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Debris Linux 1.0.4 / 1.8.3 b



Debris Linux gives you a simple, pleasing, but fully functional desktop with all applications necessary to get work done online and offline.
Debris Linux is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


A minimalist, desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.

Debris Linux gives you a simple, pleasing, but fully functional desktop with all applications necessary to get work done online and offline. It's intended to be fully usable as a Live CD, but a lot of work also went into the installer which should make it easy for just about everyone to put it on the hard driver, either in its own partition or by using the complete disk. Apart from providing speed and efficiency, it tries to be suitable for the "average" user who wants to just use a computer.To keep things compact and clean, we only ship one application per task. The ISOs (for stable releases) are still smaller than 200MB (it should always fit on a mini CD-R). Due to its size and moderate hardware requirements, Debris Linux can also be run well on older hardware.We also try to ship only Free (libre) applications in order to steer clear of any licensing issues - but we provide methods and means to get at the most commonly used "non-free" stuff. The rule is: If there's a Free application (or piece of code) that does the job, we'll use that instead of the non-free alternative.Debris Linux is based on Ubuntu and loosely follows their release cycle. This means Debris Linux is fully compatible with the Ubuntu release it is based on - you can use each and every Ubuntu package. We also maintain a small repository of customised applications and our own tools.The projectThe Debris Linux team consists of volunteers; Renegat3 is main (and at the moment sole) developer. We don't demand any money or any other kind of reward for our product, but if you like Debris Linux and appreciate our work, please consider donating.It contains the following software: * Desktop: GNOME * Word Processor: AbiWord (with ODF import/export and PDF export) * Spreadsheet: Gnumeric (with ODF import/export) * Groupware/PIM: Evolution * Document Viewer: ePDFViewer * Image Viewer: GQView * Media Player: Audacious * Web Browser: Firefox (with Gnash for Flash support) * E-Mail Client: Evolution * Instant Messaging/Chat: Pidgin * FTP Client: gFTP * Partition Manager: gParted * Network Manager: NetworkManager * Firewall Manager: Firestarter * MS Driver Usage: NDISwrapper * GUI Editor: Leafpad * CLI Editor: JOE * Custom Linux Kernel - lets you use a wide variety of hardware * Custom Installer DebI - lets you install Debris Linux to your harddrive * Save Settings Script - lets you save your settings while using the LiveCDmd5: 43e55c2f0016e332b14e71685b896385 *debris-1.0.4.iso

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User Reviews: DEBRIS LINUX 1.0.4 / 1.8.3 B
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