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CyberLink PowerCinema - The TV Entertainment Center for the Digital Home · Watch analog and digital TV programs with time-shift playback · Record your favorite TV and radio shows with smart scheduling · Search for TV programs tha
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CyberLink PowerCinema - The TV Entertainment Center for the Digital Home · Watch analog and digital TV programs with time-shift playback · Record your favorite TV and radio shows with smart scheduling · Search for TV programs tha

CyberLink PowerCinema - The TV Entertainment Center for the Digital Home · Watch analog and digital TV programs with time-shift playback · Record your favorite TV and radio shows with smart scheduling · Search for TV programs that match your interests via EPG · Watch two channels simultaneously using PiP mode · Play DVDs, videos, photos, and music. Get online news and weather info TV on the PC: schedule, record, and watch your favorite shows · Search for programs by name, category, and channel · Schedule your PC to record shows while you´re out · Catch up on the action of live TV shows even after they´ve started, with time-shift recording · Record programs to DVD or hard disk · Switch between channels, language settings, and subtitles Schedule, record, and watch your favorite TV shows PowerCinema puts you in complete control, either via remote control or a mouse and keyboard. You can surf, record, and watch TV via easy onscreen navigation. Your CyberLink TV tuner card's built-in radio receiver also offers access to FM radio. Here's what you can do: · Enable your PC to watch TV and listen to radio · Record your favorite TV shows automatically via EPG · Search for recorded programs on your computer · Output to widescreen TVs and monitors · Experience virtual surround effects for TV and radio Live TV (and Radio) Recording and Playback Always Time-Shift Recording lets you shift out of "real time", watch your programs while PowerCinema continues to record in the background. You can play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind while your program is still being recorded. TV Scheduling PowerCinema 5 lets you check for program information via Internet and Teletext-based Electronic Program Guides (EPGs). You can then set your programs to be recorded according to the EPG schedule. PowerCinema supports up to 99 preset recording times and saves directly to a hard drive or DVD. PowerCinema supports major EPG services: · Titan TV in the United States · GIST and TVTV in Europe TV (and Radio) Surfing PowerCinema allows the fast selection of TV shows. You can surf between channels one-by-one, or jump to your favorite channels using the following features: · Channel List Manager allows the renaming, enabling, and disabling of channels so that channel surfing becomes easier and faster · Favorite List Management keeps a list of your favorite channels. The order of stations can be rearranged to facilitate easier channel surfing TV Format and Tuner Card Support PowerCinema supports the following TV and radio types: · DVB-T/S (TV and Radio) · ATSC · Bouquet services from DVB-S or DVB-T · Analog: NTSC, PAL and SECAM · FM radio Tuner Card Support PowerCinema supports a range of TV tuner cards: · Hybrid TV-Tuner Card support provides a flexible solution for accessing either digital or analog TV. Digital TV services include single high-definition or standard-definition channels, and multiple standard-definition bouquet services. · Dual TV-Tuner Card support offers an advanced solution for accessing multiple TV signals simultaneously. By installing a tuner card in addition to the available bundled card, you can record one TV channel while viewing another, and view two channels at once using Picture-in-Picture mode. DVDs, Videos, Music, and Pictures: watch, listen, and enjoy · Play movie DVDs with Dolby Digital audio · Watch widescreen movies in their true display ratio · Sync music files with your portable media player · Remove photo red-eyes, auto fix contrast and brightness · Display photos as a slideshow with background music and transition effects DVD Movies PowerCinema 5 incorporates Cyberlinks leading DVD player technology, giving you high-definition video playback, multiple subtitle support, and leading technologies for enhancing audio and video quality. PowerCinema supports DVD, SVCD, and VCD disc formats. · Native widescreen support allows the playback of widescreen movies on the latest widescreen TV screens and monitors. · CyberLink Pano Vision (CLPV) lets users play 4:3 DVD movies on widescreen displays and 16:9 DVD movies on 4:3 displays. PowerCinema uses a natural stretching technology to avoid the losses that otherwise occur with Pan and Scan cropping or Letterbox display. · CyberLink Eagle Vision 2 (CLEV") makes images brighter and colors more vivid. CLEV adjusts a scenes chroma and luminance to enhance image detail. CLEV achieves the