows data from serial device to be entered directly into any Windows application just as if it was being typed in using a keyboard.+ DDE mode (transfer data with serial device directly to MS Excel, MS Access ... any appliaction that support DDE communications).+ ODBC mode (transfer data from serial device directly to ODBC compliant databases - MySQL, ORACLE, MSSQL, )+ Configurable data filters to get data you want from the input strings - Per port data filtering allows use of different serial devices simultaneously!+ Various configurations for one device or an unlimited number of devices simultaneously!+ Programmable VBScript filters for handling complex instruments and complex data streams.+ Automatic Date and Time stamping.+ Data retrieval at programmable intervals.+ Send any ASCII character(s) to serial devices / instruments.+ Create charts and graphs in your applications that automatically update with data from your serial devices / instruments.+ Input real time data into Excel, Access, statistical software ... any Windows application.+ No hardware additions required!+ Very easy to use.

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