best possible results for LCD/CRT monitors and playback of overly dark or bright DVD movies. · Dolby Digital support enables the playback of DVDs featuring 5.1-channel audio. · CyberLink Multi-channel Environment Impression(CLMEI-2) processes up to 5.1-channel audio and expands it into 8-channel audio. · CyberLink Headphone (CLHP) creates a wider sound image than standard headphones playback and is great for listening to DVDs on notebook PCs. · CyberLink Virtual Speaker (CLVS) simulates the feeling of surround sound when multi-channel audio is played via two speakers, providing a choice of three audio environments: Living Room, Theater, and Stadium. Pictures PowerCinema 5 expands its range of photo features to allow better editing and display of digital images. PowerCinema supports BMP, JPG, and PNG file formats. Photo Slideshows, featuring transition effects and background music, let you display and share your digital photos as a dynamic presentation. Edit Pictures gives you practical editing features without requiring any additional software. · Remove Photo Red Eyes removes unsightly red-eyes automatically. · Auto Fix automatically adjusts brightness, contrast, and colors. · Rotate Photo allows you to display photos in the layout you want. · Save Edit lets you save your edited photo files over original copies or as new documents. You can compare the new and original photos before saving Music PowerCinema 5 turns your PC into a digital jukebox of all your favorite music. PowerCinema supports MP3, WMA, and WAV file formats. · Rip CDs lets lets you transfer tracks from audio CDs to your hard drive as WMA files. · Sync-n-go provides an easy way to transfer music files to a portable media player, according to criteria such as the 50 most often played tracks or those played in the last 30 days. · Show Album Art displays the available cover art of the CD you are listening. Videos PowerCinema 5 lets you play a wide range of video file formats, including ASF, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVR-MS, DAT, DVR-MS, and AVI. · Video Capturing supports analog video capturing from Composite and S-Video devices, and digital capturing from HDV camcorders and DV cameras. · High-Definition Video playback supports playback of high-definition MPEG-2 and WMV-HD files. News and Weather, More Options · Access live weather and news information · Change your interface colors and themes · Expand functionality with packs for video editing, disc burning, and watching sports highlights · Enrich the movie experience with the Advanced Audio Pack of home-theater technologies · Get a remote control for the ultimate digital home experience News and Podcasts PowerCinema 5 enhances the digital home experience with direct access to online news. You can directly access your favorite news and podcast sites by setting up RSS feeds in the settings menu. Weather In-depth city-by-city weather information is available online from the Weather Channel. You can set up the cities you are interested in via the settings menu. Personal settings and options PowerCinema 5 offers many ways to make the most of your digital home entertinament, with settings for audio, visuals, TV content, DVD playback, interface colors and themes. You can also change language preferences, giving non-English speakers access to all the features you enjoy. Requirements: CPU: · Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or higher (higher CPU speed will yield higher video quality) Memory: · 256 MB of RAM (512 MB or more recommended) Operation System: · DirectX 9 or above · Windows Media Player 9 or above Remote Control (Optional): · Windows XP Service Pack I is required in order to operate the remote control. Hard Disk: · 200 MB of available hard disk space required for installation (500 MB required for running the program, 1 GB of free hard disk space is required for running the TV time-shifting function). Video Display Card: · DirectX-compatible display adapter for 16-bit colors display (32-bit color displays recommended). When using 3D UI mode, a graphic card with 64 MB or more of video memory is recommended. A 3D display card is required for PowerCinema's transparent menu index. Audio Card: · DirectX-compatible PCI sound card, USB audio box, or built-in audio device required for audio playback and recording. Optical Device: · DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R/RW, DVD-Dual, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, or DVD Multi-drive with 1394, USB 2.0, ATAPI, SCSI, or Card Bus interface. TV Tuner Card: · CyberLink's bundled TV tuner card has been tested and is recommended for use with PowerCinema 5. Windows-compatible analog tuner cards with a WDM driver or a digital/hybrid tuner card with a BDA driver may also be compatible. For a list of compatible tuner cards please click here. Display: · Windows-compatible display with at least 1024x768 resolution.

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